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Finding the best high-protein cat food will enable your cat to have healthy growth and avoid diseases such as obesity. As an owner of two wonderful cats, it took me quite some time to really understand cat nutrition, and over time, I have gained great insight that I’ll share along with the reviews.

Do cats need high-protein cat food?

Yes, cats need high-protein cat food because they are obligate carnivores. This means that their bodies are designed to digest and use only animal-based proteins. A cat’s diet should consist of mostly protein with a small amount of fat and carbohydrates.

What are the benefits of high-protein cat food?

There are many benefits of high-protein cat food. Protein is essential for muscle development, tissue repair, and the production of enzymes and hormones. It also helps to keep the coat healthy and provides energy. Cats who eat a high-protein diet will have more muscle mass and less body fat. They will also be less likely to suffer from diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

What factors should you consider when choosing a high-protein cat food?

There are a few things you should consider when choosing high-protein cat food.

  • Protein source: The protein should come from an animal source such as chicken, turkey, fish, or beef. Avoid products that contain plant-based proteins such as soy or wheat.
  • Quality of ingredients: The quality of the ingredients is important. Look for foods that contain high-quality proteins and fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid products that contain fillers, artificial preservatives, or flavors.
  • Protein content: The protein content should be at least 30% for kittens and adults. For senior cats, the protein content can be lower since they are less active and have a slower metabolism.
  • Price: High-protein cat foods can be more expensive than other types of cat food. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. The higher quality products will contain better ingredients and be more nutritious for your cat.

How to determine the best protein content in a recipe?

There are a few ways to determine the best protein content in a recipe.

  • Look at the ingredients list: The first ingredient should be a protein source such as chicken, turkey, fish, or beef.
  • Check the guaranteed analysis: This will tell you the minimum percentage of protein in the food.
  • Calculate the protein density: This is done by dividing the protein percentage by the total number of calories.

Cats are carnivores and in this post, I have reviewed the best high-protein cat food that is produced chiefly from protein sources such as lamb, duck, and Chicken. It may surprise you that cats have a lot more in common with tigers, leopards, and lions that the similarities it has with omnivorous dogs and humans.

In the wild, cats eat a 100% meat diet composed of birds, rodents, mice, and other small prey. To make your cat happy, it would be great if you shop for the best high-protein food that closely mimics the feline’s natural diet.

Why high-protein food? A high-protein food diet for your cat will help reduce the risk of feline diabetes and it also reduces the chances of your cat getting obese. Commence your kitty on any of the protein-rich nutritious diets we have reviewed below to be sure it benefits from this carnivorous diet. Before we go to the review section of the best high-protein cat food, below is a guide to assist you to choose the ideal high-protein food for your cat.

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Best High-Protein Cat Food Reviews 2022

Smalls Human-Grade Fresh

With 49.6% protein content, this food is one of the highest commercial cat foods. What’s more, only 4.7% of the metabolizable energy is from carbohydrates, making it an excellent choice for cats with diabetes or other carbohydrate intolerances. The all-natural ingredients are also preservative-free, artificial flavor and color-free, making it a safe and healthy option for your cat.

This dog food is made with a single protein source, so it’s ideal for dogs that have allergies or sensitivities. It also has probiotics to aid digestion and promote healthy gut flora. Finally, the dehydrated food comes in three flavors – beef, chicken, and salmon. Each flavor contains approximately 24% protein by weight. To make this food more palatable to your pet, you can add water or broth before serving it.

1. Sheba Perfect PORTIONS Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food

Sheba Perfect Portions cat food is produced from organic ingredients and is packed with balanced nutritious ingredients that your cat will benefit from immensely. It has natural meat which is the main ingredient and a vital source of protein for your cat. This variety pack includes salmon, poultry, and turkey cuts covered in delicious and creamy gravy. It’s been kept fresh in a sealed pack.

You’ll adore the fact that all package of Sheba perfect portions comes from Twin Bundle. This gives two servings in each package to you. Even broth-based cat food can be useful for complementary feeding for cats of all ages and a variety of dietary requirements.


Two portions in 1 bundle

This protein cat food is soft and usable.


The cover of this package is hard to remove without splattering

2. Tiki Cat Grill Variety Pack Wet Food

We enjoy Tiki Cat meals, the second option on this list of best high-protein cat food that you can get for your cat today. This food type is grain-free and is a wet food variety with real fish meat as the main ingredient. It comes with different seafood flavors and is ideal for cats of all ages.

In addition, this hand-packed brand has a low concentration of carbohydrates. It includes two percent carbs plus three percent protein. Even the three ingredients would be crab, lettuce, and lettuce broth. This meal item includes 75 mph of 2.8 oz can. It’s conventional of Tiki Cat food items. They Will Have A lineup of plenty along with meals of foods that are canned that are added.


High in protein and extremely low in carbs

Total and balanced for all life stages

This cheap cat food is suitable for users who lack a good financial condition.


Maybe Not palatable for many cats

3. Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Cat Food

The Orijen brand is another high-quality high-protein food you can choose for your cat. This tender cat-food, which is manufactured here in the US (in Kentucky), sources its protein from free-run chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. That can be Included from the set since it’s filled using a formula with protein created using 80 percentage beef outside of cage-free along with poultry chicken, legumes wild-caught fish. It’s filled with tastes your kitties will cherish.


80% meat out of cage-free poultry and poultry, wild-caught fish and eggs

No carbohydrates, tapioca, potato, corn, and plant fats

Has omega3 and omega-six fatty acids

Low in carbs.


This high protein cat food is high-priced.

4. Merrick Purrfect Bistro Tuna/Tilapia Pate Cat Cans, 5.5 oz can 

Because its protein stems in chicken poultry muscle poultry along with poultry organ beef, these particular kitty food items are wonderful for the kitties. However, additionally, it is created from superior components. It’ll Not consume corn, soy, corn, wheat, carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, or you could be confident the furry friend gets the best. Additionally, it Turns out for options should you desire to obtain your own feline the cat foods items as it comprises a number of nutrients such as taurine, choline, and riboflavin.

  • Excellent flavor
  • No soy, grains, corn, gluten, wheat, by-products, artificial additives
  • saturated in moisture.
  • High in phosphorous and sodium

  • Quality controller issues

5. Blue Wilderness High Protein Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

This wet cat foods item is more this list 95 percent of this comes out of beef that’s real as it’s full of protein, even in contrast to tender cat-food. It truly is a pate that strains and is beneficial and healthy to lifetime periods. This soft cat food is 100% gluten-free and grain. Besides that, it will not comprise poultry by-products, soy, corn, poultry, or any wheat. It’s offered in four different flavors, and all may be matched and mixed.

  • No artificial ingredients, including wheat, corn, soy, grains, gluten, by-product, preservatives, colors

  • Low in carbs

  • With minerals and vitamins

  • 95% of its protein is in real beef

  • High in protein.

  • Can have a rancid odor.

Buyer Guide for High-Protein Cat Food

Fundamental Dietary Demands for Cats 

Protein Delivers the bases to get muscle mass that is robust and lean, also, so it is going to constitute in more one’s own kitty’s diet or approximately 25 percent plan. Sources of nourishment to moms have been poultry, meat fish since they truly have been – that ensures they comprise plan.

Below Are some things to start looking for in a fantastic cat-food:

The quality of protein: Because of the carnivore, the kitty has requirements for nourishment, also it’s advisable in regards to animal sources like poultry, beef, as well as fish.

Healthy fats: Body fat delivers fatty acids for mind advancement and healthier skin and also coating in addition to your kitty.

Beneficial substances. Vitamin and vitamin supplements are certain your kitty receives the perfect combination of nourishment for advancement and rise.

Digestion: Together with ensuring your kitty’s meals is complete of Wholesome ingredients, you would like to ensure it’s digestible, hence its individual human anatomy is able to eat up all those nutrients.

Bottom Line

Eventually, choosing to own pets, normally, is your furry friend who will consume it. You should also assess the content. You need to evaluate consumer reviews in addition to this newest to be certain you acquire the maximum from your hard-earned cash. You should speak with your vet, and it is advisable for the best high protein cat food for the cat along with specific dietary conditions.       

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