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Grooming your pet frequently is crucial because it can make his or her coat and fur better over time. While there is an abundance of grooming equipment out there, choosing the best dog brush might not be a walk in the park, especially when you know little of the features to look for in a quality hairbrush. Fortunately for you, we have done the most extensive research to assist you in selecting a suitable brush for your dog. 

To ensure you maintain the ideal dog’s hygiene, you need to get grooming equipment such as a hairbrush, pet shampoos, and clippers. This equipment will enable you to ensure that your pet’s sanitization is not compromised. In this post, we will review the best long hair dog brush you can get in the market in 2021 with links to Amazon and Chewy retail outlets. However, you can also get these brushes at Walmart, Lowes, and Target, among other retail outlets across the US.

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Reviews Of The Best Long Hair Dog Brushes

1. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

The overall best long hair dog brush that we recommend is the Furminator Undercoat, the second best-selling brand on Amazon under ‘dog shedding tools’. When it comes to the huge dogs with a lot of long hair, you can count on this de-shedding brush for your dog weighing around or over 55 pounds.

On the other hand, it can eliminate the loose hair and approaches via the topcoat to kill loose undercoat hair without dealing with skin or ruining the topcoat. Next, users can hit on the button to release hair with more comfort. The great handle could ensure to bring a lot of handy grooming.


– It is suitable for dogs who are over 55 pounds.

– The button of the best brush for long-haired dogs is very easy to use.

– The warranty is great.


– Some clients claimed the equipment is pulling for their lovely dogs’ fur.

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs – Short Hair

$44.99  in stock
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as of June 3, 2023 2:02 pm


  • FOR LARGE DOGS WITH SHORT HAIR: Designed especially for dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • REMOVES LOOSE HAIR: Reaches through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair without cutting skin or damaging the topcoat (when used as directed).
  • FUREJECTOR BUTTON: Just push the button to release hair with ease.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: For comfortable, easy grooming.
  • GUARANTEED: Guaranteed to work or your money back – see product label for details.

2. GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake

Here is high-quality de-matting equipment that can bring joy to you. The dual-sided pet comb owns a various range of teeth for every side. The lower density side is seen as the de-matting rake for other pet’s tangles. Besides, this pet grooming equipment can both operate perfectly like the de-matting brush or detangling brush and the undercoat comb. On the other hand, the de-matting device for pets can cut the matt or tangle. Thus, you can utilize the de-shedding brush for your lovely pets.


– This brush can clear all various tangles, compared to short hair cat brush.

– It is considered a high-quality tool.

– It can be used with various usages.


– It could be not suitable for pets with sensitive coats

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs

$35.99  in stock
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as of June 3, 2023 2:02 pm


  • The original professional quality dematting tool. Comfortably and quickly get a professionally groomed look in minutes.
  • Clear all different mats and tangles. The double sided pet comb has a different number of teeth on each side. The lower density side is a dematting rake for stubborn matts and tangles. The higher density side is a detangler, deshedding tool, or undercoat rake for faster results thinning and to control shedding.
  • Multiple uses with just one comb. The pet grooming tool not only works great as a dematting brush or detangling comb, but also as an undercoat comb or deshedding rake. The dematting tool for dogs and cats can comb to cut a matt or tangle then be used as a deshedding brush or deshedding comb
  • A more comfortable and pleasant experience. The cat and dog brush has sharp teeth to prevent pulling hairs and the rounded ends help make it safer on sensitive skin as an undercoat brush. The non-slip silicone gel filled handle conforms to your hand no matter how you hold it makes it a unique dog and cat brush.
  • Stop hurting your furry friends. Sharp stainless steel blades cut through mats and tangles instead of pulling the hair out. Plus all of the teeth have dull rounded ends so it will not scratch or irritate your pet’s skin.

3. Professional Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

This version can help you remove all of the mats, loose hair and deal with knots, dander. On the other hand, it can operate perfectly for pets of all sizes and various types of hair.

On top of it, you could obtain fast or better outcomes without affecting the pet. The brush grooms or massages for a better coat can boost up the blood cycle and makes your lovely dog’s coat soft or shiny. The slicker brush is particularly constructed for the handy silicone gel grip, which will not slip that can avoid the wrist or hand strain with regard to how long you brush for dogs.


– It is quite gentle and can bring better outcomes.

– You can use it comfortably without worrying too much about the quality.

– It can deal with the deepest dual coats compared to a long hair cat brush.


– It is not a great option if the pet owns a thin coat.

Professional Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats by GoPets Self-Cleaning Grooming Comb For Dematting Detangling & Deshedding

$34.99  in stock
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as of June 3, 2023 2:02 pm


  • Great slicker brush. To get out all the mats and lose hair out of your pet’s fur. The GoPets Slicker Brush gently removes loose hair, eliminates tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt. It works great on dogs and cats of all sizes and different hair types.
  • Gentle, easy, and fast results. Get quick and easy results without hurting your dog or cat. With our high bristle density of fine bent wires our slicker brush penetrates deep into the coat and grooms the undercoat as well without scratching your pet’s skin! Our brush grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation and leaves your pets coat soft and shiny. Your pet will love being brushed!
  • Keeping your home clean has never been easier. Are you tired of all the hair tumble weeds floating around your house? Not only will the GoPets brush deshed to help control the shedding as your pet walks around but it captures the hair while brushing too. Simply push the button and the bristle retract, making it easy to remove the hair from the brush and keep your home clean while grooming.
  • Comfortable, strong, and durable. Our Slicker Brush is specifically designed with a comfort silicone gel grip that won’t slip which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet. Both you and your pet will not only look good but feel great too!
  • Get through even the thickest double coats. With our large brush that’s almost 4 inches across and has a high density of 672 bristles you will leave your pets looking so soft and shiny that all you will think is “It’s so fluffy I’m going to die!”

4. Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs & Cats

The dual-sided brush can guarantee a suitable comb with no matter if the dog owns short and long hair. Next, the circular ends above the pin brush can turn it to be simple and convenient for pets, and the non-slip handle will conform to deal with other issues. Thanks to the bristle side quickly, this undercoat brush can knock off the loose hair or dirt while taking the nicely groomed coat for pets with a lot of pin brush side. Finally, the bristles could be soft nylon with circular pins constructed for penetrating the thick inside the furor is particularly capable of grooming the undercoat so effectively without affecting the dog’s fur.


– It is quite simple and quick grooming.

– It can eliminate the mats or loose hairs

– The bristle dog brushes for long-haired dogs can be used for all coats.


– This version might be tougher to hygiene.

Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs & Cats by GoPets Grooming Comb Cleans Pets Shedding & Dirt for Short Medium or Long Hair

$29.99  in stock
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as of June 3, 2023 2:02 pm


  • Great pin and bristle brush for all coats. The double sided brush ensures the right comb for any job regardless of if the pet has short, medium or long hair
  • Comfortable grooming. The rounded ends on the pin brush make it easy and comfortable for dogs and cats while the non-slip handle conforms to hand no matter how it is held
  • Easy fast grooming. Easily knock off loose hair and dirt with the bristle side, get a beautiful, groomed coat for dogs or cats with the pin brush side
  • Get rid of mats and loose hairs. Groom the undercoat without scratching the pet's skin with soft yet firm nylon bristles while the rounded pins designed to penetrate deep into the coat
  • Brushing has never been simpler. A double-sided brush will meet all your grooming needs and helps with finishing and combing. All these people can't be wrong about this comfortable and safe brush

5. Deshedding Brush for Dogs & Cats

This long hair dog brush can ensure to decrease the dog and even cat shedding around 90% for a while. Thus, you can be confident to use it with more additional time for experiencing with your lovely dogs and dealing with things that can turn you to be delighted. 

Moreover, this version might be particularly pet-friendly, and your cute pets can love it so much. Besides, the pet brush can make the pet’s fur better and shiny. Next, it could be appropriate for various kinds of dogs with no matter or breed, dimension, and other coat types. 


– It is a great product that your lovely pet will enjoy

– It can create some distinctions for your dog’s life.

– This brush can keep your pet shiny and better. 


– It could not take any heavier matts.

Deshedding Brush for Dogs & Cats - Dog Grooming Supplies, Shedding Blade for Dogs Reduces Shedding up to 95% - Professional Dog & Cat Undercoat Hair Brushes, Pet Comb

$9.99  in stock
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as of June 3, 2023 2:02 pm


  • Shedding Aid: Is shedding a hairy situation for you? By getting under that undercoat, this pet brush can help reduce shedding and helps promote healthy blood flow. (Plus, your pet will love it!)
  • Built to Last: Your furry friend deserves the best, and this dog and cat brush for shedding and grooming is a great way to tell them. This deshedder won't snap on even course, matted hair.
  • No-Slip Handle: Don't get knotted down! The non-slip handle on our dog and cat grooming brush moves through long or short haired fur with ease.
  • Quick Release: The handle on this cat and dog shedding brush comes with a quick-release button for easy blade removal and cleaning!
  • For All Pets: This brush isn't just for our typical pets out there - it's great for any pet with fur! With the stainless steel shedding blades, you can say goodbye to excess fur of all kinds.

The Advantages Of Utilizing The Best Long Hair Dog Brushes

With no matter how the coat type the pet has, brushing it frequently is a great initiative. However, are there any advantages to it? Yes, sure. On top of the truth which you could maintain the sanitization, it could even provide some advantages such as

1. It makes you examine for underlying fur problem

You could not get thought related to it, but brushing the pet’s coat could particularly assist you in doing a check for her or his fur. In other words, you might examine for some ticks’ signs, particularly if your dog can take some of the periods outdoors. With frequent brushing, you could avoid the ticks or fleas from affecting the pet from bites.

Next, cleaning the pet’s fur frequently can permit you to examine the cuts or other injuries that are thickly hidden. 

2. It is great for bonding

When the pet is not utilized for brushing anymore, then he or she might wriggle nearby during attempting to prevent it. However, when your lovely dog is familiar with it, we make sure that she or he can see that brushing is the exciting bonding experience and can even expect to care about the other sessions. Apart from it, it might be keeping calm for all of you, compared to pin brush for dogs.

3. It may limit the matting

Matted skin could quickly take in dirt or pests. When the pet owns a wide range of mats, brushing the coat might be particularly painful as well. For some other situations, you will want to deal with the pet’s matted skin. Luckily, you might avoid that from occurring via frequent brushing. 

Brushing the pet’s skin frequently can assist in avoiding matting. Apart from this, the best deshedding brush even eliminates any tiny matted zone before they are bigger.

4. It could maintain the pet looking great

Finally, frequent brushing might maintain the pet’s great looking appearance. On top of it, it even assists the pet seems delighted and better than the dog who is not frequently brushed. 

The Tips For You To Select The Best Long Hair Dog Brushes

The pet’s coat type

Before you choose the brush, you could initially identify the pet’s coat type. The pets with the tiny coat can regularly request a straightforward bristle brush. However, some pets with a lot of long hair or a deeper coat can require the brushes with some extra functions. 

The brush’s dimension

The next crucial element which you need to take into consideration is the dimension of the brush you want to get. On the other hand, you do not need to utilize the tiny brush with a huge pet, or vice-versa. Luckily, some dog brush products can provide you with the tiny and huge brush dimensions so that picking out the best long hair dog brushes for your pet could not be that tougher. 

Wrapping It Up

While purchasing the best long hair dog brushes, a single item you need to remember is that some pet owners particularly use more than one kind of brushing for cleaning their pets. Here is because there are specific kinds of coats that expect a lot than the independent brush type. When this the case, you can go with double or more of the best long hair dog brush, particularly will not hurt. 

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