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From as early as 1915, some 100+ years ago, the meaning of the double yolk egg led one scientist to explore its meaning and specifically find out what causes this rare event to occur.

There are several superstitions now on the meaning of double yolk eggs. In Islam, it is considered a good omen, while in Christianity, some believe that it is a sign of twins being born.

What are egg yolks and double-yolk eggs?

The yolk of an egg is the yellowish part that contains protein and fat. The whites are the clear part that contains mostly water and some protein. When you crack an egg open, you will notice that the yolk is surrounded by the egg white (or albumen).

The yolk is attached to the egg white by means of the chalaza. The chalaza is made up of two twisted strands of protein that keep the yolk centered in the middle of the egg.

Double yolks are usually found in chicken eggs, but can also be found in other bird eggs, such as duck or quail eggs. They occur when two yolks are released into the oviduct at the same time and end up being encased by one eggshell.

Meaning of Two Eggs in One Egg:

In different religions and cultures, the double yolk egg has different meanings but first, lets explore egg symbolism.

Symbol of fertility:

The egg is a symbol of fertility, eternity, and the circle of life in many civilizations and faiths. Egyptian myth links the eggs to the creation of the universe and inadvertently claims that the earth was borne out of an egg! In Islam, the double yolk egg is considered a good omen. It is thought to be a sign of good luck and fortune.

You’re getting twins:

Another superstition about the double yolk egg is that it predicts twins! Some folklore claim that double yolk is a symbol that you or someone close to you who is pregnant will get twins. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, it’s a fun idea nonetheless.

A new start:

Some claim that a double yolk egg symbolizes a new beginning. This could be a new job, starting a family, or embarking on a new adventure. There is no much basis for this. I couldn’t find a study or its relation to the Christian faith but next time I want a new beginning, I’ll hope to crack a double yolk egg.


Another popular belief is that the double yolk egg is a sign of prosperity. This could mean financial abundance or having a bumper crop.

This dates back to ancient times when a chicken’s egg production was essential to the survival of a family. A double yolk egg meant that there would be enough food to go around and that the family would prosper.

Unlike chickens, turkeys have far fewer double yolks and are a bit bigger. However, turkey eggs are not consumed as much as chicken eggs. Read why you shouldn’t eat Turkey eggs here.

Regeneration and revival:

Aside from new beginnings, the double yolk egg is also seen as a symbol of regeneration and revival. This is because the egg is a reminder of new life being created.

Regeneration is the process of renewing or restoring something. This could be bringing something back to life or revitalizing it. In the context of double yolk eggs, this means that the egg is a symbol of hope and renewal.

Superstitions of Double yolk egg in Islam and Christianity:

While there is a scientific explanation for the occurrence of double yolk eggs, there are also many superstitions surrounding them.

In Islam, a double yolk egg is considered to be a sign of good luck. It is often given to newlyweds or to couples who are expecting a baby.

In Christianity, double yolk eggs are also seen as a sign of good fortune. They are often given to people who are about to embark on a new venture or undertaking.

There are also many superstitions about what the appearance of a double yolk egg means. Some believe that it is an omen of twins being born. Others believe that it means someone in the family will soon get married or have a baby.

Still, others believe that double yolk eggs are a sign of prosperity and abundance.

Good luck on the way: Double yolk paves way for good things!

Double yolk eggs are considered to be a sign of good luck in many cultures and religions. They are also seen as a symbol of fertility, new beginnings, and abundance.

The double yolk egg is often given to couples who are expecting a baby or to newlyweds as a sign of good luck. It is also given to people who are about to embark on a new adventure.

In the case of double yolk eggs, it means that you have twice the amount of luck coming your way. So, if you’re looking for some good luck, keep your eyes peeled for a double yolk egg!

How Egg Development Process plays a role in the development of eggs with double yolks

A chicken oviduct is a tube in a chicken through which the egg travels on its way out. Eggs are formed in follicles along the oviduct wall. The follicle is a sac that secretes the egg white and provides a place for the yolk to grow.

As the yolk grows, it moves towards the center of the follicle and is enveloped by layers of egg white. Usually, only one yolk is released into the oviduct at a time. However, in some cases, two yolks are released simultaneously and end up enclosed by a single shell.

Five regions in the oviduct play a role in egg development process

  1. Infundibulum: An egg yolk lands in the infundibulum after leaving the ovary and spends 20 minutes here
  2. Magnum: The egg stays in the magnum for about 3 hours and it is coated with about half of its white albumen. The egg white is formed here.
  3. isthmus: More albumen is added and both the inner and outer shell membranes are deposited. Takes another hour here
  4. uterus: This is where the egg spends 19 hours and the membranes harden
  5. Cloaca: Egg is laid through the cloaca

When a chicken released another yolk right after it released the first one and two yolks end up in the Infundibulum, the first region a yolk lands after leaving the oviduct, a double-yolk egg is formed.

Causes of Double Yolk Egg according to Curtin Study (1915)

Double yolk eggs are common with young chicken that are still getting the hang of laying eggs.

As a chicken age, it becomes more proficient in releasing only one yolk at a time into the oviduct. This is because the muscle that separates the ovary from the oviduct becomes stronger with age.

A young chicken may also lay a double-yolk egg if it has just started laying eggs or if it is going through a growth spurt.

Hormone imbalances can also cause a chicken to lay double yolk eggs. If the chicken is not getting enough calcium, it may lay soft-shelled or shell-less eggs. A lack of vitamin D can also cause shells to be thin or break easily.

Double yolk eggs may also be the result of inbreeding. Chickens that are closely related are more likely to lay double yolks eggs than those that are not.

According to Curtis Study, the following are causes of double-yolk eggs;

  1. Ovulated ovum remains in the body cavity and is picked up by the oviduct the following day when the chicken develops another egg: This usually happens in young hens that have not begun to lay yet.
  2. Two ova are released from the ovary at about the same time: This can happen in any chicken but is more common in older hens.
  3. An oversized ovum is released and it is not uncommon for such an ovum to be double-yolked: This happens when a hen is overfed or if there is a sudden change in the diet.

Credit: Otto Glaser research paper

A 1938 Study by Warren and Conrad made the conclusion that double yolk eggs are a result from the simultaneous development and ovulation of two ova.

In fact, 65% of double-yolk eggs studied by the duo resulted from ovulation of two ova.

How rare is a double yolk egg: The rarity of double yolk eggs:

While double yolk eggs are not exactly rare, they are not as common as single yolk eggs. On average, one out of every 1,000 eggs laid will be a double yolk egg. However, some chicken breeds are more likely to lay double yolks than others. For example, Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks have been known to lay double yolk eggs more often than other chicken breeds.

A 1974 study found that parthenogenesis was more common with double-yolk eggs. parthenogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction in which an egg develops into a new individual without being fertilized by a sperm. This can happen in some species of reptiles, fish, and insects, but it is very rare in birds.

If parthenogenesis does occur in birds, it is usually only with chicken embryos. In other words, a chicken can sometimes lay an egg that hatches into a chick without the egg being fertilized by a rooster.

Can I eat a double yolk egg?

Yes, you can! In fact, they’re just as nutritious as a regular egg. Double yolk eggs contain the same amount of protein, fat, and calories as a single whole egg.

So, if you’re looking for a lucky charm or a symbol of good luck, crack open a double yolk egg and enjoy!

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