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If you’re a dog owner, then you know that picking the right collar is essential to keeping your furry friend safe. But what do you do if your dog’s neck is too big for the average-sized collar? A dog collar extender could be the perfect solution! This blog will review different types of dog collar extenders and help you decide if one is right for your pup.

What is a dog collar extender?

A dog collar extender is a strap or chain that attaches to an existing collar. It forms an extension to the strap, making it longer and allowing your pup to wear a comfortable size.

What are the different kinds of dog collar extenders?

There are several kinds of dog collar extenders:

  • Metal chain – this type comes in many colors. It’s usually made of nickle-plated steel or brass.
  • Nylon webbing – this type is available in several different widths, colors, and patterns. It tends to be narrower than the metal chain.
  • Leather strap – this kind looks like a belt for your pup’s collar! Some are plain while others are decorated with stitching.

How do I know which collar extender is right for my pup?

The best way to determine which type of dog collar extender is right for your pooch, consider these factors:       

  • Size – the extension needs to be able to fit on your pup’s current collar. The two should fit together without any extra space.       
  • Appearance – style is a very important factor when choosing your dog’s accessories. If you’re not comfortable with the appearance of the extender, then it might be best to choose another option. Make sure that you love how your pup looks in their new accessory!

How do I know if my dog needs a collar extender?

There are a few signs that indicate your dog might need a collar extender:

  • The collar is already very snug on their neck
  • You have to adjust the collar multiple times throughout the day
  • When you fasten the collar, there’s still some slack left in the strap. The pup can reach their back feet with both front and back paws on the ground
  • The collar is too loose and your pup loses it frequently
  • The collar hangs loosely around their neck. The dog might chew on this piece of fabric, causing a choking hazard

What size should I get for my pup’s new extension?

  • A good rule of thumb is to add 1-2 inches to your pooch’s actual neck size. For example, if your pup’s neck measures 11″, then you should get a 12-14″ extender.

Does my dog need to wear their collar extension all the time?

  • This will depend on your personal preference and how much slack is in their current leash (if they’re used to it). If there’s not much slack, then your pup might need to wear their extension at all times. Or you can choose to buy a collar extender for special occasions (such as walks or trips).

Does my dog’s current collar fit correctly?

  • If your current collar is too large for your pup, then it could be the reason they’re constantly losing it or it could be your reason for needing to purchase a collar extender. Get your pooch fitted with a smaller collar and try one of the options we mentioned above!

For dogs with big necks

Some dogs are born with large, wide necks that never slim down. This can make it difficult to find a collar that fits properly without slipping off or putting uncomfortable pressure on your dog’s neck. A quick fix is getting a dog collar extender to widen the collar by an extra inch or two, depending on the size of your pup.

Big dogs should wear a dog collar extender

A growing number of large breeds are being diagnosed with tracheal collapse – a serious health problem that causes breathing difficulties. A dog collar extender will help if your dog’s current collar is never quite tight enough to keep their trachea from collapsing and causing airway problems.

What are other uses for a dog collar extender?

Besides helping dogs with tracheal collapse, there are several other reasons why your dog might need to wear a collar extender:

  • You have multiple dogs and don’t want to buy 7 collars in different sizes
  • Your pup needs hospitalization but cannot fit into an available collar
  • Your pooch is recovering from surgery and needs to keep their bandages or stitches covered
  • You want an extra layer of protection for your pup during walks (to prevent them from getting snagged on something)
  • The collar is too large for your pup’s neck, but you’d rather not buy a new one right away

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