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If you love the Purina brand, then you must be aware of some of their cat formulas and their benefits to your feline friend. And if you are looking for the best Purina cat food for allergies, you are in the right place. Like us and our dogs, our feline pals are also susceptible to different types of allergies, with food being on the list. To determine the cause of food reaction in your cat, using the exclusion diet method which is where a limited ingredient diet (LID) comes in handy.

Cat food allergies occur when their immune system mistakes a certain food protein as a hostile invader. As a result, your cat’s body attacks it and that is how a reaction occurs. According to, however, real reactions to food are quite uncommon in cats as they only represent 10 to 15%. But as you know, cat food allergies are hard to diagnose and treat, even for vets, as there is no exact, fast diagnostic test.

As a pet owner, therefore, you should be on the lookout for common signs of cat allergies so you can establish whether they are life-threatening to your feline friend or not. Symptoms of food allergies in cats include wheezing/sneezing/coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, and runny nose or eyes. Others include ear concerns, swollen paws, too much scratching, paw chewing, inflamed throat that cause snoring, as well as rough and dull fur. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, food allergies are also frequently related to atopy, where cats become allergic to both food ingredients and environmental allergens. Atopy refers to the hereditary predisposition to get allergic infections and is usually related to increased immune responses to common allergens like food and inhaled allergens.

The most common sources of proteins for cats include meats such as dairy products, fish, and beef, while other recipes include grains and veggies are protein sources. Other causes include artificial coloring, corn products, meat by-products, preservatives, and seafood. Any of these ingredients is a possible culprit of food reactions. Other types of allergies that your feline friend is susceptible to, according to a 2018 Banfield Pet Hospital report, are environmental and flea.

Today, I shall be looking at the Purina formula that is ideal for cat food allergies with a focus on why it is ranked by many as the most ideal choice for your little furry friend.

What is the best food for cats with allergies?

Purina Pro Plan stands out among the most recommended foods for cats with allergies the recipes are mostly formulated as a limited ingredient diet (LID). According to PetMD, a limited ingredient diet limits the number of protein and carbs sources in cat food to prevent food allergies or reactions while retaining its nutritional value.

Most of the recipes in the Purina Pro Plan brand are low in allergens which makes them appropriate for felines with food-allergic gastroenteritis (stomach flu or dermatitis), pancreatitis, food intolerance, or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA Hydrolyzed Formula Dry Cat Food is a good example of a great diet for cats with allergies. The formula has been specifically prepared to help manage food sensitivities in your cat with one source of protein that is hydrolyzed for digestibility and optimal nutrient absorption. It also includes a single low allergen carb source to help reduce the risk of reactions related to diets.

This veterinary diet is suitable for both growing kitties and adult cats. To feed your feline this food, however, you will require your vet’s prescriptions. The best thing with the Purina Pro Plan product line is that only its Complete Essentials Tuna Entrée in Sauce Wet Cat Food (3 oz. cans) has been recalled. Add that to the species-suitability and great ingredients and we give it a 4/5 stars rating. 

About Purina Pro Plan

With 4 cat food lines and over 70 cat food recipes for both wet and dry varieties, Purina Pro Plan was developed in 1986 as the company’s first brand to have real meat as the first ingredient. Now, the brand is a groundbreaker in the enhanced nutrition category that helps meet different cat dietary needs. According to their site, the science used in developing their cat diets is backed by 500 Purina scientists worldwide. The group of scientists includes behaviorists, vets, and pet nutritionists.

Purina is among the oldest and largest pet food companies in the world as it was founded in 1894 via the birth of the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company. Since then, they have undergone name changes and ownership transfers until the company was finally acquired by Nestle Purina.

Any other brand by Purina great for allergies?

Purina offers many brands in its line of products to help combat any type of allergies your cat or dog might have. 

Not long ago (June 2019), the Purina brand released Pro Plan LiveClear, an advanced diet that helps lower cat allergies among pet owners. The formula is designed to safely reduce the effect of Fel d1, the main allergen in your feline friend’s saliva that causes cat allergies.

According to Ebenezer Satyaraj, Ph.D., cat allergen management is a major problem with 1 in 5 human adults globally being sensitive to feline allergens. Satyaraj is an immunologist for Nestle Purina Research and was the frontrunner in the study that led to the development of Purina Pro LiveClear. The brand’s Pro Plan LiveClear recipes provide safe, cat-friendly tactics for allergen reduction to improve the relationship between you and your cat without isolating him or her.

This allergen-reducing cat food is available in three formulas, including turkey & oatmeal, chicken & rice, as well as salmon & rice. The diets are designed with your adult cat in mind and are ideal for felines with stomach and skin sensitivities. This dry cat food for allergies has eggs, salmon, and turkey as the main source of protein which combines with the Fel d1 and deactivates it. Purina Pro Plan LiveClear has proven to be effective with 47% on average within the 3rd week of feeding.

You can read more about the development of Purina Pro LiveClear here. The brand won an award after being voted as the product of the year in 2021 following a mass selection by 40,000 American consumers in a nationwide survey conducted by Kantar.

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