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A Bulldog Dalmatian mix refers to a hybrid between the Bulldog and the charming Dalmatian. This results in a charming, devoted, and loving offspring that is liked for its spotted coat and adorable appearance.

Whether this mix is created using the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, or the French Bulldog variety, its sweet personalities make it a great companion. This mixed breed will mostly have moderate energy levels and is very courageous. Depending on the traits the Dalmatian Bulldog cross inherits most, you can expect it to be very protective. However, the mix is never aggressive and will be eager to make new friends despite being wary of strangers.

The short, smooth coat of this designer dog is easy to maintain and comes in a range of attractive colors. These wonderful companions behave extremely well around children, and they will make their families smile and laugh in an attempt to seek your attention. You will also love how the Dalmatian Bulldog mix gets along with other dogs and pets in the household.

What we have said so far describes the alluring traits of a mixed breed that anyone would want to take home. But is the Bulldog Dalmatian mix the right hybrid for you?

In this article, we have gathered all the info you need to know about the Dalmatian Bulldog mix. From personality to appearance, how to care for the mix, and health issues among others, you will find this article very useful.

Quick Information on the Bulldog Dalmatian mix

Other namesBullmatian, Bullmation, French Bullmatian
Coat typeShort fine & straight
Coat colorsWhite with spots of varying colors
Breed typeCrossbreed
Breed GroupCompanion dog
Weight41 to 100 lbs. on average
Size11 to 24 inches on average
Lifespan8 to 14 depending on the type of bulldog
TemperamentGood-natured, friendly, loyal & affectionate
Good with KidsYes
Puppy price$300 to $1,000
A table showing quick information about the Bulldog mix with Dalmatian

Continue reading to learn more about this mixed breed.

What is a Bulldog Dalmatian mix called?

When developing mixed breeds, dog designers come up with a unique name that identifies a specific hybrid. Instead of searching for a strange term, breeders will blend both names of the parents. When it comes to Bulldog mixes, for instance, you will see the term “bull” either at the beginning of the name or at the end.

A cross between the Bulldog and Dalmatian is commonly known as the Bullmatian. Others will call it a Bullmation or a French Bullmatian if the bulldog parent is a Frenchie.

Due to its status as a designer dog, the Bullmatian is not eligible for the AKC (American Kennel Club) Purebred Registration like their parents. However, these hybrids and mixed breeds can be enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program to participate in AKC sports and activities. In fact, they have proven to be very capable.

A Bullmatian lying in the field
A Bullmatian lying in the field

Why mix with Dalmatian?

Without a doubt, the Dalmatian is among the most unique, attention-grabbing, and striking dog breeds globally. In addition to its sweet temperament, this dog breed is famous for its spotted coats. But did you know that Dalmatians are born without a single spot on their body? Yes, the pure white coat develops its unique brown or black-colored spots after 3 to 4 months.

Bred as a hunting and working dog breed, the Dalmatian is outgoing, smart, friendly, playful, and active, but sensitive. These dogs are natural entertainers. According to the AKC, Dalmatians have a retentive memory that they will use to delight their owners by being amusing. No wonder they were used in circus to entertain people.

Like most hybrids crossed with a Dalmatian, the Bulldog Dalmatian mix inherits the cute spots. In addition, these Dalmatian mixes are loyal, friendly, and very affectionate which are the traits of a good companion or family dog.

How do I know it is a Dalmatian mix?

Identifying a dog crossbreed or a hybrid can be hard, especially if you do not know what to distinguish them. But if you understand the characteristics of each, it only gets easier.

To know if your dog is mixed with a Dalmatian, look at the markings on your dog’s coat. This dog breed has round reddish-brown or black spots that are distributed across their entire body. As such, most mixes will inherit the same type of patterns that are not large in size. Expect the mix to have white color variations.

Bullmatian Puppies

Most Bullmatian puppies tend to take after their Bulldog parent’s characteristics with the spotted coat of the Dalmatian parent. Bulldog Dalmatian mix pups are smart, outgoing, and mostly friendly although they can be very stubborn sometimes like both parents. For this reason, early training is recommended for this mixed breed.

While it is hard to tell what they will look like at this age, they are active and playful and willing to please their owners. Colors will vary significantly depending on the bulldog parent, but white, brindle, fawn, and red with white markings are the most common.

According to, an organization with a network that locates pups throughout the US, you should expect to spend anywhere between $300 and $1,000. The site brags to only partner with certified and responsible breeders of the Bullmatian which makes them credible and reliable.

A cute Bullmatian puppy
A cute Bullmatian puppy
A beautiful French Bullmatian
A beautiful French Bullmatian

Bullmatian Full Grown

When fully grown a Bullmatian will stand anywhere between 11 and 24 inches tall at the withers and weigh between 41 and 61 lbs. Sometimes the size of a Bullmatian will be determined by the Bulldog parent. Overall, the Bullmatian is very friendly and affectionate, good with kids and other dogs but wary of strangers.

These medium-sized pooches are delightful, social, and friendly, but can inherit a stubborn streak from both parents. For this reason, the Bulldog mixed with Dalmatian is best suited for people with experience in dog ownership because they can be rather difficult to train. Most of these hybrids have high energy levels and are very active. So, they will thrive best in a home with a yard and in a family that meets their exercise levels.

History of the Breed

The true origin of the Bulldog Dalmatian mix is unidentified. According to VCA Hospitals, most mixed breeds have unknown parentage. What this means is that there are no valid records about their ancestors or how many different breeds are used to create them. That is why we assume that most of them first existed as a result of accidental breeding.

Designer breeds, like the Bullmatian, on the other hand, are intentionally bred by combining the best characteristics of both worlds. The advantage of creating a designer dog like the Bullmatian is that it helps avoid undesirable recessive traits. With careful and responsible breeding, breeders are also able to create a dog that is healthier than its parents. For these crossbreeds to be listed in the kennel club to be “a breed”, the Bullmatian must have been bred from F2 generation crosses resulting in a multi-generational cross or F3 Gen. This is the kind of practice that is only possible with unscrupulous dog breeders, something that the creator of designer dogs says is unfortunate.

That being said, designer dogs have been around for the last 2 to 3 decades and that is all we are sure of. To know more about the Bulldog Dalmatian cross, let us take a look at their parents.


Table of comparison between Bulldogs and Dalmatian

Height19 to 24 inches12 to 24 inches
Weight33 to 71 lbs.16 to 130 lbs.
TemperamentOutgoing, energetic, playful, friendly, intelligent, sensitive & activeAffectionate, patient, calm, & willful
EnergyHighModerate to High
Lifespan10 to 13 years8 to 13 years
Puppy Prices$500 to $2,000$1,200 to $4,500

The Bulldog – The Bulldog hails from Europe, specifically England, and was bred with a strong build to be fierce and courageous. This personality is what made it fit for sports like bullbaiting and dogfighting where people would bet until the sport was banned for animal cruelty. Bulldogs almost became extinct after this but thanks to their fans, it was developed into the calmer, non-aggressive, and loving dog we know today. While the breed retains the fearlessness it had in the arena, it is more social and loyal and gets along with kids making it an incredible family dog.

A Bulldog
A Bulldog

The American Kennel Club accepted the Bulldog as a dog breed in 1886. From this descendant are three varieties of bulldogs, including the English bulldog and the French bulldog, both of which are recognized by the AKC as a dog breed. The other variety, the American bulldog, however, is yet to be accepted as a dog breed by this kennel club. The American and French bulldogs have a higher dog IQ making them smarter than the English bulldog and their ancestors as well.

On average, these medium-sized dogs live between 8 and 13 years. However, they are disposed to many health issues that can reduce their lifespan. Common health problems in Bulldogs are hip dysplasia, cherry eye, obesity, overheating, thyroid problems, skin problems, and more. This article gives more info on how to care for your bulldog.

The Dalmatian – Bred as a hunting dog, the Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog breed that is famous for its white coat with brown or black markings. During its early years, the breed was also used as a carriage dog. It is said to have originated from Europe, modern-day Croatia, to be specific. One thing about the Dalmatian that makes it special is that it is the only dog breed that was bred for coaching.

The Dalmatian
The Dalmatian

This dog of the Non-Sporting group was recognized by the AKC in 1888 and is good-natured in addition to having a cute appearance. Dalmatians are very energetic and playful dogs and are known to be very loyal to their families and good with children. That is what makes them great companions and family pets. The Dalmatian has a high dog IQ that ranks it as an above-average smart dog and if well trained, they can make excellent watchdogs. If poorly bred, however, these fur babies may have intense temperament weaknesses.

The Dalmatian has a lifespan of 10 to 13 years on average. Unlike the Bulldog, however, this dog breed is healthier. Major health issues in Dalmatians include deafness, DCM, and urinary stones as well as minor problems like hypothyroidism, allergies, seizures, and iris sphincter dysplasia.


Telling what your Bulldog Dalmatian mix will look like is tricky until it is fully grown. These pups can look like either parent or be a unique blend of both. After all, even pups from the same litter may look and behave very differently. So, it all comes to the traits that dominate most. That being said, however, you can expect this mixed breed to have spots like those of the Dalmatian parent.

So, what does the Bulldog Dalmatian mix look like? How big does a Bullmatian get?

A Bullmatian
A Bullmatian

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

Both the Dalmatian and English Bulldog are medium-sized dogs, and their offspring tend to be that big as well. The Dalmatian English Bulldog mix, therefore, is 11 to 24 inches tall at the shoulders with a weight of between 41 and 65 lbs.

This cross has a strong and muscular physique like that of the English Bulldog parent plus the spotted coat of the Dalmatian parent. Expect their ears to be floppy. This mixed breed comes in a short and straight coat that sheds low to moderate. Unlike the Dalmatian parent, the spots of the Bullmation often come in colors such as brown, black, fawn, brindle, orange, and red.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

As with its cousin above, the American Bulldog Dalmatian mix will retain the physique of the bulldog parent that is athletic with the spotted coat of the Dalmatian parent. This cross will be medium in size so, it has a height of between 16 and 21 inches tall at the shoulders. This is because the American Bulldog is larger than the others. Expect the mix to weigh around 47 to 100 lbs.

Like both parents, this Bullmatian has a short fur that sheds moderately with ears that tend to hang downwards like the Dalmatian parents. The coat of this hybrid is spotted and patchy with a variety of colors such as white, brindle, fawn, red, and brown. Liver, orange, and lemon are also possible colors. The markings will not only be black in color but can take after these colors as well.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

On average, the French Bullmatian may stand up to 14 inches in height at the shoulders and weigh 41 to 65 lbs. In terms of appearance, this mixed breed can have the head of the French Bulldog parent that is blocky with wrinkles. Other pups will have a head that looks like that of the Dalmatian parent.

This cross sports a single, less-dense coat that is short that comes in a variety of pretty colors and markings. Mostly, these small dogs have a white coat that has many black patches. Expect to see a white coat with dark, brown, orange, fawn, brindle, and red spots. These pups are nothing but beauty!

A Bullmatian puppy
A Bullmatian puppy

Temperament and Characteristics

Just like the appearance, you can’t be sure of the kind of personality of your Bulldog Dalmatian mix will have. There are 3 varieties of Bulldogs, each with a distinct temperament. On the one hand, the French and American Bulldogs are active, smart, and energetic. The English Bulldog, on the other hand, is relatively intelligent, calm, and lazy English Bulldog. Dalmatians are active, and smart with relatively high energy levels.

So, what kind of temperament will the Bulldog Dalmatian mix have?

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The English Bulldog Dalmatian mix takes after the best traits of both parents. Therefore, the Bullmatian will be a social pooch with high energy levels. This hybrid is so loving that it wants to follow you around the house. Expect this mix to cuddle and play with you and members of the family, or even your friends.

Due to the curious nature of the Bulldog parent, the Bullmatian tends to be wary of strangers and can inherit the protective traits of the Dalmatian. As such, they can make great watchdogs with proper training. Thanks to the laid-back nature of the English Bulldog parent, the activity levels of the Dalmatian parent are balanced. That, plus a sweet disposition, make it a good pet for most families, even those with younger children.

The Bullmatian’s personality helps him get along with other pets, but early training, discipline, and socialization are key to good interactions. Both parents of the Bullmatian tend to possess a stubborn streak which means that it is likely their offspring will inherit this trait.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

Both the American Bulldog and Dalmatian are known for being affectionate, and loving, with the zeal to please and get attention from their owners. The Bullmatian takes after these desirable qualities which is why it makes an excellent companion for the right people or families.

These Bullmatians make their families their best friends and enjoy their attention. The cross is very good with kids of all ages and will love spending time around them playing. And while the Dalmatian parents get along with strangers and other pets quite well, the Bulldog parent tends to be jealous. So, a Bullmatian will either be outgoing and friendly or protective and aggressive. To help control this American Bulldog’s adverse side, early socialization and training are crucial.

Expect this Bullmatian to be brave but gentle and playful with the desire to spend time around its owners. For this reason, this attachment means that the cross can’t be left alone for long periods.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

If you are looking for a Bullmatian with the sweetest temperament and personality, the French Bulldog Dalmatian mix is a great choice. It inherits the friendliness of both parents and extends its outgoing nature to other pets and even strangers. Well, it might be wary of unknown persons at first, but will be good to those it is familiar to.

The French Bullmatian is a loving mix that craves for its owner’s attention. These furballs are affectionate and just like their parents, they will not do well when left alone. On the flip side, the parents are known to be stubborn which is a trait the French Bullmatian will inherit. These pups want nothing but your attention. If you give them that, they will behave admirably at all times.

If you have kids, nothing about this mixed breed sets off an alarm as they are super nice with children. All you have to do is train each party how to behave in the presence of the other. The French Bulldog parent is known to be jealous so, socializing the mix early is required.

Ease of Training

The Bulldog is known for being inherently stubborn which is the opposite of what the Dalmatian is like. Whether the Dalmatian Bulldog cross is willful depends on the parent they take after most, and this will affect their training.

So, is the Bulldog Dalmatian mix easy to train?

A Bullmatian on a leash
A Bullmatian on a leash

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The English Bulldog parent is a thinker, so he will choose to obey you or follow his own mind. The Dalmatian parent, on the other hand, is eager to please and picks up commands and new tricks really quickly. Both parents are known to have a stubborn streak. So, a Bullmatian will not be the easiest cross to train and is therefore not a good choice for singles or families without dog ownership experience.

This Bullmation needs a pack leader who gives commands and uses positive verbal corrections. Training this mixed breed requires a lot of patience and consistency to get the results you expect. Be sure to keep the training sessions short, 30 minutes at most, or they will get bored and bolt or become resistant. If you find it hard to train them, involve a professional dog trainer.

As a rule of the thumb, introduce socialization early when they are puppies so you can know when it is time to seek help.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The Dalmatian and American Bulldog are both intelligent breeds and the Bullmation inherit this from them both. This means that teaching this mixed breed new tricks can be easy. Unfortunately, both parents have a willful nature. Again, this is not a mixed breed for the inexperienced owner even though the Dalmatian parent is eager to please.

It is, therefore, recommended that you begin your Bullmatian’s training early so you know when to give in and ask for help from a pro trainer. Use firm but approach techniques when training the Bullmatian to show them you are the alpha. Since this hybrid loves to play, make this part of your daily training routine. That, plus the use of treats and short sessions will make training more productive. Make sure that these training sessions are consistent each day.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The French Bullmatian is a brainy dog that can be easy to train were it not for the stubborn streak of both parents. Fortunately, the Dalmatian parent is eager to please and the Frenchie parent likes the attention of its owner. So, these are two qualities that you can take advantage of and make this crossbreed more responsive to your training.

This mix will respond better to treats and verbal praises. Throw the Bullmatian a treat for every trick or lesson they get right, and this will motivate them to become more cooperative. Bullmatians enjoy physical challenges so, include that in their everyday training schedule and you will thank us later.

Exercise Requirements

The exercise needs of all dogs are determined by their levels of activity as well as their health. If your Dalmatian Bulldog mix inherits the short muzzle of the Bulldog parent, be careful. This means that the hybrid is predisposed to breathing problems. Most of these mixes, however, rarely inherit this so it is not a common problem. However, the short coat of the Bullmatian makes it sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.

So, how much time should a Bulldog Dalmatian mix exercise? What activities are best for them?

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

If you are thinking that the English Bulldog Dalmatian mix does not have demanding exercise needs, you need to reconsider. This mix has high energy levels and will need at least 90 minutes of exercise each day to keep fit. Take this Bullmatian with you for daily walks and runs and buy it toys to play with while indoors to keep it mentally stimulated.

These Bullmatians would appreciate it if you have a fenced yard where they can play and run or play.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

As with the case above, the American Bulldog Dalmatian mix is full of energy and will need tough exercises. This Bullmation is so demanding that it needs 90 to 120 minutes of exercise daily to burn off the excess energy. It will enjoy long walks, hikes, running, and even playing in a fenced yard.

In addition to physical activities, the Bullmatian is very intelligent and will need toys and games to keep them mentally busy to prevent boredom.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

Do not let the small size of this canine fool you! The French Bullmatian is a very energetic dog with demanding exercise needs. Unlike other Frenchie mixes, the Bullmatian requires at least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise each day to burn off extra energy. From lengthy walks to jogging in a fenced yard, this crossbreed wants to be busy at all times.

The French Bullmatian is playful and intelligent so, make sure they have toys and engage them in games that stimulate them mentally.

Nutritional Requirements

An ideal Bulldog Dalmatian mix diet should meet dogs’ nutritional needs. That means that it must comprise the 6 basic nutrients including water, proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. All these vital nutrients must make up your dog’s regular diet for proper growth and optimal health.

So, how much food should you feed your Bulldog Dalmatian mix per day? According to PetMD, feeding your dog too little food leads to nutritional deficiencies while too much causes obesity. The dietary needs of your Bulldog Dalmatian mix will change slowly from their puppy stage to adulthood and senior age.

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The Dalmatian English Bulldog mix should be fed high-quality dog food that is formulated for medium-sized dogs with high energy. Mostly, the Bullmatian will eat 1½ to 2½ cups of premium kibble each day.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The American Bulldog Dalmatian mix is super active with high energy levels and should eat a diet that matches its nutritional needs. A dog feeding chart from Purina based on the size of the dog shows that this Bullmation should consume 3 1/3 to 4¼ cups of premium kibble each day.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

A French Bullmatian is full of life and active despite its size. So, 2 2/3 to 3 1/3 cups of dry kibble each day that is formulated for small dogs with high energy.

Remember that feeding your dog consistent meals in small portions is crucial to its overall health. Your Bulldog Dalmatian mix should eat an amount of food that helps it maintain its ideal weight. If you are unsure, consult with your vet to create the best feeding schedule for your dog.

See the dog feeding chart below from Purina

A dog feeding chart courtesy of Purina

You will also find this dog feeding YouTube video very helpful

Health Issues

Dalmatians and the Bulldogs are vulnerable to a range of health issues and their offspring can inherit any that is common to both but not all of them. Those with a shortened muzzle are more prone to breathing problems compared to those with a longer one. It is also worth noting that the Bulldog parent are predisposed to overheating problems. This PDF provides helpful info on how to care for your mixed breed.

So, is the Bulldog Dalmatian mix healthier than its parents?

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The cross between an English Bulldog and Dalmatian may be prone to health problems such as eye issues, patellar luxation, reverse sneezing, hip dysplasia, urolithiasis, bladder stones, and head shakes, tail & skin ailments, and pyoderma.  

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The American Bulldog mixed with Dalmatian might be susceptible to common health problems such as skin allergies, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), head shakes, and cataracts.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The French Bullmatian is prone to a range of health issues that include patellar luxation, head shakes, urolithiasis, hip dysplasia, reverse sneezing, eye problems, brachycephalic syndrome, and tail problems.

Life Expectancy

The Dalmatian lives longer than all types of Bulldogs with a life expectancy of 10 to 16 years. And while the English Bulldog lives 8 to 10 years, the French Bulldog and American Bulldog have longer lifespans at 10 to 14 and 10 to 15 years, respectively.

It is tricky to predict how long a mixed-breed dog will live. However, research has found that most mixed breeds tend to live longer than their purebred parents and with less expensive care.

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The English Bulldog Dalmatian mix has a life expectancy of between 8 and 12 years.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

On average, the American Bulldog Dalmatian mix tends to live longer than its cousin above with a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

The French Bullmatian has a lifespan of between 10 and 13 years on average.

Remember, the lifespan info we provided here for the Bulldog Dalmatian cross is calculated via finding the average of both purebred parents.


The maintenance needs of your Bulldog Dalmatian mix depend on which parent they take after most. Typically, both Bulldogs and Dalmatians have a fine, short single coat that is straight. And while the Bulldog’s coat sheds moderately, Dalmatians tend to shed considerably throughout the year and lose so much hair.

All in all, both dog breeds are not high maintenance when it comes to grooming which is a good thing.

So, what is it like to groom the Bulldog Dalmatian cross?

English Bulldog Dalmatian mix

A Dalmatian English Bulldog mix only needs to be brushed at least 3 times a week or more if they tend to shed like the Dalmatian parent. This will help you minimize the amount of hair that settles on your clothes and house. Be sure to invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

If this hybrid tends to take after the English Bulldog parent’s skin folds, they should be cleaned and dried thoroughly but gently to prevent skinfold dermatitis. It also prevents the doggie odor. Do not bathe your Bullmatian unless they get themselves very dirty during exercise or play.

Bullmatians need to have their nails clipped every 4 to 6 weeks, ears checked and cleaned often, and brush their teeth daily or thrice a week.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix

These Bullmatians should have their coats brushed 3 times a week to reduce the shedding, especially if they inherit the Dalmatian parent’s coat. Regular baths are not necessary, but you should buy a decent vacuum cleaner to pick up the dog’s hairs from your furniture and clothes.

Check their ears regularly for infections as you clean them, clip their nails every 4 to 6 weeks, and brush their teeth each day or three times a week.

French Bulldog Dalmatian mix

Like its parents, the French Bullmatian does not shed a lot and will do okay when brushed at least twice a week. They should not have regular baths. Their floppy ears, however, should be washed and dried gently to prevent infections. If they inherit their Frenchie parent’s skin folds, make sure that you wipe it gently as this keeps away the bad dog odor and prevents infections.

Clip their nails every 4 to 6 weeks and brush their teeth every day or three times a week to give them optimal dental health.

How much is a Dalmatian Bulldog mix?

On average, you should expect to spend between $300 and $1,000 on a well-bred Bullmatian puppy. This price depends on the reputation and location of the dog breeder. If the puppy is bred from pedigree parents, you should expect to pay more.

It is always good that you ask the breeder to provide all the info on the mixed breed parents and see where the breeder works. This will give you a picture of what kind of pup you are taking home.

Where to Adopt

Adopting a Dalmatian Bulldog mix is always better and cheaper than shopping, especially when you do not know where to find a responsible breeder. As such, start by asking workers from your local shelter whether this mixed breed is available.

If not available there, you can contact the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network or the Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue. If you want to adopt this mix, you are not limited to these two rescue organizations. We just provided you with a place to start.


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