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The Bulldog German Shepherd mix is a crossbreed between a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Bulldog.

This mixed breed inherits some of the finest qualities from its parents and can be developed using any of the three types of bulldogs (we shall discuss this below). This mix is one of the adorable hybrids that you will find out there that is perfect for the right people. The bulldog German Shepherd mix is brave, loyal, bold, outgoing, and can be active or relaxed. While the mix is trainable, it tends to be very stubborn at times like both parents.

So, are you wondering whether the German Shepherd Bulldog mix is a perfect addition to your home?

This mixed breed can be created using the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, or the French Bulldog. Although they share a common lineage, bulldogs differ significantly and so will their cross with a German Shepherd. Whether you need a working dog, a dependable companion, or a perfect watchdog, the German Shepherd Bulldog mix is a wonderful choice.

Our article today focuses on temperament, appearance, health issues, exercise needs, training as well as how to care for a Bulldog German Shepherd mix. We want to make sure that you are familiar with the pooch you are taking home before you spend a dollar. Continue reading for comprehensive information.

What is a German Shepherd Bulldog mix called?

Coming up with a name for a hybrid is the most fascinating thing for dog breeders when they create a mixed breed. Mostly, breeders will use both names or a blend of the purebred parent names.

Unlike most mixes that have common names, the mix between an English Bulldog and a German Shepherd is yet to have a fancy unique name. However, German Bulldog is a term that you can use to describe a German Shepherd mixed with English bulldogs.

The American Bulldog German Shepherd mix is commonly referred to as an American Bulldog Shepherd.

The mix between the French bulldog and a German Shepherd, however, is popularly known as the French Bullger Shepherd or Frenchie Shepherd.

German Shepherd Bulldog mix puppy

A Bulldog German Shepherd mix puppy is intelligent and good-natured. And while they might be relaxed and gentle, they are very curious and will love being around their owners. These pups will charm you with their appealing eyes and beautiful appearance. Whether big or small in size, these pups are courageous and very loyal. Frenchie Shepherds make excellent lap dogs.

An American bulldog German Shepherd mix puppy
An American bulldog German Shepherd mix puppy

Like both parents, however, they tend to have a stubborn streak that requires a little effort to train as they grow into large pups. Mostly, German Shepherd Bulldog mix puppies are susceptible to separation anxiety due to the intense and unwavering human attachment.

German Shepherd Bulldog mix puppies are expensive to buy from a breeder, but you can always adopt them if you find one. Grooming them, however, is not easy, especially if they take after their German Shepherd parent by excessively shedding coats.

Full grown German Shepherd Bulldog mix

A fully grown German Shepherd Bulldog mix tends to be smaller than the Bulldog parent but larger than the German Shepherd parent. They are muscular like both parents with a medium to the large physique. The weight, however, depends on the bulldog parent.

If the parent is an American bulldog, for instance, the mix will be bigger and weigh more than a German Shepherd that is crossed with its French bulldog or English bulldog cousins. Typically, the mixed breed is smart, protective, mighty, and loyal to its family or owners. If well trained, they get along with other dogs and pets in the house.

History of the Breed

Not much is known about the German Shepherd Bulldog mix as to when it started existing or where it came from. Mostly, mixed breeds are a result of accidental breeding. What we are sure of is that designer dogs have been around for the last 20 to 30 years and likely originated from North America.

While the main reason for creating mixed breeds is unknown, there is a high probability that breeders wanted a hybrid that is healthier than both parents. In addition, they needed a pooch with the best traits of a family dog or companion.

To learn more about this mixed breed, let us take a look at their parents.


The Bulldog – This dog breed originated from England and featured a strong build with a fierce and fearless temperament that made it suitable for sports like bullbaiting and dogfighting. In spite of its frightening past, the Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds globally. Unlike their aggressive predecessors, today’s Bulldogs are gentle, social, loyal, and get along with kids. They, however, retain their bravery and protective nature which makes them great family dogs and companions.

A white American bulldog
A white American bulldog

The bulldog was documented by the AKC as a dog breed in 1886. As stated earlier, there are 3 types of bulldogs, including the English bulldog, French bulldog, and the American bulldog. The Frenchie and English bulldogs are recognized by the AKC, but the American bulldog variety is yet to be accepted as a dog breed by this kennel club. In terms of dog IQ, American and French bulldogs are more intelligent than the English bulldog variety and their ancestors as well.

On average, bulldogs live between 8 and 13 years and most of them are prone to many health issues that may shorten their lifespan. These health conditions include hip dysplasia, cherry eye, obesity, overheating, thyroid problems, skin problems, and more. You can read more here on how to care for your bulldog

The German Shepherd – Also known as the GSD, this dog breed is a descendant of Horand von Grafrath. They were created in the 1800s using the smartest, most obedient, and the most alert dogs in Germany for the purpose of herding sheep and protecting flocks from predators. GSDs or Alsatians are known for their courage, loyalty, and guarding instincts that make them incredible family pets. The German Shepherd was recognized as a dog breed by the AKC in 1908.

A red & black German Shepherd relaxing
A red & black German Shepherd relaxing

German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent dogs with a dog IQ of 60, making them one of the smartest dogs globally known to man. Being the 3rd smartest dog breed for work and obedience intelligence, among other traits, is the reason GSDs are used by the military and police. The breed is also used as a guiding dog. Unlike bulldogs, German Shepherds come in 4 types of coats such as short with an undercoat, medium with an undercoat, and long with or without an undercoat.

These media to large dogs come in a variety of beautiful colors and usually stand 22 to 24 inches tall at the shoulders with a weight of 49 to 71 lbs. The breed is generally healthy and has a lifespan of between 9 and 13 years. However, they are prone to health conditions such as hip & elbow dysplasia, cataracts, bloat, epilepsy, diabetes, hemophilia, and degenerative disc disease, among others.


It is tricky to tell what your German Shepherd Bulldog mix will look like until they are fully grown. However, the mix will inherit traits from both parents and can sometimes take after one parent more. You can expect lots of variations in physical appearance from pups of the same litter.

The bulldog parent also determines the appearance of the mix, but the mixed breed is classified as medium-sized. So, we shall look at each of them individually.

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix
English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

English bulldogs have a straight, short, fine-textured, smooth, and glossy coat while the German Shepherd comes in four different coats (with or without an undercoat). The color variety is also huge. Your mix, therefore, can inherit any of these coats and colors.

Typically, most of these mixes will take after their German Shepherd parent’s coat that is heavier (double) while others will inherit a lighter (single) coat. The mix’s coat can be short or medium in length with the shorter coat being fine and smooth. Crossbreeds with a double coat might have longer, wavier hair on top, while the undercoat will be thick and dense. Coat colors include fawn, white, brown, grey, sable, red, black, blue, tan, and liver. You should also expect a brindle pattern or piebald.

In terms of size, this mixed breed will be smaller than the German Shepherd parent but bigger than the English Bulldog parent. The English Bulldog German Shepherd mix has a leaner build with brawny box-like frames of the bulldog parent. Most German Bulldogs have a darker muzzle that is longer than the bulldog’s but shorter than the German Shepherd’s.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The American Bulldog Shepherd tends to look a lot more like the German Shepherd parent. Therefore, expect a short, sleek double coat with medium to long hair that is mostly snow and water-resistant. Possible coat colors include black, white, cream, sable, brindle, brown, red, and fawn.

This mixed breed tends to be on the larger side of medium with a weight of up to 85 lbs. Expect to see long, powerful legs as well as a slightly longer physique. While the tail is longer and thicker than the bulldogs’, it does not have the GSD parent’s bushy flare. This mix has heavy bones and lean muscles that make it look agile and strong. The eyes are medium in size and almond-shaped and feature shades of brown that blend with the coat color.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

The Frenchie and the Alsatian are two diverse dog breeds which mean the Frenchie Shepherd has a lot of variations. Both parents have intense physical differences, but a fully grown French Bulldog and German Shepherd mix will be larger than the Frenchie but smaller than the Alsatian. As such, most Frenchie Shepherds will be medium medium-large in size.

This mixed breed will have broad chests and the muzzle can be elongated or slightly widened and shortened. Expect the cross to have a larger head and ears. Both parents have large and erect ears, so the Frenchie Shepherd may have oversized and pointy ears. Some pups will inherit the German Shepherd parent’s ear fluff.

Mostly, the French Bulldog German Shepherd mix will take after the German Shepherd’s parent’s coloring. However, the variation in Frenchie’s colors can create a new color pattern. Usually, his mix comes in black and brown colors.

German Shepherd bulldog puppies
German Shepherd bulldog puppies

Temperament and Characteristics

Like with the appearance, you cannot predict the disposition of your German Shepherd Bulldog mix. However, some characteristics are easy to tell since they are evident in both parents. Let us look at each of them separately.

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The English Bulldog German Shepherd mix is courageous, loyal, and confident, and is also very protective of its owners. These characteristics make them great family pooches for most people. Why their intelligence makes it trainable, this mix both parents are known to be stubborn to some degree. With early training and socialization, however, they make decent companions.

Mostly, this mixed breed will be calm and enjoys staying at home with its family. This affection means that this cross can be susceptible to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. If you see them active at times, that is their German Shepherd parent dominating. It is very rare though.

The German Bulldog is brave which makes it an excellent watchdog. And while they get along with other dogs, you need to introduce this from their early years.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

Like its cousins above, the German Shepherd and American Bulldog mix is sweet-tempered, gentle, and affectionate. This mixed breed showers its owners with lots of love and will enjoy being around them doing any task the family is engaged in. These German Bulldogs are great around kids, even the small ones, and will be very protective which makes them an outstanding watchdog. While this gentleness and patience towards children is a good thing, train your kids how to treat the pooch as they may end up harassing them too much.

The American Bulldog German Shepherd mix might develop a stubborn streak since that is a trait that both parents are known for. However, this can be controlled with early training.

The American Bulldog Shepherd might be welcoming to strangers or aloof depending on which parent they take after most. If you want them to be watchdogs, train them from a young age to differentiate between strangers and intruders. That being said, this mix will not tolerate being left alone for long periods, but again it will depend on the parent they inherit most from. Either way, they can become very destructive when bored.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

Both parents of the Frenchie Shepherd are intelligent which makes your mixed breed even smarter. Expect your cross to be loyal, loving, and very cunning. This mix will enjoy being snuggled so they are the kind that loves human attachment. This fondness makes them prone to separation anxiety even more than their cousins. If their Frenchie parent dominates, they will like to be the center of attraction in the family.

While this mix is friendly towards its owners, it tends to be very aloof towards strangers so they can be overprotective. Therefore, they will need early socialization with people and other pets on the homestead. Expect this mix to have a stubborn streak despite its small size.

Ease of Training

Is the Bulldog German Shepherd mix easy to train?

Old English Bulldog mix
Old English Bulldog mix

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The German Shepherd English Bulldog mix is smart and trainable, but the stubbornness inherited from both parents may come in the way. Therefore, training these pups needs to be started while they are still young so you can have full control. In our opinion, this mix is not suitable for first-time dog owners.

Like with all dogs, positive reinforcement in training sessions yields the best results. Patience and consistency are crucial to training your German Bulldog. This mixed breed is not as active so it will get easily bored if you make training long.

Early socialization is important for your English Bulldog German Shepherd mix as it will help him get along with other pets at home. Make sure that you give your mix regular walks to the dog park.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

Unlike the English bulldog GSD mix cousin above, the American Bulldog German Shepherd mix is solidly built and very active. In addition, they are more intelligent and will benefit from early training, especially by an experienced dog owner. Being intelligent means that this mixed breed will enjoy training, but it also tends to be willful. Therefore, including treats and verbal praises during training sessions will make it more productive.

One advantage you have with this crossbreed is that both parents are working dogs which means they have a natural drive for work. As such, they will not get bored when training as long as you make the sessions fun. This mix will even like it better if you include intellectual tasks.

Like all dogs, take them for walks in dog parks to make new friends and learn how to relate well with other pooches and pets. While the American Bulldog Shepherd has a soft spot for children, socializing them early is recommended so you both can learn how to treat each other politely.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

Both the Frenchie and German Shepherd parents are intelligent and playful but very stubborn. Unlike its cousins, the French Bulldog is hard to house-train which means that training your mixed breed can be a challenge. So, start crate and potty training early when they are still pups and controllable. Using positive reinforcement is very helpful with this mix.

While the Frenchie Shepherd is outgoing, it can be very protective of its family and standoffish to strangers. So, early training and socialization will help them understand how to treat people. Make sure they meet new people often and walk them to the dog park regularly.

Exercise Requirements

The exercise requirements of any dog, including the German Shepherd Bulldog mix, depend on the activity levels. However, most bulldogs have breathing problems and that could affect the amount of exercise they should have per day.

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The English Bulldog German Shepherd mix or German Bulldog tends to take after the bulldog parent’s laid-back personality. So, while they may be energetic, their exercise requirements are not demanding. Mostly, this is because most pups tend to inherit their English bulldog parent’s snout which makes it hard to breathe, especially under hot weather.

Therefore, your German Bulldog only needs 30 to 45 minutes of exercise each day divided into sessions of 15 minutes each. Take them for a short walk and they will be fine. While the German Shepherd parent is a swimmer, the English bulldog parent has high risk of drowning. So, this mix should be allowed to swim. Taking your German Bulldog to the dog park is also good exercise.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The American Bulldog Shepherd is very active like both parents with high activity levels. These active dogs require ample exercises to help them burn off excess energy. From work to strenuous workouts, this mix is for the most active people and families.

That being said, the American Bulldog German Shepherd mix needs at least 60 minutes of exercise daily to keep fit. They will enjoy long walks, hikes, and runs with you whenever you are ready. Since the mixed breed is very intelligent, playing the game of fetch in the backyard will keep its intellect stimulated and prevent boredom.

Although this mixed breed is social and good with kids, early socialization is key to a mannered pooch. Taking them outdoors to meet new people and to dog parks is crucial to their social life. The mix is good, gentle, and patient with kids, but you must teach your kiddos how to treat them right.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

The Frenchie Shepherd might be small in size than its cousins above but is one of the very active mixes out there. However, their exercise needs might be moderate to high depending on which parent they take after most. If they inherit their Frenchie parent flattened face, this makes it harder to breathe and so they will need few exercises. Also, no swimming.

Typically, a French Bulldog German Shepherd mix will need 30 minutes of exercise per day at most. Even though they seem to take after their GSD parent, start with slow and simple exercises and progress gradually to test their limits.

Nutritional Requirements

The Bulldog German Shepherd mix’s dietary needs are determined by many factors including age, energy levels, and health issues (if any) among others.

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The most ideal diet for the English Bulldog and German Shepherd mix is the one formulated for medium to large dog breeds with high energy. These dogs will need 1½ to 2 cups of high-quality kibble per day split into two or three servings. This will prevent bloat which is common in German Shepherds.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The American Bulldog and German Shepherd mix is highly energetic and active which means they need to eat more. As such, they will need 2 to 3 cups of premium kibble each day divided into small servings. Again, this will prevent bloat and gaining excess weight which can be critical to the dog’s health.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

The Frenchie Shepherd is active with high energy but does not need to eat a lot no matter how much they love food. This mix should be fed high-quality kibble that is formulated for active small dog breeds. As a rule of the thumb, split the amount of food into small servings throughout the day to prevent overfeeding which could make the cross overweight.

It is always good to consult your vet if you do not know how much food to give your Bulldog German Shepherd mix.

Health Issues

Although bulldogs have a plethora of health issues, German Shepherds also have a fair share of health problems as well. Their offspring is healthier than both parents, but also prone to some of these health issues that face both parents.

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

The German Bulldog is susceptible to common health problems such as joint dysplasia, bloat, breathing issues, and degenerative myelopathy.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

Major health issues in American Bulldog Shepherds include elbow & hip dysplasia, epilepsy, bloat, and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Minor health problems include skin allergies, panosteitis, and eye problems.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

Common health issues in Frenchie Shepherds are hip dysplasia, breathing problems (brachycephalic syndrome), and degenerative myelopathy.

Life Expectancy

Bulldogs and German Shepherds tend to have a close lifespan. So, how long do Bulldog German Shepherd mix live?

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

On average, an English Bulldog German Shepherd mix has a lifespan of 8 and 11 years.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

A healthy American Bulldog Shepherd has a life expectancy of between 8 and 11 years on average.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

Frenchie Shepherds tend to live longer than their cousins with a life expectancy of between 9 and 13 years on average.

How to care for your Bulldog German Shepherd mix

As with all doggies, a German Shepherd Bulldog mix needs to be taken for regular vet visits to check their health and fed the right diet based on their size and age. While exercise is crucial for them, the Frenchie Shepherd and English Bulldog German Shepherd mix should be monitored and not allowed to exercise under hot conditions or swim. Proper training also helps in raising a good pooch.


The grooming needs of your German Shepherd Bulldog mix depend on the type of coat they inherit. So, let us take a look at each of them.

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

If the English Bulldog German Shepherd mix takes after the heavier coat of its German Shepherd parent, they will shed a lot. As such, they need to be brushed daily to get rid of the dead hair and distribute oils all over their skin for a shiny look. Should they come with a lighter coat, brushing them once a week is enough.

Baths should only be done when necessary. However, their ears should be checked and cleaned regularly using a damp cloth. If you notice any redness, it is a sign of infection, and your pooch should be taken to the vet immediately. Should the mix take after the English bulldog’s wrinkled face, wipe the skin folds gently to prevent infections.

The German Bulldog’s nails should be clipped every 4 to 6 weeks and their teeth brushed every day, or at least three times.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

Most American Bulldog Shepherds sport a short coat that sheds occasionally and requires to be brushed once a week. However, grooming is demanding if they inherit the double coat that sheds excessively, daily brushing is recommended. Infrequent baths are sufficient for this mix since too much of it will strip off their natural oils.

Check the American Bulldog Shepherd’s ears regularly for signs of redness and clean them to prevent infections. The nails should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks and make sure you brush their teeth every day for good dental health.

French bulldog German Shepherd mix

Most Frenchie Shepherds tend to shed a bit which means that they will need daily brushing or once a week if they come with a lighter coat. Unless they get themselves too dirty, these furballs should be bathed once every few months.

Frenchie Shepherds are prone to ear infections especially if they inherit the Frenchie parent’s floppy ears. Therefore, checking and cleaning them a few times a week could help prevent infections. Cleaning or trimming the hair in the area around their eyes is recommended. The nails should be clipped once every 4 to 6 weeks before they grow too long. Brush their teeth at least 3 times a week or every day.


How much is a German Shepherd Bulldog mix puppy?

The piece of a Bulldog German Shepherd mix puppy depends on a number of factors, including the reputation and location of the breeder as well as the pedigree of the parents used to create it.

English Bulldog German Shepherd mix

On average, you should expect to spend between $1,000 and $2,500 for a well-bred English Bulldog German Shepherd mix puppy.

American Bulldog German Shepherd mix

An American Bulldog Shepherd puppy is pricier so, you will pay somewhere between $900 and $2,000.

French Bulldog German Shepherd mix

A Frenchie Shepherd is expected to cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Where to Adopt

If you choose to adopt a Bulldog German Shepherd, it is considered a way to save a stray pup and is also cheaper than shopping. You can start by asking around from your local shelter or rescue centers for the English bulldog, American bulldog, French bulldog, and German Shepherd.


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