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Cows are adorable faunas that can be kept as a family pet or for commercial farm purposes and if you have one at home, the next question you are asking yourself is: what are good names for cows? I know it sounds funny looking for a name for a cow but that is the point, it is fun! Furthermore, it makes her feel like part of the family while being called by name.

Whether it is one cow, two, or a herd of them roaming in that ranch, there are more than enough names for cows if you think through and brainstorm. Today, we have prepared that list of names together with their meanings to help you choose the best for your family pet or herd.

By the end of this article, you will either have a name or an idea of how to create one using our examples.

Good Names for Cows

20 Good Names for Cows

We shall divide our cow names into 10 categories each with several names to help narrow down the names based on gender, color, and other factors. The reason we are doing this is that various people are inspired by different things when it comes to naming.

Here are our 20 good names for cows:

Female Cow Names

Of course, cows are female cattle (and bulls are male cattle so do not get confused) which is why we started with names whose gender is feminine. Here are our best girlish names for your cow(s):

  1. Anna – Means beautiful, grace, or favor
  2. Wendy – Means friend
  3. Gwen – Welsh name for a blessed ring or fair bow (short form for Gwendolyn)
  4. Jolene – Means pretty in French

Show Cow Names

From favorite shows and movies are superhero obsessions, Disney+, pop culture, and more. If you are considering this line of names, it is never a bad thing as there are great cow names too. Check this out:

  1. Daisy – Old English word meaning day’s eye
  2. Yoda – Means warrior
  3. Jasmine – Persian name that means gift from God

Funny Cow Names

Do you want funny names for your cow that will make you burst into laughter anytime you mention or even call them? Try these ones from well-known characters out:

  1. Kim Cowdashian 
  2. Dairy Lee
  3. Moodonna
  4. Moona Lisa

Brown Cow Names

If you have a brown cow, a name that matches her color would suit her best and here are examples that you can use for names or inspiration:

  1. Coco – Means chocolate beans
  2. Fudge – Germanic personal name for Fulcher
  3. Auburn – Means reddish or moderate brown

Black & White Cow Names

White & Black cows are quite common and like the case above, naming her according to her appearance sounds creative and amusing. Check these names out:

  1. Swan
  2. Tuxedo
  3. Butler
  4. Chess

Cute Cow Names

If you look around, the environment can be pretty inspiring when it comes to creating names for your cow. This suits those individuals who find the flora and fauna magnificent. Check this out:

  1. Bumble
  2. Beany
  3. Lacey
  4. Pepsi

Prominent Cow Names

The film industry has lots of prominent cow characters and the same goes for books and TV shows globally. If you want this, consider these names for your cow:

  1. Elsie
  2. Kai – Means sea in Hawaiian language
  3. Annabelle

Unique Cow Names

If you are the kind of person who likes standing out from the crowd when it comes to fashion, cars, and more, you might want the same for your cow, and here are examples:

  1. Palm
  2. Cleopatra
  1. Cool Names

Do you want a show-off kind of a name for your cow? Well, we have ideas as well! Check these out:

  1. Stark
  2. Sumo
  3. Woody

Sanskrit Names

Personally, I love the Indian culture, especially in their movies as they showcase their beautiful tradition during festivals. Sanskrit is considered India’s ancient language for the Hindu religion which is prominent for their reference for cows.

  1. Amrita – It is an ancient Indian name meaning undead
  2. Gavya – the name means got from cow or cow milk
  3. Dhenu – Sanskrit name for cow (sounds perfect)
  4. Sarayi – Ancient Indian name for Princess


That is our list of the 20 good names for cows and we believe that you have found the most ideal name for your cow. From the cute Beany to funny Mooranda, unique Zippy, cool Axel and famous Elsie, there are many categories to pick from and name your cow.

Have the names mentioned above inspired your creativity? You can make your own names and give your cow the most suitable one depending on their appearance or character. Good luck as you find the best name for your cow.

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