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Just like working out your muscles in your backyard helps you maintain ideal heart health, our dogs can also benefit from exercising in the backyard. Generally, having a yard is considered a good thing for people with active dog breeds. It gives them sufficient playground to burn off their energy and interact with family members.

While that is true, not all homes are fenced and you may be blessed with a large property. As such, keeping your canine pal safe in your unfenced yard should be a crucial concern to protect him from being hit by cars while roaming freely near driveways. Besides, the last thing you want is getting into trouble with your neighbors over uncontrolled dog that goes to their property.

If you are reading this, it means you are looking for the best dog shock collar for yard trainer to teach your dog his boundaries by staying in the yard. We have conducted in-depth research on this and provided a review, a buying guide as well as a frequently asked questions section.

Let us walk through this together.

How to pick the best dog shock collar for yard trainer

While the use of dog shock collars is contentious, they are handy tools when it comes to reinforcing commands and correcting unwanted behaviors like containment. However, some shock collars have been reported to inflict injuries via physical burns from shock intensity.

Whether you own a hunting dog or a family companion, you need to choose and buy the correct shock collar. Choosing the best collar is not a walk in the park, especially when your dog’s safety is on the line.

Here is our buying guide for picking the best shock collar for yard training to help you in the process:

  1. Intensity

As mentioned above, the last thing you want is to cause your dog physical harm where cases have been reported raising concerns over the collar’s safety. Make sure that the dog shock collar has many levels of intensity that can be adjusted gradually to identify the perfect spot for your dog.

This will ensure your pooch is comfy during training.

  1. Range

Yards differ in size depending on the location, with homes based in the rural areas having large yards compared to those in cities and towns. As such, you must consider the range a dog shock collar offers to allow you control your canine pal from a distance.

A dog shock collar labeled 330 yards, for example, obstructions such as buildings and hills are unaccounted for in this distance. The best thing is that most yards have fewer obstacles which mean that long ranges are not that needed. Overall, look for a shock collar with a generous range.

  1. Modes of Stimulation

Most modern dog shock collars come with three modes of stimulation and some have four. You should pick a collar that offers the beep and vibration modes that warn your misbehaving dog of impending shock if they disobey.

As a general rule of thumb, you should use static shock mode as the last resort for stubborn and unruly dogs that fail to respond to audible tone and vibration. If you use these two modes well, it is not a miracle to find you rarely or never use the shock mode.

  1. Size

Different dog breeds have varying neck sizes and weight. When picking a shock collar for your canine friend, make sure it fits his neck snugly without causing discomforts. The material used should also be safe for your dog’s skin and strong enough to avoid breakages and being loose.

  1. Additional Features

When picking a shock collar for yard training, make sure that it is lightweight and comfy on your dog’s neck. Most manufacturers specify the range of dog weight that their collars should be used on. As such, make sure you confirm your dog’s weight before harnessing a shock collar on his neck.

Another feature should be waterproofing and water-resistant. Dogs love swimming and playing in pools of water after physical exercise or playing in the rain. So, pick a shock collar that is water-resistant and/or waterproof to keep them safe when in water.

NOTE: There is nothing like a perfect dog shock collar! All collars are prone to faults once in a while, but you must be careful whatsoever. But remember quality and price go hand-in-hand so if want a good shock collar, you must be willing to dig deeper.

6 Best Dog Shock Collars for Yard Trainer

The market has loads of decent dog shock collar brands, types, and models that come in handy in training our dogs. And while that is a good thing, getting the best can be laborious and confusing or even end up spending your hard-earned dollars on the wrong product.

To make it easier for you, we here are our 6 best dog shock collars for yard training:

Let us review these shock collars.

Reviews of the 6 Best Dog Shock Collars for Yard Trainer

In this review, we shall evaluate each of these dog shock collars to see what makes them best for dog yard training purposes. Other than their features, we have added their pros and cons to help you make an informative decision before the purchase.

PetSafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

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as of June 2, 2023 3:47 pm

PetSafe is a reputable brand in the dog collars industry since 1991. This specific dog shock collar comes with a 400 yards range that allows you to control your dog while training on the yard. Suitable for dogs weighing 8 lbs. and above, this dog shock collar fits neck sizes of up to 28 inches.

This collar’s static shock stimulation features 8 adjustable levels, which means that somewhere within must be a spot for your pooch, even the stubborn and unruly ones. It is also waterproof for effective outdoor use and both the remote and collar use replaceable rechargeable batteries.

Even best, PetSafe has made it possible to train up to three dogs simultaneously with extra collars and is also user-friendly 


  • Works excellently
  • Recommended by pro trainers
  • Extended trainability
  • Good quality product


  • Reported remote malfunctions
  • Complaints about slow charging 

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DOG CARE Dog Shock Collar

$39.99  out of stock
4 new from $39.99
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as of June 2, 2023 3:47 pm

Yet another well-known dog shock collar brand, this gadget from DOG CARE offers a range of 330 yards for efficient indoors and outdoors training. In addition, it comes with three training modes, including beep, vibration, and shock mode with up to 99 levels of static.

These adjustable static shock levels fit any dog regardless of their stubbornness. Ideal for dogs weighing 15 lbs. to 100 lbs., this adjustable shock collar features a long-lasting battery life. As such, you can train your dog effectively for extended periods. Besides, you can train more than 2 dogs simultaneously with added collars.

Even best, this shock collar for dogs from DOG CARE features a security keypad lock to prevent accidental shock. It is an ideal training tool even for pet parents with shock collar anxieties.


  • Adjustable collar fits small and large dogs
  • Excellent performance
  • Security lock tech
  • Affordable pricing


  • None so far

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COVONO Electric Dog Fence, Pet Containment System

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as of June 2, 2023 3:47 pm

The TZ863, one of COVONO’s newest TZ 2020 series, allows you to restrict your dog within a ¾ acre range pet containment system. In addition, it comes with a 650 feet copper wire and can be customized to a larger pet area with extra wires and a lifetime warranty.

Featuring a discreet design, this pet containment system and electric dog fence has a multi-colored LED display on the remote that facilitates easy control. What we liked about these wires is that you can either run them underground or above the ground to meet your design needs. 

COVONO’s electric dog fence, pet containment system includes an adjustable receiver that is waterproof and rechargeable for effectiveness. It is suitable for dogs weighing 10 lbs. to 120 lbs. or 7-12 inches neck sizes and can be used to train as many dogs as you want, simultaneously.


  • Effective training
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent customer service]
  • Dog containment


  • None so far

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PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar – Waterproof Receiver

$152.90  in stock
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as of June 2, 2023 3:47 pm

Do you wish to train your dog with a wireless fence collar? PetSafe got you covered! Ideal for dogs that weigh over 8 lbs., this lightweight shock collar fits dogs with a 6-28 inches neck size. What we liked most is that its receiver is compatible with several PetSafe wireless containment systems such as PIF-300, IF-100 transmitter and Stay+Play wireless fence.

Even best, this wireless fence collar comes with tone-only mode and 5 adjustable correction levels for any pooch. You can also train limitless number of dogs with extra wireless collar receivers at the same time. To make sure training is effective; it includes 2 extra free batteries.


  • Perfect for active families
  • Works great
  • User-friendly


  • Reported shocking defects
  • Complaints about breakages

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FunniPets Dog Training Collar

$49.99  in stock
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as of June 2, 2023 3:47 pm

If you are looking for quality dog shock collar for yard training with the longest yard in the list, FunniPets is a fantastic choice! This dog training collar comes with a range of 875 yards (2600ft) to let you train your dog with maximum control.

The collar has a reflective strap for improved visibility and features in-built LED light on both the remote and receiver for safety in low-lit or dark places. There are four training modes, including tone, light, vibration, and up to 99 levels of static shock for tailored dog training.

This waterproof dog training collar features safe conductive silicone prongs. Even best, the collars can either be controlled simultaneously or separately by pairing receivers in separate channels.


  • Excellent range & battery life
  • Effective training & behavior correction
  • Durable & reflective


  • Breakage complaints

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TTPet Electric Dog Fence

$125.00  in stock
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as of June 2, 2023 3:47 pm

Just like COVONO, this is yet another user-friendly electric dog fence that can be installed either underground or above the ground. This pet containment system also restricts your dog within a ¾ acre space and includes a wire extendable up to 650 feet. You can also extend with added wires. It features a wire break warning that alerts you when the electric fence wire is damaged.

Unlike COVONO’s, this electric dog fence from TTPet features an automatic training mode that activates after system installation. As such, your dog will trigger signals once it passes the set boundaries and intensity increases as the dog nears the installed containment wires.

Suitable for dogs weighing 12 lbs. to 150 lbs., this collar fits dogs with a neck size of 8-27 inches and features a durable, IP66 waterproof and rechargeable receiver. With the purchase of extra compatible receivers, you can control multiple dogs simultaneously.


  • Outstanding customer service
  • User-friendly & effective
  • Great features


  • Reported malfunctions

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Ideal Size of Yard for Dog

Whether it is physically or via unseen fences, dogs hate being limited to a certain perimeter. If you have heard dog owners complaining about their dogs trying to escape, it is due to being restricted which creates boredom.

The ideal size of yard for dog depends on a number of factors, with the dog breed being the optimal determinant. If you own pooches that were originally bred for working and herding, they will need ample space for physical exercise to burn out energy. Owners with less active dogs have no problem even with apartments and townhouses as long as they exercise their dog daily.

Many dog enthusiasts and owners recommend a hedge measuring 5 foot in height with at least 200 feet line fencing. As long as your dog is getting the amount of exercise he needs, the size might not matter so much. However, big is always better if you can afford it, right?

How to Train a Dog with Shock Collars for Yard

A significant number of dog owners who are unaware of how helpful dog shock collars are in training consider them as cruel. But they are handy when used correctly. We have looked at the what, why, and when reasons for shock collars, so we shall look at the how.

First things first, as I always recommend, make sure that your pooch understands the basic commands before you start using a collar to reinforce them. If he understands ‘Come’ ‘Sit’ ‘Stop’ ‘Stay’ and more, you can start using a shock collar to reinforce these commands.

Here are the steps on how to train a dog with shock collars for yard:

Step 1: Becoming accustomed to the collar

Before you press the first button on the collar remote, your dog must be familiarized with the shock collar. Harness the collar on his neck and allow him to stay with it like it was a leash or a name tag. 

Step 2: Begin training

Here, you need to select your dog’s stimulation level from the variety. Take him to the yard, give the ‘Come’ command and if he does not respond, press the momentous or continuous static shock until he responds then release. At this point, you should praise him for being obedient.

Step 3: Re-do

Do the training from scratch again while you are still in the yard and then take him to a place with more interruptions, like a park, and issue the ‘Come’ command. If he disobeys, press the button until he obeys you and then treat him for the achievement.

NOTE: Some pooches will run when stimulated with static shock. It is your duty as the trainer to teach him to obey your command instead of escaping.


Do dog trainers recommend shock collars?

Yes, dog trainers do recommend shock collars. However, they insist on this collar to be the last resort after you have tried everything else, including tone and vibration modes unsuccessfully. Before settling on using a shock collar on your furry friend, you should first seek help from a pro trainer or vet.

Is training a dog with a shock collar bad?

No, training a dog with a shock collar is not bad and they are not a new thing in dog this field. If you are using a certified dog shock collar to train your canine pal, the shock delivered is safe. It is only meant to get his attention and correct unwanted behaviors your pooch has. No permanent physical harm is caused.


Dog shock collars are handy gadgets when it comes to pet containment especially keeping them within the yard of your home. And while there are many options to choose from in the market, prioritize features such as intensity, range, stimulation modes, and waterproofness.

Although static shock helps control dog behavior and reinforce trained commands, you should try to keep the process as humane as possible. In fact, you should use it as the last resort during training or when your dog seems to be in an extremely life-threatening situation.

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