Ourpets HQ Network – Sign Up Form for Pet Owners, Breeders and Pet Care Experts

In an effort to improve the quality of our research and reviews here at OurPets HQ, we are calling on all pet parents, breeders, and any certified pet care experts including vets to join our Network. The network will enable you to connect with other pet owners and experts to share first-hand info.

All members who sign-up on our network are providing their first-hand info about their pets without any financial compensation from Ourpets HQ. We have the sole aim of improving the quality of care of our pets and think it can be possible to do so by sharing first-hand info from real pet owners, vets, breeders who engage with different pet breeds.

Below is our sign-up form that we request you fill out. Alex and Ben will reach out to confirm your acceptance to the network and share more info. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Alex using his email,