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Anti-Dog Barking Devices 

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons; to alert us of intruders and ward them off, communicate their needs or simply to entertain themselves whenever they are bored. As you can see, dogs mainly use barking to communicate. However, at times this communication becomes too much. Their incessant nightly barks and howls may be bordering such an excessive point that it is giving you or your neighbor sleepless nights and possibly driving you insane. But, before you get to a point where the asylum is your only solution, there is actually a quite efficient way of dealing with your dog’s out-of-control barking that doesn’t involve taking that lovely pup out for a one-time trip into the woods with a shotgun. 

Entrée anti dog barking devices!!

Anti-dog barking devices were originally tailored for training hunting dogs. These original designs have now been modernized to a greater extent for the domestication of canines by correcting their behavioral issues and assisting in their training.

We have gone digging for information on the devices that can help you solve your canine’s excessive barking and we have compiled a well-detailed and thoroughly researched review of 7 of the best stop dog barking devices as enlisted below.

1. Doggie Don’tEmission of loud sound4.2/5 stars from 207 global ratings 
2. DogRook Humane Anti Bark Training CollarHigh frequency tones and vibrations3.9/5 stars, 12,401 reviews 
3. PetSafe Basic Bark Control CollarStatic shock correction3.9/5 stars, 4,306 reviews 
4. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for DogsBurst of spray3.3/5 stars, 3,239 reviews 
5. Petsonik Ultrasonic No Bark Birdhouse for DogsUltrasonic 3.1/5 star, 685 reviews 
6. PET CAREE Sonic Dog Barking ControlUltrasonic2.2/5 stars from 136 global ratings 

Reviews of 6 Stop Dog Barking Devices 

Doggie Don’t THE DEVICE- Handheld Bark Deterrent and Training Aid

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201105-052120.png

Doggie Don’t is our overall best anti-bark device. This handheld device is a dog repellent that deters bad behavior in dogs using a loud sound that is over 100 decibels. The most lovable feature about this device is it is a remote sound emitter that fits snuggly into the palm of your hand and also includes a lanyard that is very convenient as you can wrap it around your wrist whenever you need it while moving around.

Doggie Don’t works by grabbing your canine’s attention through the production of a loud sound. This sound is produced by pressing a button and it can be heard by humans although you get the option to stop it if it irritates you.

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201103-062732.png

This device is one of the most humane tools for behavior modification in dogs since it doesn’t incorporate any shocking.

You can check out this product and its current pricing on Amazon by using this link.


  • Small size i.e. 6.8×3.5×1.3”
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Uses a loud buzz noise and command
  • Useful for you and your pet’s protection

DogRook Humane Anti Bark Training Collar- Vibration (No Shock)

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201105-053150.png

DogRook is a no-shock anti bark training collar that uses high-frequency tones and vibrations to train your dog with 2 modes. This product has 7 stages of vibration and sound that work on automatic performance which help to decrease or completely eliminate dog’s barking in 96% of all cases. The screenshot below outlines the modes and stages that this collar has.

 The most lovable feature about this device is that the vibrations and beeps switch automatically in accordance with your dog’s amount of barking. And, its automatic feature ensures the device’s action kicks off without the need for a remote so it will work smoothly even if you are out and your dog is home alone.

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201105-053302.png

This product is adjustable according to the size of your dog. You can check it out on Amazon using this link.


  • No shock
  • Very light at 0.2 pounds
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Rechargeable with a battery life of about 14 days
  • Doesn’t need a remote
  • Comes with USB cable, 2 plastic prongs and 2 color covers

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar (static correction)

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201105-060035.png

Our 3rd stop barking device is from PetSafe and it uses static shock to correct your dog’s excessive barking. The product’s static shock technology uses 6 adjustable shock levels which start and then increase progressively if your dog doesn’t stop barking. Your dog’s barking is determinable by this device since it sits on your dog’s neck and measures vibrations. This is important false corrections are avoided and after 50 seconds correction is stopped by the automatic safety shut-off.

You can check out PetSafe Bark Control Collar on Amazon by using this link.


  • Adjustable according to dog’s neck size
  • Minimum dog weight limit of 8lbs
  • 6 adjustable shock levels that are progressive
  • Automatic shut-off for added safety
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 5 ft.
  • Light weight at 0.06 pounds

PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs, Citronella

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201105-060803.png

4th on our review of anti-bark devices is another PetSafe product that uses a burst of spray for negative reinforcement and behavior modification in dogs. The gentle spray correction coupled with innovative bark sensing technology ensures that your dog’s barking is kept under control at all times.

This spray collar includes 2 types of scents in its 2 spray cartridges. These scents are citronella and unscented. The spray cartridges incorporated are replaceable and recyclable and they come with about 35 sprays per refill. It detects barking using a sound sensor.

You can check out this product’s availability and pricing on Amazon using this link.


  • Uses burst of spray to stop barking
  • 2 spray cartridges included with 2 scents
  • Rechargeable battery that runs for up to 40 hrs.
  • Minimum dog weight limit of 8 pound and 27” neck size
  • Learns the barking of your dog to avoid false correction

Ultrasonic No Bark Birdhouse for Dogs

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201107-122002.png

Fifth on our review of stop dog barking devices is the No Bark Birdhouse for Dogs which is manufactured by Fortune Findings. However, in spite of its overall position on our listing, this product counts as our best and most recommended anti-bark device that is ultrasonic i.e. uses sound to deter barking.

One of the most lovable attributes of this device is it is effective for detecting barking within a range of up to 50 ft. All you have to do is mount it outdoors, turn the lever to the preferred setting and enjoy the peace and tranquil you deserve.

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201107-120415.png

Another thing you might love about this device is it is built like a birdhouse. If it is your neighbor’s dog that is doing all the barking, you get the opportunity to secretly mount it as a simple birdhouse and voila! Talk about camouflage, huh?

It also comes with a light indicator (LED), which serves as a notification whenever the emission of ultrasound is in progress. On top of this, it has a microphone for the automatic detection of barking and it is 100% safe for humans and pets.

However, you should note that this device is mainly tailored for outdoor use and it is not recommended for small dogs. Plus, it is only effective if no large objects e.g. trees, fences, houses stand between the device and the dog in context.

You can check out this product’s availability and pricing on Amazon using this link.


  • Multiple settings i.e. Mode 1 with a low range of up to 15ft., Mode 2 with a medium range of up to 30ft., Mode 3 with a high range of up to 50ft.
  • Minimum recommended dog weight of 8lbs and a maximum of 110lbs
  • Automatic detection of barking using microchip technology
  • Light indicator included

PET CAREE Sonic Dog Barking Control

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20201107-125043.png

Pet Caree is a bark control device that can be used indoors or outdoors. It works by detecting excessive barking and blasting an ultrasonic sound to deter it. This device, just like Ultrasonic No Bark Birdhouse for Birds, has a stylish birdhouse design so you can hang it on a tree branch outside your house. It also works by isolating excessive barking via a microphone and emitting an ultrasonic sound to stop the barking.

It is powered by a 9v battery and is completely waterproof. It also comes with three modes which are:

  • Low Range- up to 15ft
  • Medium Range- up to 30ft
  • High Range- up to 50ft

This product is safe for pets and inaudible to humans. However, you are strongly discouraged from using it indoors.

You can check out its availability and pricing on Amazon using this link.


  • Pavilion shape design
  • Waterproof
  • Effective up to 50ft
  • Uses a 9v battery

What Types of Dog Barking Products Are Available?

Your dog’s excessive barking (or your neighbor’s do, wink wink) can be corrected by anti-bark products that fall into a few different categories. These categories are based on the method the device uses to deter or correct this irritating behavior. However, one thing that these products share in common is they all use negative reinforcement to correct excessive barking.

The categories are:

  1. Sound Emitters

Products in this category use the unique hearing capabilities that are present in dogs. These capabilities allow dogs to hear higher frequencies that are inaudible to humans. The sound emitted is usually unpleasant to dogs and it teaches them that excessive barking is frowned upon. 

Sound emitters function within safe levels to ensure “unpleasant” is as far as the experience goes for your pet and they aren’t harmed in any way.

This category has 2 different types of devices available. The first type includes devices that can be placed anywhere either indoors or outdoors whereas the later type covers collars that emit sound. Devices on both categories come with an option for adjustment based on our dog’s determination.

  1. Collars

Collars that deter excessive barking are designed to be worn around your dog’s neck. Collars cut across most categories with most either producing a small shock, or emitting sound or even spraying a deterrent whenever excessive barking is detected. Collars are usually small to ensure your dog’s movement isn’t impeded.

However, collars that produce shock have a dark history and most dog-owners frown upon their use. Previous collars had a very unpleasant effect on most dogs and the end result was usually a pile of harm instead of general benefit. Modern collars, however, have lowered the shock level to a limit that only serves to surprise your dog.

  1. Spays

This category is for devices that use a mixture of citronella and water to modify your dog’s behavior. Citronella is one of the things that dogs hate the most and this article explains why this is so. So, a quick automatic spray will give your dog a very sound negative reinforcement anytime he decides to settle down to an irritating long bark.

Are Anti-Barking Devices Safe?

Every caring dog-owner usually has this question in mind whenever the issue of anti-barking devices is in play. This is understandable. After all, a dog is man’s best friend and nobody likes seeing their best friend hurt.

Most anti-bark devices are safe for your dogs. They usually undergo rigorous testing and have to have proper certification before they are considered legit. So, instead of harming your dog, most of these high quality anti-barking devices only serve to catch your dog’s attention as a nuisance whenever they bark.

However, before buying any of these devices, you can always check online for reviews from previous users, scrutinize the product for evidence of testing and proper certification and consult your vet beforehand.

Does My Dog Need an Anti-Barking Device?

Your dog will always bark from time to time whether they are trained or not. The goal of using an anti-bark device isn’t to stop your dog from barking completely or insensitive them; it is to discourage them from barking incessantly and excessively. 

Once this device has garnered this objective, it is advisable to stop its usage and only use it from time to time as a slight reinforcement. This is the only way these devices will work safely and efficiently.

How to Choose an Anti-Barking Device

As we have already stressed before, you should always thoroughly vet the products you want to use to correct your dog’s behavior. You can do this by:

  • Doing extensive research
  • Going through a product’s reviews
  • Looking for the product’s proper certification
  • Checking for adaptive settings that will suit your dog
  • Checking the device’s power limit for safety

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