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If you have decided to buy an exotic cat and met all the requirements needed, the next thing you may be thinking about is the sweetest name for your felid friend, right? Count yourself lucky as I have researched on your behalf for the best names for female and male exotic cats. From great warrior figures to beauty names and nature in different languages globally, I have amazing name ideas.

5 best names for male exotic cats:

  • Ari (lion in Hebrew) – great choice for Chausie
  • Mukhtar (chosen in Arabic)
  • Kali (black in Hindu)
  • Goya (wild cat in South African)
  • Siri (tiger in Nigerian)

5 best names for female exotic cats:

  • Akemi (beauty in Japanese)
  • Amara (perpetual in Italian)
  • Anatoly (sunrise in Russian)
  • Demetria (goddess of fertility & harvest in Greek)
  • Annie (daughter of the Nile in Egyptian)

Whatever your breed is or the size, I am sure that you will find these names fit for your felid friend. Furthermore, are they not simple to utter? Great!

Exotic cat type

Exotic cats are available in two different species, including the hybrid and wild types. Your exotic felid can be from the jungle completely. On the other hand, she or he can cross between a domestic and wild cat, like a Chausie or Savannah for instance, and both are cute and friendly. Before you decide on taking one home, make sure that your breeder gives you full detail on the type as taking care of each is different.

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