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The Great Dane and Poodle mix may be a rare hybrid but is gaining popularity as one of the cherished Great Dane mixes that you will come across. It is one of my favorite mini doodle breeds.

This designer dog breed is a crossbreed between two famous and well-liked purebreds – a Poodle and the Great Dane. The cross inherits some of the best traits from both parents giving it a calm disposition and charming personality. These dogs are known for their affection, confidence, as well as adaptability to a range of environments.

Both parents of the Great Danoodle are on the list of the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) top 15 most popular dog breeds. That, plus the sweet, polite, and loyal temperament what makes this mixed breed even more popular. Add their intelligence, trainability, and kid-friendliness and you have yourself a great family dog and companion.

Because of the difference in size between a Great Dane and Poodle, the Standard Poodle variety is used in creating the Great Danoodle. This makes the Great Dane Poodle cross a gentle giant that is 28 to 30 inches tall and weighs anywhere between 90 and 110 lbs. It also comes in a range of cute solid colors and a combination of colors.

Do you think the Great Dane mixed with Poodle is the right cross for you or your family?

In this article, we have included everything you need to know about the Great Dane x Poodle mix. From appearance to temperament, how to care for them, price, adoption, and more, you will find the information here very helpful.

What is a Great Dane Poodle mix called?

Designer dog breeds have some of the sweetest names that you will find in the dog world. Usually, dog breeders will combine names of both parent breeds and come up with a unique name that distinguishes the mixed breed from others.

A Great Dane Poodle mix sleeping outside
A Great Dane Poodle mix sleeping outside

Any dog breed mixed with a Poodle is easy to recognize since it has a “poo” or “oodle” in its name.

A cross between a Great Dane and a Poodle, for instance, is commonly known as a Great Danoodle. Other names for these hybrid dogs include Great Danedoodle, Danedoodle, Danepoo, Great Danepoo, and Great Dane Poodle mix.

A Great Dane crossed with Poodle is not purebred like its parents. As such, major Kennel Clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), and Kennel Club UK (UKC) do not recognize them.

This mixed breed, however, is accepted by the Designer Breed Registry (DBR).

Why mix Great Dane with Poodle?

The Poodle dog breed is adored for its desirable traits, and they are the main reason why creators of designer dogs use it to cross. Poodles are highly intelligent and easily trainable for both work and obedience, and it comes in luxurious coat and striking colors. This coat is hypoallergenic or low-shedding which makes them excellent choices for folks allergic or sensitive to pet fur. Most Poodle mixes inherit these traits hence the ever-growing popularity.

Breeders use the Poodle’s sweet disposition to balance some of the adverse characteristics in some dog breeds thus making exceptional family pooches or companions.

Great Dane Poodle Mix Puppies

Great Dane Poodle cross puppies are so adorable and end to grow and become large very fast.

These pups are fun-loving, smart, friendly, and eager to learn which makes them easy to train at this age. Great Danoodle puppies come in a range of colors from grey to red, blue, white, black, beige, cream, and silver. Expect your pup’s hair to sport any of these colors or a blend of any two colors.

Great Danoodle puppies are energetic with high exercise needs but should not be strenuous due to their small size. As they grow up, however, they do not become lazy despite their calm nature. The mix is a low-shedder and can adapt to most climates. Their deep-set, human-like eyes and facial expressions allow them to make a robust bond with kids and adults alike.

If you are looking for Great Dane Poodle mix puppies for sale, you should expect to spend not less than $1,500 for a well-bred Great Danoodle pup.

Full-Grown Great Dane Poodle mix

When fully grown, Great Danoodles are big pooches like their Great Dane parent as they stand between 23 and 30 inches tall at the shoulders with a weight of 80 to 100 lbs. This huge size plus high intelligence makes Danepoos superb guard dogs.

These pooches retain the calm disposition of their puppyhood. They are friendly with all people in the family as well as excellent with kids and other pets. Great Danedoodles are highly social as well as loyal and attached to their owners. This makes the mix prone to separation anxiety.

A summary table for the Great Dane Poodle mix

Size23 to 30 inches
Weight80 to 100 lbs.
Best Suited for:All dog owners
Lifespan8 to 13 years
TemperamentLoving, calm, loyal, gets along with other animals
CoatA single coat that is either long or short
Coat ColorsWhite, black, fawn, blue, red, gray, silver, brindle, cream, as well multi-colored
Energy LevelsHigh
Exercise RequirementsAt least 45 to 60 minutes per day
Price$700 to $1,500

Let us learn more about the Great Dane cross Poodle below.

History of the Breed

The info as to where the Great Dane mix with Poodle came from first is unknown. However, we know that it is a mixed breed between two dogs from Europe. According to VCA Hospitals, most mixed breeds have unknown parentage. In short, there are no official records about their ancestors or how many different breeds are used to create them. For this reason, we assume that most mixed breeds first existed as a result of unintentional breeding.

Designer breeds, like the Great Danoodle, on the other hand, are deliberately bred by mixing the best personalities of both worlds. This, in turn, helps avoid undesirable recessive traits that any parent of the Danepoo would have. With careful and responsible breeding, breeders are also able to create a pooch that is healthier than its parents.

For these crossbreeds to be listed in any major kennel club as “a breed”, the Great Danoodle must have been bred from F2 generation crosses resulting in a multi-generational cross or F3 Gen. Unscrupulous breeding has, however, made this impossible since most are in the business for money with little or no regard for standards, temperaments, or personalities.

That being said, designer dogs have been around for the last 2 to 3 decades and are thought to have started somewhere in North America.

To know more about the Poodle Great Dane cross, let us take a look at their parents.


The Poodle – While the Poodle is commonly linked to France, this adorable dog breed came from Germany and was bred for hunting purposes. These water dogs were used to retrieve wildfowl for their masters but were circus entertainers during their time in France. They are currently the national flag of France. Poodles later became companion dogs for French nobles and are among the most sought-after family dogs today.

Poodles are not only attractive but highly intelligent and easy to train and are good with people of all ages and other pooches. They come in four varieties but only three, including the Standard, Miniature, and Toy are recognized. The AKC recognized Poodles as a dog breed in 1887.

A café au lait Poodle
A café au lait Poodle

When it comes to dog IQ, Poodles rank 23rd position of the most intelligent dogs in terms of obedience and work. Poodles are also very popular standing at the 5th position of the top 10 AKC popular dog breeds. They are among the most loved dogs globally.

The size of a Poodle depends on the type and so does the weight, but it should be between 9.4 and 24 inches on average. Unlike some other famous dog breeds, Poodles have not many health problems and they have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Common health issues in Poodles are hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, epilepsy, bloat, Addison’s disease, progressive retinal atrophy, and collapsed trachea.

Poodles make great mixes and you can check our articles on Cockapoo, Shih-Poo, Chi-Poo, Goldendoodle, and Pomapoo.

The Great Dane – The Great Dane is a very old breed that is thought to be around for 400 years. This purebred is thought to have first been noticed somewhere in China around the 11th century. The Dane, however, is of European origin, specifically Germany, and is a descendant of mastiff-like dogs that were bred to hunt boar and protect country estates for the German nobility in the 18th century. They would later be bred into companions for guarding homes.

A Mantle Great Dane walking in the field
A Mantle Great Dane walking in the field

The Great Dane has a smart, loyal, friendly, loving, confident, gentle but reserved personality, and likes playing with kids, especially if well-bred. They are also good with other dogs. This sweet nature makes them excellent family pets. The Great Dane was recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1887 and is in 16th position on the AKC’s popularity list.

In terms of dog IQ, the average Great Dane is said to be as clever as a 3-year-old human which makes it very smart. Studies have shown that Great Danes can understand up to 250 words and gestures. These purebreds are also very quick to learn new commands which makes them very trainable.

A male Great Dane stands 30 to 34 inches tall at the shoulders with a weight of 120 to 200 lbs. while females are28 to 32 inches in height and between 99 and 130 lbs. in weight. The Dane is prone to health issues such as bloat, cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, cataracts, allergies, wobbler syndrome, skin growths, and osteosarcoma. These dogs are big eaters and need high-quality dog food.

They have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years.

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Table comparison of Parents of Great Dane Poodle mix: Comparative features of Great Dane and Standard Poodle

FeatureGreat DaneStandard Poodle
Height28 to 35 inches18 to 24 inches
Weight99 to 200 lbs.45 to 70 lbs.
TemperamentFriendly, Devoted, Loving, Gentle, Reserved, and ConfidentObedient, smart, alert, loyal, playful, and aloof with strangers
Lifespan8 to 10 years12 to 15 years
Puppy Prices$1,000 to $1,500$500 to $2,000


It might be very tricky to tell what your Great Dane Poodle mix will look like especially when they are puppies. It is always recommended to wait until they are fully grown. This is because the genes of one parent might dominate in the cross and they can also inherit unique characteristics of both parents.

The undeniable fact about this mixed breed is that they will be large and heavy dogs – bigger than the Poodle parent but smaller than the Great Dane parent.

Great Danoodle Size: How big do Great Dane Poodle mixes get?

The first-generation pups of the Great Dane Poodle cross can be hard to predict when it comes to size.

That being said, a Great Danoodle is large in size and stands anywhere between 23 and 30 inches tall at the withers.

In terms of weight, expect this mixed breed to be 80 to 100 lbs.

A Great Danoodle sitting outside
A Great Danoodle sitting outside

This crossbreed between a Poodle and Great Dane mostly has a dense and wavy coat. The hair texture and length, however, vary significantly from one puppy to another. It is also possible for this mixed breed to take after the Great Dane parent’s short, smooth coat.

When it comes to coat colors, there are many possibilities for the Great Danoodle. The Great Dane parent comes in 12 possible colors, 7 that are recognized by the AKC and 5 that are not. The Poodle parent, on the other hand, comes in 11 colors and markings.

That being said, you can expect a Great Dane mixed with Poodle to come in coat colors such as yellow-gold, cream, white, café au lait, gray, brown, apricot, silverblue and black. Black, merle, brindle, and harlequin markings are also possible and the most common.

Temperament and Characteristics

If you are looking for a mixed breed that is polite, humble, and obedient, the Great Dane Poodle mix is an excellent choice.

Great Danoodles are sweet and loving pooches that enjoy human companionship and attention. And while the large size might seem intimidating, they are calm and gentle. Surprisingly, this mixed breed becomes extremely self-conscious about its size as it matures. Therefore, these pups grow up as respectful and well-mannered members of their families.

A 6-month-old Great Danoodle
A 6-month-old Great Danoodle

This mixed breed between the Poodle and Great Dane is affectionate and loyal to its owners. Thanks to its quiet disposition and love for kids, the hybrid makes an excellent dog for any family. Danepoos also get along with friends and other pets at home and are the type of dogs that you can cuddle as you watch your favorite show or movie.

Male Great Danoodles tend to be more social but mature slower than their female counterparts. Female Danepoos, however, are more susceptible to separation anxiety because they form deeper bonds with their owners than male Danoodles. And since this mix is intelligent, this boredom can lead to destructive behaviors.

As with other dogs, early socialization and training are crucial for your Great Danedoodle. This cross may have a boisterous bark at times. This, however, is not a big deal or a nuisance. Your Danepoo is telling you that boredom is knocking on its intelligent mind. You know what to do.

Ease of Training

The Great Dane is very intelligent and is said to have the ability to understand up to 250 words and gestures. Poodles, on the other hand, are also very trainable. Both parents, however, need consistency in training because they can be stubborn.

A Great Dane Poodle mix walking on a leash
A Great Dane Poodle mix walking on a leash

Great Danoodles are intelligent pooches that enjoy learning new commands and new tricks easily. Thanks to their eagerness to please, like their parents, and craving for human attention, dealing with the possible stubborn streak can be quick. Positive reinforcement is a great training tool for your mix.

Although the Great Danoodle is social, early socialization and training are recommended. Allow them to meet new faces and other dogs in the dog park. This will improve their social skills.

Exercise Requirements

Great Danes are strong and energetic dogs that need a lot of exercise, like 2 hours and so are Poodles, 1 hour. So, what are the exercise needs of the Great Dane x Poodle mix?

The Great Dane Poodle cross is a big dog that needs daily exercise to keep fit and stay healthy. However, their exercise needs are more moderate compared to those of the Poodle parent.

This mixed breed is big and so it needs big jogs. As such, a Great Danoodle will enjoy walking for 45 to 60 minutes each day to burn off excess energy. In addition, these dogs like spending time in open spaces, especially in the backyard that is secured. Time in the dog park is also vital.

This regular physical activity helps your Great Danoodle retain good muscle tone as well as a healthy weight. Since this mixed breed is intelligent, it also needs activities that stimulate them mentally.

Nutritional Requirements

Your Great Dane mix with Poodle’s perfect diet should meet all the dog’s nutritional needs. Make sure that it constitutes the 6 essential nutrients a dog needs to thrive including water, proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Including this in your dog’s regular diet promotes proper growth and optimal health.

So, how much food should you feed your Great Dane Poodle mix per day?

Feeding your dog the right amount of food is crucial to their health. According to research, too little food leads to nutritional deficiencies while too much causes obesity. The dietary needs of your Great Dane Poodle mix will change slowly from their puppy stage to adulthood and senior age.

The Great Danoodle is large in size and weighty. Therefore, feed him 4 to 5 cups of high-quality dry dog foods per day split into 2 or 3 small meals.

Obesity can be a significant health issue for all dogs, especially Standard Poodles but is rare in Great Danes. Either way, a Great Danoodle has Standard Poodle genes which makes it prone to this health problem. As such, observe the amount of food you pour into your dog’s feeding bowl.

Health Issues

The Poodle Great Dane cross is healthy with no breed-specific health problems. However, they are still prone to some of the health conditions that their parents are predisposed to. If you neuter a male Great Danoodle, this comes with its health benefits as well.

Serious health conditions in Great Danoodles such as hip dysplasia, cancer, cardiomyopathy, epilepsy, and Addison’s Disease. Minor conditions include eye problems, hypothyroidism, skin disorders, and bloating.

Bloat and joint problems are the severest health conditions in the Great Dane Poodle mix. Therefore, ensure that you attend all scheduled vet visits. In addition, make sure that you feed them well and exercise them often and adequately.

Great Dane Poodle Mix Life Expectancy

A well-fed, exercised, and healthy Great Dane Poodle mix has a lifespan of 8 to 13 years.


Thankfully, the Great Danoodles is a low-maintenance dog. This mixed breed comes with coats that differ significantly depending on the traits it inherits, either from the Poodle or Great Dane.

Generally, most Great Dane mixed with Poodles tend to have thick and wavy coats. On the other hand, this mixed breed’s coat can be short and wiry like that of the Great Dane parent. Either way, they are low shedders and do not need regular grooming. This will help keep their coats healthy.

Clip the nails every two weeks and wipe their ears weekly to prevent ear infections. In addition, your Great Danoodle’s face needs to be wiped occasionally. Lastly, keep their dental health fit by brushing their teeth every day or three days a week.

Great Dane Poodle Mix for Sale

Do you live in Australia, the US, or the UK among other regions globally, and are looking for a Great Danoodle?

You can look for a Great Dane Poodle mix breeder that is reputable and dependable. You are always advised to avoid buying puppies from online sites such as Craig List or eBay. While you can find scrupulous breeders, most people on such platforms are not responsible.

Great Danoodle Price

How much does a Great Dane Poodle cost?

Expect to spend anywhere between $700 and $1,500 for a healthy Great Danoodle puppy when buying from a reputable breeder.

Great Dane Poodle Mix Rescue

There are many rescue organizations that are interested and dedicated to rescuing Great Danes and Doodles. Some of them include the Gentle Giant Rescue, Great Dane Rescue Inc., Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue, and more.

Where to Adopt

Adopting a Great Dane mix with Poodle is always better and cheaper than shopping, especially when you do not know where to find a responsible breeder. As such, start by asking workers from your local shelter whether this mixed breed is available.

You can also check with the Great Danes at Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions or the Carolina Poodle Rescue. Here is a list of Poodle Rescues for Adoption in the US.


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