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If you own a Dachshund or one of your family members does, or even somebody in your neighborhood, you can attest that these dog breeds can be notorious barkers. Also known as Doxies, among other nicknames, Dachshunds are susceptible to barking.

Initially bred as hunting dogs, it is a normal thing for hounds to bark. But these dogs are now widely used as home pets which makes their barking intolerable. And if you cannot control your Dachshund from barking needlessly, you can be sued for Nuisance in Small Claims Court here in the US.

But no one wants that, right? Not even your neighbor unless you two got some bad blood. And you, YES YOU, before you sue your fellow citizen over a noisy pooch, don’t you think it is worth to try and negotiate with the Dachshund’s owner? I know some neighbors may be a pain in the butt, but please make an effort.

So, is your Dachshund barking relentlessly and you do not understand why? Let us review this unbearable temperament before you are called for a hearing. Hehe!

Bark at Everything/Everywhere/at Nothing

Your Dachshund can bark at everything, everything, or at nothing at all. Regardless of the reason, sometimes our canine buddies can bark such that you cannot hear yourself whispering. This level of nuisance must be controlled.

But before we talk about how to stop this unacceptable bad behavior, let us understand each of the scenarios mentioned above.

  • Bark at Everything

Dachshunds are known to be protective over their family members and their territories and can defend these two things with their lives. So, you do expect a chase after this barking and it can be bad, especially if your friends are coming over for the weekend or the mailman 

  • Bark Everywhere

If your Dachshund is barking everywhere, such an incessant barking is habitual as a result of repressed energy or boredom. As such, you should make sure that your Doxie gets enough daily physical exercises.

Also, avoid taking him to the same places every now and then. Change the sceneries.

  • Bark at Nothing

A Dachshund barking is a clear indication of boredom and not getting enough playing tools. This unnecessary barking can also result from abandonment or separation anxiety where they are left alone with nothing to do for long periods.

The dog barks to attract your attention.

What Science Says About Barking

According to Science, dogs are not the only animals that bark, it just that they are prominent barkers. Other animals that bark includes deer, birds, and monkeys. The main difference with canines is a subject of interest.

Barking is not a special communication technique between canines and humans, research states. Science perceives barking as an auditory signal connected to a progressive behavior known as mobbing. It is a collaborative anti-predator reaction usually instigated by an individual who detects an oncoming trespasser.

This argument is based on the time when first dogs began dawdle around human food garbage dumps, about 8,000 to 10,000 years back. Canines self-selected the behavior of hanging around and feeding on human dumps rather than running out of fear. In that state where they cannot run away from an approaching intruder or attack them, the conflicting feeling is what makes them bark.

Click here for in-depth research.

Dachshunds Barking Sounds

Play the video below to listen to Dachshunds barking sounds.

Dachshunds Barking at Night

It is only natural for your Dachshund to bark at night. And while there is nothing we can do about it, we can only train them but it does not guarantee they will not repeat that. When your Dachshund barks at night, it is an indication that it has spotted or heard a person in the yard. It is also possible that it has picked up your neighbor’s dog barking.

Dachshunds Barking at Other Dogs

Barking at other dogs can mean that your Dachshund is frenzied to see them and wish to say hello. Another reason could be guarding their family or terrains, or they simply dislike them.

Dachshunds Barking at Strangers

If your Dachshund barks at strangers, he might be feeling threatened or simply protecting you from unknown people. It is recommended that you train them about socialization from the pup stage.

How to calm them down

Dachshunds are smart which means they pick up commands easily. To calm them down, you need to train them in a controlled environment without distractions so can pay attention. You can then teach him the ‘Quiet’ order using reward-based training. Only give a treat when he calms down and teach the command repetitively when he barks until he picks it completely.

By now, your Dachshund has learned the command and can even be calmed down even when there is a threat. Easy like Sunday morning, right?

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