Welcoming Alex and others to OurPets HQ Team

A new member of the OurPetsHQ family has joined us. Alex Landry will be writing about cats and dog breeds, as well as pet nutrition guides! He is a writer for The Animal Channel, one of the most visited sites on pets in North America. Welcome aboard Alex!

About Alex Landry

Alex Landry joining ourpetshq as founding member
Alex Landry Photo

Alex joins Our Pets HQ as one of the directors. As a renowned expert in pet nutrition and especially dog food and dog breeds, Alex will be responsible for pet nutrition content as well as dog breed information materials we publish.

Alex is a parent to small-breed dogs, a Yorkie, and a Pomeranian. He is also a published author of two books on dog breeding and currently write on various pet-related blogs about caring for dogs. He is a dad to two daughters and lives outside Boston where he spends a lot of time with family and serves in different breeding clubs. You can reach me at alex@editor

Alex is a resident of Boston and serves in three dog breeding clubs for small breeds (Yorkies, Pomskies). You can contact Alex at

About OurPetsHQ is the leading website for everything about pets of all kinds, including cats and dog breeds. OurpetsHQ was started by three recognized pet experts who came together to create this online resource.

We recently rebranded and combined other sites to create Our Pets HQ site and are excited for the addition of more team members to our team. We will be able to expand the content we publish for our readers.

The idea behind Our Pets HQ is to provide pet owners with the most comprehensive source of information about different breeds, cat, and dog nutrition guides, grooming tips, how to care for pets, and also some articles on traveling with pets. We want you to be able to visit one site where you can get all your pet-related questions answered.

In our article, we also rely on secondary sources from the internet to provide more information about dog breeds and cat breeds. We have verified all of this information from other sites including AKCorg, etc.. In addition, we use reputable animal behaviorists who study various aspects of pets in order to provide the most accurate information for our readers.

Other members

  • Nathan Sambu – dog breeds expert
  • Ben Walker Domb
  • Leah Morgan
  • George Romell
  • and Alex Landry

Our Pets HQ also has three staff writers and two researchers that are responsible for all primary and secondary research that we conduct for most articles we publish.

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