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Do you love both the Labrador and the Bulldog? Then you will love the Bulldog Labrador mix, a crossbreed between a Labrador Retriever and any type of Bulldog.

This mixed breed inherits some of the most desirable characteristics from both parents resulting in an active and loyal family pooch that many people admire. It is one of the favorite crossbreeds that dog enthusiasts adore for its great temperaments. The Labrador Bulldog mix is friendly, smart, and loves spending plenty of time with their families.

These medium-to-large size dogs are good-natured making them an excellent companion for kids of all ages. Even better, Lab Bulldog mixes have an easy-going disposition that also makes it easy for them to get along with other pets in the household. Does what we have said so far define a hybrid that you would love to add to your family?

Before you commit yourself to take a Bulldog Lab mix puppy home, there are things that you need to know beyond the cute faces and charming personalities.

In this article, we have gathered everything you need to know about the Bulldog Labrador mix. From temperament to characteristics.

Quick Information on the Bulldog Lab mix

Other namesBullador, American Bullador, Frenchie Labrador
Coat typeShort, dense
Coat colorsDepends on the bulldog type
Breed typeCrossbreed
Breed GroupCompanion dog
Weight35 to 85 lbs. on average
Size16 to 25 inches on average
Lifespan9 to 16 depending on type of bulldog
TemperamentSweet-tempered, friendly, loyal & affectionate
Good with KidsYes
Puppy price$350 to $1,000

What is a Labrador Retriever and Bulldog mix called?

Designer dog creators, or breeders, have a creative way of coming up with a name for a mixed breed that will leave you charmed. In most cases, they will take both names of the parent and combine them to generate a unique name that identifies that specific crossbreed.

The cross between an English Bulldog and a Labrador Retriever is commonly known as the Bullador, while

A Labrador Retriever mixed with American Bulldog is called an American Bullador, and the

French Bulldog Lab mix is called a Frenchie Labrador.

The Bulldog Lab mix is not recognized by the American Kennel Club as a breed since it is a designer dog, unlike its purebred parents. However, they are accepted by registries such as the IDCR, DRA, and ACHC.

Why mix with Labrador Retriever?

The Labrador Retriever or Lab is cherished because of its desirable qualities such as intelligence and obedience as well as its eagerness to please. Breeders choose to mix other dog breeds with the Lab due to its stable temperament, friendliness, and cute coats with stunning colors. Their mixes tend to inherit these enviable traits and looks making them adorable companions.

Labradors are fairly easy to train and are versatile dogs that excel in a range of dog sports such as agility and rally. With the right training, Labs make an excellent guide, rescue, or assistance dog, as well as therapy dogs. Dog breeds that are crossed with Labradors are loyal and affectionate and do well with kids and other dogs too.

Bulldog Lab mix Puppy

Labrador Bulldog mix puppies are energetic, healthy, and very sociable which will make them a great addition to any family. And while they are easy to train, the Bulldog parent’s stubborn side may make it a bit harder, especially if you wait until they are fully grown. Thanks to the Lab parent’s eagerness to please, training can be easy. To nurture them into a pooch that you desire, however, it is best to begin training from an early age when they are controllable.

Beautiful bulldog lab puppies in different colors
Beautiful bulldog lab puppies in different colors

Bullador puppies come in exciting coats and colors that are appealing to the eyes of many. You can expect some pups to have solid colors while others have more than one color. Color odds will depend on the parents. They are loyal, outgoing, and affectionate with their family and will get along with children and other pets in the household. Grooming them is easy since both parents do not have demanding caring demands. To some degree, however, it will depend on which parent dominates the pup most.

If you are considering a Bullador, expect to spend anywhere between $600 and $1,000, or you can opt to adopt. We shall discuss this comprehensively at the end of this review.

A cute black & white 8-week-old American Bulldog Lab mix
A cute black & white 8-week-old American Bulldog Lab mix

Full Grown Lab Bulldog mix

When fully grown, a Bulldog Lab mix will often be bi-colored or tri-colored. Possible coat colors include tan & white, black & white, brown, white, or tan. Although the Labrador parent tends to be outgoing even with strangers, Bulldogs are a bit territorial and cautious. So, they can make good watchdogs if well-trained.

A full-grown Frenchie Bullador will stand 16 to 18 inches tall while an American Bullador has a height of 17 to 20 inches at the shoulders. The English Bulldog Lab mix seems to be the biggest of all as it stands approx. 20 to 25 inches tall at the withers. The weights also differ considerably. We shall discuss this profoundly in the appearance section of each.

White American Bulldog Lab mix

A white American Bulldog Lab mix is rare to find because this Bullador rarely comes in solid colors. This is mainly due to the American Bulldog parent genes because the Labrador Retriever parent mostly comes in solid colors.

American Bulldog Lab mix
American Bulldog Lab mix

As such, you should expect to pay more for a white American Bullador than you would with any other color due to the rarity. A crossbreed that is white in color will be one of a kind in a litter given a large number comes in different patterns or markings.

Check out the images below of an American bulldog lab mix brindle

A cute brindle American bulldog Lab mix outdoors
A cute brindle American bulldog Lab mix outdoors

Black Lab Bulldog mix

Black is one of the solid colors that Labrador Retrievers come in plus chocolate and yellow but is not as common in Bulldogs, especially the American bulldog type. Therefore, this mixed breed will mostly be a result of crossing an English Bulldog with a Labrador. If you are looking for a black Lab Bulldog mix, make sure the bulldog parent is not the American variety.

Check out the pictures below of the rare black Lab Bulldog mix:

A black Lab Bulldog mix
A black Lab Bulldog mix

History of the Breed

Although not much is known about the history of the Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix, both parents are popular dog breeds. No one knows when this mixed breed was first bred or where. Most mixed breeds, however, are a result of unintentional breeding. What we are sure of is that breeders started breeding two purebreds to create designer dogs in the last 20 to 30 years. It is probable that this practice originated somewhere in North America.

Normally, dog designers are thought to have developed mixed breeds to minimize the health risks found in purebreds. This makes most hybrids healthier that their parents. Besides, breeders needed a dog that mixes some of the best traits from both parents to create a better family dog. Thanks to their success, crossbreeds have grown in popularity, and they continue to invent new mixes, like this between a Labrador Retriever and a Bulldog.

To learn more about the Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix, let us take a brief look at their parents.


The Bulldog – The Bulldog came from England and was bred with a strong build to be fierce and courageous. This personality is what made it fit for sports like bullbaiting and dogfighting where people would bet until the sport was banned for animal cruelty. Bulldogs almost became extinct after this but thanks to their fans, it was developed into the calmer, non-aggressive, and loving dog we know today. While the breed retains the fearlessness it had in the arena, it is more social and loyal and gets along with kids making it an incredible family dog.


The American Kennel Club accepted the Bulldog as a dog breed in 1886. From this descendant are three varieties of bulldogs, including the English bulldog and the French bulldog which are recognized by the AKC as a dog breed, and the American bulldog. The latter, however, is yet to be documented as a dog breed by this kennel club. In terms of dog IQ, American and French bulldogs are smarter than the English bulldog and their ancestors as well.

On average, Bulldogs live between 8 and 13 years, but they are prone to many health issues that can reduce this life expectancy. Common health problems include hip dysplasia, cherry eye, obesity, overheating, thyroid problems, skin problems, and more. This article gives more info on how to care for your bulldog.

Table of comparison between Bulldogs and Labs

CharacteristicsLabrador RetrieverBulldog
Height22 to 24 inches12 to 24 inches
Weight55 to 71 lbs.16 to 130 lbs.
TemperamentEven-tempered, smart, friendly, gentle & loyalAffectionate, patient, cal, & willful
EnergyHighModerate to High
Lifespan10 to 12 years8 to 13 years
Puppy Prices$400 to $1,500$1,200 to $4.500

The Labrador RetrieverLabs is a Canadian dog breed that has its origins in Newfoundland with a history that dates back to the 1500s. The breed was created by crossing St. John’s water dogs with British hunting dogs. Developed as a working dog breed, Labrador Retrievers are great swimmers to date. It is among the most popular companion dogs in the US since the 1970s. You will also find them in most places globally.

A Chocolate, Yellow & Black Labrador Retriever sitting
A Chocolate, Yellow & Black Labrador Retriever sitting

When it comes to dog IQ, Labrador Retrievers are ranked among the top 10 smartest dogs known to man. These dogs are loyal, friendly, outgoing, and obedient and are good with kids and other pets too. They are well-behaved dogs. Thanks to their eagerness to please and intelligence, they are fairly easy to train, making them a great choice even for first-time dog owners. Known as America’s Best Friend, the Labrador Retriever was recognized by the AKC in 1917.

Classified as a medium-large dog breed, a full-grown Labrador Retriever stands between 21.3 and 22.4 inches tall at the withers. Labs have a typical life expectancy of 10 to 12 years and suffer from common health problems such as canine hip & elbow dysplasia, bloat, and obesity. Other health issues include ear infections, progressive retinal atrophy, and heart disease.


It is deceitful to tell what your Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix will look like until it is fully grown. It is likely for these pups to look like either parents or be a unique combination of both. Even with puppies from the same litter, you expect a lot of differences in appearance.

So, what does the Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix look like? How will a Bulldog Lab mix get?

English Bulldog Labrador mix

The English Bulldog is a medium-sized pooch while the Labrador Retriever is considered a medium-large dog. As such, their cross will fall within this range. Expect this Bullador to stand anywhere between 20 and 25 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh 50 to 80 lbs. on average.

Bulladors take after their Bulldog parent with a muscular and a sturdy physique as well as a large head. Expect this mixed breed to have a loose-jowled face too. This can vary greatly from one pup of the same litter to another. The English Bulldog Lab mix comes in a short, dense coat that will be either close to the skin like that of the bulldog parent or thicker like the Labrador parent.

When it comes to the coat colors, the bulldog parent comes in a range of colors unlike the Lab parent with three solid colors. Their offspring, therefore, may have more color and pattern possibilities. Expect this mix to have coat colors with light to dark brown shades as well as black or white. Possible markings in English Bulldog Lab mixes include brindle or brindle with white. Piebald is also a possible color with brown or black with white being the most common.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

Expect the American Bullador to be a medium-to-large pooch. When it comes to the size, it will depend on whether the cross is created using the Scott or Johnson type of American Bulldog. And while most of these Bulladors can be short, expect them to be up to 25 inches in height at the shoulders. In terms of weight, they should e somewhere between 55 and 85 lbs.

Generally, an American Bullador comes with a short coat that is either thick like the Lab parent or close to the skin like the bulldog parent. The most common coat colors for this mixed breed are brown, black, tan, red, or yellow. It also has a range of pattern possibilities that often include a white color combined with the solid colors mentioned above.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

A French Bulldog Lab mix often resembles a small Labrador Retriever with the Frenchie facial features. This mixed breed is medium-sized and stands 16 to 18 inches tall at the withers when fully grown with a weight of between 35 and 50 lbs.

Expect this cross to have a sturdy athletic build like that of the Labrador parent with ears that are either semi-pricked (Lab’s) or bat-like (Frenchie’s). Frenchie Labradors often have dark, large eyes that show friendliness with a short muzzle like that of the Frenchie parent.

This mixed breed has a short, dense coat that is smooth and comes in a range of solid colors such as fawn, black, chocolate, cream, white, yellow, and black. In addition, ticked and brindle patterns are also possible colors for the French Bulldog Lab mix.

An American bulldog Lab mix
An American bulldog Lab mix

Temperament and Characteristics

As with the appearance, you can’t say for sure what kind of disposition of your Bulldog Lab mix will have. Bulldogs come in three varieties, each with distinct personalities and this means a lot of differences in the hybrid.

The English Bulldog, for instance, has a more laid-back or last personality while the French bulldog and American Bulldogs are known to be active. The Labrador Retriever parent, on the other hand, is more outgoing and very active since it was bred for work.

So, what kind of temperament will the Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix have?

English Bulldog Labrador mix

Both parents of the English Bulldog Lab mix are friendly and affectionate which explains why the Bullador is famous for an excellent temperament. Owners of this mixed breed describe their dogs as loving, devoted, and always eager to please. Expect this mix to be either calm as the bulldog parent, sociable as the Lab parent, or a blend of both temperaments.

The Bullador is people-oriented and loves spending quality time with its family and can make a good watchdog if it takes after the Bulldog parent’s courage. And while the bulldog parent gets along with other pooches quite well, the Bullador tends to be aloof towards alien dogs. The mix is, however, very loyal to its family. Unfortunately, this affection towards its family leaves them vulnerable to separation anxiety that could lead to the development of undesirable behaviors.

That being said, this mixed breed makes an excellent family pooch or companion if socialized early. Expect an English Bulldog Lab mix to inherit a stubborn streak from the bulldog parent but this can be controlled with early training.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

Typically, the American Bullador is friendly with people, even strangers. While they can be too friendly, do not let this fool you as they can be a little overprotective of their family. This mixed breed is brave and loyal and its ability to be a great watchdog depends on an individual pup. They also are very good with children of all ages.

While the American Bullador is smart, it tends to be incredibly stubborn especially if it inherits most from the American bulldog parent. If the Bullador takes after the Labrador Retriever parent most, it will not be stubborn at all. However, this cross is affectionate and will tend to be playful even as adults as it was in puppyhood. Their high energy levels and activeness means they are best suited for active families.

Early training and socialization are recommended for the American Bulldog Lab mix to teach them how to behave around people. They are able to understand that every stranger is not a threat to them or their family. Bulladors can be territorial and when you add the American Bulldog’s tendency to chase smaller pets, training and early socialization is mandatory from puppyhood.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

Naturally, Frenchie Labradors are cheerful and eager to greet everybody they meet. This mixed breed is affectionate and unlike its cousins above gets along with other dogs and strangers. While this cross is not needy, it is very loyal to its owners and will do anything to get your attention. If you are looking for a mixed breed that will entertain you at home, the Frenchie Lab is a great choice.

This cross between a Frenchie and a Lab is very playful and will love snuggling with its owners on the couch as they watch their favorite show or movie. While this mix loves being around their family, they are not susceptible to separation anxiety as most mixes are. However, they can get really naughty when bored and engage in destructive behaviors.

As with most dogs, the French Bulldog Lab mix needs early socialization so they can learn how to behave around people. They are suitable for any kind of living as long as you give them attention and tend to their exercise needs.

A chocolate French Bulldog Labrador mix
A chocolate French Bulldog Labrador mix

Ease of Training

Is the Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix easy to train?

English Bulldog Labrador mix

Thanks to the smartness and the eager-to-please personality of the Labrador Retriever parent, this mix is relatively easy to train new commands and tricks. However, you should be ready to deal with the stubborn streak of the bulldog parent if your pup inherits it. For this reason, we do not recommend this mixed breed for first-time dog owners.

Early training, from puppyhood, is important for the Bullador to help curb unwanted behaviors and deal with the willful nature. The mix will respond well to positive reinforcement techniques with a lot of patience and consistency. As a rule of the thumb, keep training sessions for this cross short and exciting to prevent boredom that could lead to resistance.

The English Bulldog Labrador mix should be taken to the dog park often to interact with other dogs. This helps build confidence and how they get along with other pooches.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

Both the American Bulldog and the Labrador Retriever are intelligent dogs. Therefore, teaching their offspring new tricks is very easy as they will grasp what you expect them to do pretty fast. On the flip side, they tend to have a certain degree of stubbornness. However, it is also possible for this mix not to be stubborn at all, especially if it takes after its Labrador parent traits most.

Like their Bullador cousins, American Bulladors will be more receptive if there is something in for them, like food. Again, this hybrid is not the best choice for novice dog owners. Start training them with simple commands early and build a strong bond as it will make them listen to you.

Due to the likely willful nature of this mixed breed, it is possible that they will get bored easily. So, avoid lengthy training sessions and keep them entertained with activities like play. Bulladors need early socialization to help them get along with people and other pets better. As such, consider taking them out and walking them to the dog parks.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

Since both the Frenchie parent and Labrador Retriever parent are intelligent dog breeds, it would be acceptable to say that the same is expected for their offspring. Unfortunately, the Frenchie Labrador can be stubborn at times which means they may make training them a challenge. For this reason, it is best to start training them when they are young. They will learn new tricks and commands fast.

The Frenchie Labrador loves to play which means they will like training better if you include games. For best results, use treats and praises for everything they do right. This will make the mix more responsive to your training than when you criticize them. And since the Frenchie parent is hard to housetrain, introduce crate and potty training early.

In addition to proper training, take your French Bulldog Labrador mix for walks to the dog park to meet new dogs. This will improve how they get along with other dogs.

A beautiful Bulldog Lab mix standing in the field
A beautiful Bulldog Lab mix standing in the field

Exercise Requirements

The exercise needs of any dog will depend on the activity levels it has. With the Labrador Retriever Bulldog cross, however, the type of muzzle they inherit determines how much exercise they get. This is especially because bulldogs are prone to breathing problems which restrict the amount of exercise. Bulldogs are also susceptible to overheating.

So, how much time should a Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix exercise? What activities are best for each?

English Bulldog Labrador mix

The English Bulldog parent is calm and laid-back while the Labrador Retriever parent is active. Their mix tends to be more active than the bulldog parent and has high energy levels. As such, a Bullador will need at least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise each day to burn off this excess energy. Take him for short quick walks and include hikes if they take after the Lab parent more.

This mixed breed is prone to weight gain and giving them ample exercise can help prevent obesity which can be a life-threatening health issue for dogs.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

Both parents of the American Labrador are active dogs with high endurance and the same should be expected of their mix. This is the type of dog that will enjoy a good jogging moment as well as strenuous walks and hikes. On average, these dogs need 60 to 120 minutes of exercise per day with additional activities such as playtime.

These high energy levels mean that this crossbreed is best suited for individuals or families with a fenced yard where they can play. Since the American Bulldog Lab mix is intelligent, providing it with toys and playing mind-stimulating games will be beneficial for them. It also reduces the likelihood of developing destructive behaviors from boredom.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

Frenchie Labradors are energetic and active, but their exercise needs will depend on which parent they take after most. Hybrids that inherit the Frenchie parent’s muzzle need little exercise compared to those that take after the Labrador Retriever parent.

If the Frenchie Labrador is more like the Lab parent, they require 45 to 60 minutes of exercise each day, while those who resemble the Frenchie parent need 30 to 45 minutes. These pups love to play and are smart so, include mind-stimulating games and toys.

A cute white and black English Bulldog Lab mix sitting
A cute white and black English Bulldog Lab mix sitting

Nutritional Requirements

The Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix’s dietary needs are determined by factors like age, energy levels, and weight, among others. In addition, any health issues they may have will dictate the type of diet they must eat to keep fit.

English Bulldog Labrador mix

The most ideal diet for an English Bulldog Lab mix is the one crafted for active dogs that are medium to large in size. This dog food should be made using high-quality ingredients. On average, a Bullador should consume 3 to 4 cups of dry kibble every day. And since these furballs love to eat and tend to gain weight, split this food into 2 or 3 meals to prevent overeating.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

An American Labrador should be fed a diet that is formulated for medium-to-large dogs with high energy levels made from premium ingredients and well-balanced. Like their cousins above, these dogs are susceptible to being overweight which is a high health risk. So, they should not be allowed to feed freely.

This mixed breed should eat 3 to 4 cups of high-quality kibble each day divided into small portions, like 2 or 3 meals.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

To be in optimal health, a Frenchie Labrador needs to eat a healthy and nutritious diet that is designed for medium-sized pooches. These dogs are heavy eaters and overfeeding them can lead to obesity which is a life-threatening health risk. The Frenchie Lab should be fed 3 cups of high-quality kibble every day, on average, split into 2 or 3 meals throughout the day.

Health Issues

Both the Labrador Retriever and the Bulldog are susceptible to a number of health issues and their offspring can inherit any of them. If they have a shortened muzzle, however, this means they will be more prone to breathing problems like their bulldog parent.

So, is the Bulldog Lab mix healthier than its parents?

English Bulldog Labrador mix

The Bullador is susceptible to health issues such as breathing difficulties, hip dysplasia, skin problems, elbow dysplasia, and obesity.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

Common health issues in the American Bullador include hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and skin problems (allergies).

French Bulldog Labrador mix

Major health concerns in Frenchie Labradors are bloat, epilepsy, brachycephalic syndrome, joint conditions, and pulmonic stenosis. This mix also suffers from minor health conditions such as otitis externa, eye conditions, hypothyroidism, and atopic dermatitis.

Life Expectancy

How long a Bulldog Lab mix will live depends on a number of factors, but health and diet are the most important. Exercise needs also helps them keep fit which is good for their overall health.

So, how long do Labrador Bulldog cross live?

English Bulldog Labrador mix

The English Bulldog Lab mix has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

An American Bullador can live between 10 and 16 years.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

A well-fed and healthy Frenchie Labrador has a lifespan of between 9 and 12 years.


Whether your Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix will be easy to groom depends on the type of coat they inherit from their parents. The Bulldog has a single short coat that sheds averagely making them easy to maintain. The Labrador Retriever, on the other hand, has a thick double coat that sheds fairly but is easy to groom.

So, is the Bulldog Labrador Retriever cross easy to groom?

English Bulldog Labrador mix

Bulladors sport a short coat that sheds moderately and will do fine when brushed 2 or 3 times a week. Brushing this mix daily during the shedding season is recommended to remove dead hair and control how much it shed. You could benefit from buying a decent vacuum cleaner.

This mixed breed should only be bathed if it is very dirty or has that doggy smell. If the hybrid inherits the English Bulldog’s wrinkled face, make sure that the skin folds are cleaned thoroughly using a damp cloth and dry well to prevent dirt build-up that could lead to infections. Should they tend to drool a lot like the English Bulldog parent, having a piece of cloth with you is recommended.

Trim their nails after every few months and make sure that you brush their teeth every day or at least three times a week. Your Bullador ears should be cleaned regularly while checking for redness or any signs of infection.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

The American Bullador sheds fairly so it needs occasional brushing to reduce the amount of hair that falls on your furniture. Get a good vacuum cleaner too. Regular baths are not needed for this mixed breed unless they get very dirty or start having that dog odor.

Their ears should be checked for debris and dirt and cleaned well using a wet cloth. Remember to look for any sign of infection. Keep their nails short by clipping them once or twice a month and brush their teeth at least three times a week if you cannot do it every day.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

Frenchie Labradors have relatively low maintenance needs since their short dense hair does not shed a lot. Brush their hair occasionally and a few times a week during the shedding season. Mostly, this mix will take after the Frenchie parent’s face folds that must be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt build-up that could lead to infections. Baths should only be given when necessary.

If this mix inherits the floppy ears of the Frenchie parent, clean them often using a damp cloth and the vet-recommended products. Also, remember to check for any signs of infections. Trim their nails before they get too long and brush their teeth at least thrice a week or daily.

How much is a Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix?

If you are looking for a Labrador Retriever Bulldog mix for sale, the cost will depend on the reputation of the breeder, their location, and their parents’ pedigree.

English Bulldog Labrador mix

A Bullador puppy is priced anywhere between $600 and $800 on average.

American Bulldog Labrador mix

If you opt for the American Bullador, expect to pay somewhere between $500 and $1,000.

French Bulldog Labrador mix

On average, a Frenchie Labrador costs anywhere between $350 and $1,000.

It is always recommended that you ask the breeder to provide all the information on the mixed breed parents and see where the breeder works. This will give you a picture of what kind of pup you are taking home.

Where to Adopt

Adopting a Labrador Retriever Bulldog mix is always better and cheaper than shopping, especially when you do not know where to find a responsible breeder. Therefore, ask workers from your local shelter whether this mixed breed is available. If you are not lucky, you can check with the rescue organizations of the Bulldog or Labrador Retriever parents.


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