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A lion cut cat resembles a lion. It is one of the popular cat haircuts where all the fur is shaved off except on certain areas such as the mane, tail tip, legs, and face. Long-haired cats like the Himalayan and Persian breeds are given the lion cut because it is very difficult to maintain the long hairs and to keep them clean and groomed. Given the busy schedule, it is often impossible to set aside time for grooming our feline friends.

A lot of feline owners opt for the lion cut because –

  • It is easy and cheap to maintain
  • It is a relief for the cat in the hot weather
  • Due Shedding, allergy and Matting issues

Professional Groomers

Professional groomers offer fabulous lion cuts for cats. You can also get them to try out different variations of the lion cut, so that your cat can flaunt a personalized style. Another advantage of hiring professionals is that since they are well-trained there is a very less chance of your cat getting bruised and hurt. But professional groomers can cost you a significant amount of money. But if you know how to shave a cat or have tried to trim cat hair, then you can lion cut your cat with a few tips.

Here is how you can get your cat shaved like lion………..

You will need:

  1. A friend who can hold your cat
  2. A pet comb/Brush
  3. Trimmers with the attachments
  4. Nail Clippers
  5. Your Cat’s favourite treats
  6. Towels
  7. Blunt ended scissors



  • Find an elevated surface to give your cat a haircut. Your cat will not be happy with the idea but it will be make your job more convenient and easy.
  • Spread an old towel or rag on the surface. Always avoid a room with a carpeted floor because it is a tedious process to remove cat hair from carpets.
  • Now place your cat on the table and give her treats and run your hands through the fur to check for grease and bumps. It also helps to ease and calm your pet.


Now begin the grooming process by first clipping your cats nail. Hold the paw and gently press the pad to bring out the nail. Now make sure that you only trim the sharp edge. If you cut the epithelial tissue it will be very painful for the cat. If you are not sure about this, skip this step. You can get it done by a vet or a professional groomer.


  • Next step is to brush your cat. You can use a slicker brush to brush the tummy, mane, back and the tail. You might need someone to hold your cat while brushing on its tummy! Use a large toothed comb for the legs and tail.
  • If the cat has matted or greasy fur then skip the above step. Use the blunt ended scissor to remove the matted clumps. When you are removing the clumps make sure that no skin is caught up in the clump. Cats have very delicate skin and you will inflict a lot of pain if the skin gets cut.
  • You can get rid of the grease by applying a very small amount of cornstarch to the greasy spots and then combining them out.


  • Begin by shaving the back and sides of the body. Never hold the clippers too close to the skin since this will injure your cat.
  • After each shave brush off the clipped hair from the cat’s body and clean the clippers. Removing the shaved hair helps to locate the missed areas.
  • Once the sides and the back are shaved, gently place the cat on its side and shave the fur from the teats. Make sure that someone is holding the cat while you are shaving the tummy and around the teats.
  • Next shave the tail and keep some hair at the tip similar to that of a lion’s tail.


  • For this you will need to use the 2nd attachment of the trimmer
  • Backcomb the fur
  • Shave the fur to the top of the neck from all the parts
  • Clean the shaved region with a wet towel

Variations of the Lion Cut

  • You can shave the entire legs and top of the paw
  • Create a Cat in Boots look by shaving only the top portion of the leg.
  • Keeping all the fur on the tail
  • Leaving only a tiny portion of fur on the tail like a pom-pom
  • Keeping the chest hair intact

Benefits Of A Cat Lion Cut

  • It is easier to maintain – Long haired cats require a lot of maintenance. They need weekly brushing to prevent matt. Fur shedding also can be a messy affair especially if there are small children in the house. Getting a lion cat can help to reduce the time spent on grooming.
  • It eliminates hairballs -Hairballs are common during the shedding season. Cats might end up ingesting these hairballs which can lead to digestive issues. The Lion cut is a great solution to this problem.
  • Relief for older cats – Aged and obese cats can find self-care of long fur very difficult. Getting a lion cut will be of great benefit for them.

Once the shaving is done don’t forget to give your cat a treat. Cats that are new to the process will show a lot of resistance and displeasure but eventually after a few sessions they will get used to it and will patiently wait for the treats!

Some cats can find shaving to be a distressing process. You need to make her feel very comfortable and safe to avoid this issue. It will also be a great challenge if you are new to shaving a cat, but you will also get used to it after a few times.

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