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A Bulldog Corgi mix is a hybrid between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and one of the bulldog types, including the English bulldog, American bulldog, or the French bulldog.

So, what do you get from breeding a Corgi, the 11th most intelligent dog known to man, with either variety of the bulldog? This crossbreed inherits some of the finest traits from its parents to create a lively and protective family dog. If you are looking for a mix that can be trained to be an excellent guard dog, it is worth a try.

The mix can resemble any parent or be a blend of the two and is known for its high energy levels which means it is best suited for active individuals and families. The Corgi Bulldog mix is defined by the tiny legs of the Corgi parent and the nature of predicable nature of the bulldog parent.

Is the Bulldog Corgi mix an appropriate addition to your family?

As we all know, there is more to dog ownership than the charming looks that we have described above. You need to understand what living with a Bulldog Corgi mix means to you and your family.

Our article today comprises everything you need to know about the Bulldog Corgi mix. From personality to appearance, how to care for them, lifespan, and price, we have it all covered. Continue reading to learn more.

What a Bulldog Corgi mix called?

The mix between a Bulldog and Corgi depends on which bulldog variety is used when breeding.

For instance, an English Bulldog mixed with Corgi is commonly known as an English Corgi, while the American Bulldog mixed with a Corgi is known as an American Corgi. When you mix a French Bulldog with a Corgi, it will be called a French Corgi.

These designer dogs are not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club because they are not purebreds. However, they are accepted by other registries such as the DDKC, DRA, and ACHC.

Bulldog Corgi mix puppies

It might be hard to tell what your Bulldog Corgi puppy will be like when it is full-grown. However, they will often have an appearance like that of Corgi puppies although they differ widely even if they come from the same litter.

These pups mostly have a playful and lively temperament and will enjoy spending time with the family. This affection, however, means the mix is prone to separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods. Bulldog Corgi mix puppies tend to inherit a stubborn streak from both parents. Therefore, they will benefit from early training and socialization if you want a well-behaved dog.

If you are interested in a mix between a Corgi and a Bulldog, expect to spend between $800 and $1,300 for a healthy pup from a reputable breeder.

Check out these adorable pictures of Corgi Bulldog mix puppies below:

French Bulldog Corgi mix
A bulldog corgi mix puppy

History of the Breed

The history of a Bulldog Corgi mix is imprecise since most mixed breeds are thought to have existed naturally or as a result of accidental breeding. What we are sure of is that the intentional breeding of two purebreds dates somewhere between two and three decades. So, a Corgi Bulldog mix might have been deliberately developed around this time.

While the exact reason for breeding two dogs on purpose is not well known, breeders may have intended to create a pooch with a few health issues than their purebred parents. It is also likely that they needed a family dog or companion that inherits the most desirable natures from both.

Let us look briefly at the parents of the Bulldog Corgi mix.


The Bulldog – Bulldogs originated from Britain and were intentionally bred to help butchers control livestock. In the 1800s, people started using this dog breed for blood sports games called bull-baiting until they were banned for animal cruelty. Humans did not stop there and decided to use bulldogs in dogfighting games. Their strength, fearlessness, and self-willed nature made them particularly useful for this. However, regardless of this bulldog lineage, the bulldogs we know today are predictable with wonderful temperaments.

A Black & White American Bulldog
A Black & White American Bulldog

Bulldogs come in three varieties, including the English bulldog, American bulldog, and French bulldog. They all share a common ancestor, but are not as aggressive, especially with early and proper training. The English and French bulldogs are recognized by the AKC since 1886 and 1898, respectively. The American bulldog is currently accepted by the American Bulldog Kennel Club (ABKC), the UKC since 1999, and recognized in the Foundation Stock Service since 2019.

Most bulldogs have a lifespan of between 8 and 13 years and are faced with a plethora of health issues that could affect their life expectancy. Some of them include breathing problems, hip dysplasia, cherry eye, luxating patella, stenotic nares, entropion/ectropion, and allergies.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi – The Corgi was developed in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and offspring of the Spitz family of dogs. It was purposely bred as a cattle herding and barnyard dog as well as companion pooches. They retain their herding instincts to date and even participate in AKC herding competitions.

A Fawn Pembroke Welsh Corgi
A Fawn Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis are a small dog breed with big personalities and are known for being friendly, social, playful but bold and very stubborn. Unlike bulldogs, Corgis have a very high dog IQ and rank 11th position in the smartest dog breeds. They excel in obedience, agility, herding, and tracking training. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was accepted by the AKC as a breed in 1934 and UKC in the 1920s. They stand between 10 and 12 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh 22 to 31lbs

In spite of their dwarf size, Pembroke Welsh Corgis have a lifespan of 11 to 13 years. However, they are predisposed to serious health conditions such as canine hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and epilepsy.


What does a Corgi Bulldog look like?

With many mixed breeds, it is quite tricky to tell what your puppy will be like until they are fully grown. Most Bulldog Corgi mix puppies will either resemble both parents while others tend to favor one parent more. Although the type of bulldog used to cross determines the appearance as well, most Corgi bulldog mixes tend to look like mini versions of the bulldog with short legs.

A Corgi Bulldog mix
A Corgi Bulldog mix

The Bulldog Corgi mix ranks among the cutest corgi mixes that you will find out there today. Let us look at what your mix will look like when mixed with each bulldog individually.

English Bulldog Corgi mix

Due to the dwarfism genetic factor of the Corgi parent, your English Corgi will have short legs. The mix will stand anywhere between 10 and 16 inches tall at the shoulders with a weight of 22 to 53 lbs. The English Bulldog Corgi mix will have rose ears and eyes like those of the Corgi parent and their small but stocky size makes them excellent lap dogs.

Depending on the traits the Bulldog Corgi mix inherits from the parents, these pooches can have two varieties of hair types. The cross can have a short, rough coat, or a soft, medium-length coat. Both parents of this mix are known for shedding and the same should be expected of your crossbreed. This means that they are not suitable for people allergic to pet fur.

Like their parents, they come in a range of coat colors, including solid colors like red, sable, or bi-colors such as black & tan as well as fawn & white.

American Bulldog Corgi mix

An American Corgi and English Corgi do not differ much in appearance which means that the dwarfism gene will manifest itself in your American Bulldog Corgi mix. There is a high chance that your American Corgi will be short and broad like the Corgi parent. In terms of size, the mix is between 10 and 16 inches in height and weighs between 22 and 53 lbs.

Expect your American Bulldog Corgi mix to have either a short coat that is rough or medium-length that is soft. Either way, the mix’s coat is not hypoallergenic so if you have sensitivities or are allergic to pet fur, look further especially Poodle mixes.

The American Bulldog Corgi mix comes in a variety of solid or bi-colors including sable, red, fawn & white, and black & tan.

French Bulldog Corgi mix

A French Corgi is a little different from the American and English Corgis, especially in weight since both breeds are small. However, a Frenchie Corgi mix will have a compact but muscular build and stand 10 to 16 inches in height with a weight of 20 to 35 lbs. Expect this mix to have bat-like or rose ears with a short but not flat muzzle, a short rectangular head, and medium, dark almond-shaped eyes.

The French Bulldog Corgi mix sports a short coat with a thin to moderate undercoat. The most common colors include brindle & white, fawn & white, red & white, and some can be pied. Sable or black & tan are also possible colors for this mix.

Corgi Bulldog mix
Corgi Bulldog mix

Temperament and Characteristics

Like with the appearance, it might be hard to tell what your Bulldog corgi mix personality will be. One this is for sure, however, regardless of the bulldog variety you choose, you expect your mix to be stubborn.

English Bulldog Corgi mix

Both parents of the English Corgi love being with their families and engaging in the activities you do in the house. However, the mix can suffer from separation anxiety if they inherit their Corgi parent’s attachment to their family members. Generally, expect your English Bulldog Corgi mix to be gentle, friendly, and very protective of its owners.

That being said, English Corgis are known to be stubborn at times, but this can be curbed with proper training from puppyhood. In addition, the Corgi parent’s herding instincts are not good for homes with small kids or other small pets. They tend to nip small kids and pets at home as they try to herd them.

Despite the herding nature, however, English Corgis is that they are sociable with other pets and dogs in the household. It is hard to see them aggressive even when they are threatened. English Bulldogs are not among the energetic breeds though but still need exercise. It is a good choice for people that do not like too much exercise.

American Bulldog Corgi mix

The American Corgi is very sweet-natured and makes a terrific companion that is known to be loyal, gentle, and kind. This hybrid has a naturally good disposition and is very affectionate to its owners. In addition, they are smart which means they can receive commands and obey. They can, however, be a little stubborn sometimes but early training gets them straight.

Like the English Corgi, the American Bulldog Corgi mix makes an incredible guard dog that will protect its family to the tooth. That, however, means that you will need to train and socialize them amply if you want them to get along with kiddos and other pets in your homestead. This is even more significant if they take much after their Corgi parent’s herding trait.

Unlike the English Corgi which is more relaxed, however, the American Corgi has high energy and is very active. Therefore, they are best suited for active families or individuals that will meet their exercise needs.

French Bulldog Corgi mix

The French Corgi combines the charming, affectionate, and comic traits of the Frenchie and the active, smart, friendly, and outgoing nature of the Corgi. This mix is great with children and will enjoy playing with them around the house or in the backyard. They will like the family’s company around the house and dislike being alone for long periods. You know the drill when a dog develops separation anxiety.

Unlike the English and American Corgis, the French Corgi is too friendly and does not bark at strangers approaching your home. So, if you are looking for a small guard dog, count them out. Although the French Bulldog Corgi mix gets along with kids pretty well, they will attempt to herd them or the small pets in your homestead which may lead to nipping. Close monitoring is advised.

For this reason, you need to socialize your French Corgi puppy well and early to nurture them into getting along with other dogs well. Like the American Corgi, the French Corgi is a superb choice for active people.

Ease of Training

One thing that is common in all these Bulldog Corgi mixes is that they have a stubborn streak that may make training them harder. However, it all comes down to which parent they take after most.

Corgi Bulldog mix
Corgi Bulldog mix

English Bulldog Corgi mix

The English Corgi is very smart and easy to train since they learn new tricks quickly and easily. That being said, however, the mix’s willful nature can complicate training which is why giving them a treat and praise for what they do right is highly recommended. Potty and crate training should begin early while they are still puppies, and so should obedience and work.

Due to the protective nature, the English Bulldog Corgi mix is likely to be wary of new people or strangers. As such, they need early socialization with people and other pets at home so they can be taught how to get along with them. This is especially because of the Corgi parent’s independent nature.

Training this mix will require patience and consistency and keeping the sessions short and fun.

American Bulldog Corgi mix

Like the English Corgi, the American Corgi is intelligent and trainable with a gentle nature and affection towards their owners. This makes teaching new tricks easy and fast. As with all dogs, crate and potty training should be introduced when they are still puppies. It is the best approach to having a well-behaved and obedient American Corgi.

The American Bulldog Corgi mix also tends to have a stubborn streak that might make training more challenging. Therefore, you must incorporate positive reinforcement in your sessions by rewarding or praising them for everything they do right. These pups can be independent, a trait they inherit from their Corgi parent. So, take them out to meet new people and dogs, and socialize with other pets at home. The American Corgi can show herding traits that are not good for socialization, so make sure you train them against nipping and keep watch as they play with kids.

For best results, keep training sessions short and enjoyable.

French Bulldog Corgi mix

The Frenchie is the most intelligent in the bulldog category and the Corgi ranks 11th position of the most intelligent dogs. As such, the French Corgi is smart and trainable. Like their cousins above, however, they also have a willful nature that can make them difficult to train. As such, begin training them in basic commands from a young age and keep sessions consistent.

A cute French Bulldog Corgi mix awaiting commands
A cute French Bulldog Corgi mix awaiting commands

A French Corgi will respond best to training if you reward them and praise them while patting them gently for something they do right. This removes the stubbornness and makes training sessions fruitful. The herding nature of the Corgi parent still manifests in most French Corgis, so make sure you teach them nipping kids and other small pets at home are bad while they are still young.

Do not prolong the training sessions or they will get bored, and you will be wasting time.


The exercise needs for the Bulldog Corgi mix vary significantly depending on the bulldog parent since Corgis are active and full of energy. One thing worth noting about this mixed breed is that the scrunched-in Bulldog parent’s nose can make breathing hard. Therefore, sessions should be kept short.

So, what are the requirements for each mixed breed?

English Bulldog Corgi mix

Since the English Bulldog parent is more relaxed and the Corgi parent very active, the English Corgi’s exercise needs are anywhere between moderate and high. So, this mix will do fine with 30 of minutes exercise each day divided into two or three short sessions.

The English Bulldog Corgi mix will enjoy a brief walk and mental games that will keep them stimulated to prevent boredom. Make sure you monitor their breathing during training and exercise.

American Bulldog Corgi mix

Unlike the English Corgi, the American Corgi has high energy requirements which is why the mix is recommended for active individuals and families. On average, an American Corgi should exercise 60 minutes per day to help burn the excess energy. This is the type of dog that will enjoy long walks and join you on hikes every day. So, involve them in these activities.

The American Bulldog Corgi mix is intelligent so make sure you include brain games in their daily routine. Keeping their mental stimulated reduces stress and boredom that causes dogs to develop destructive behaviors such as chewing.

French Bulldog Corgi mix

While the French Corgi is extremely athletic and active, the size of their muzzle determines the amount of exercise they need. Since most of them tend to have a shorter nose, exercising 30 minutes per day is enough, but make sure you keep the sessions short, like 10 to 15 minutes.

Like the English Corgi, brief walks and runs work best for the French Corgi due to breathing problems. Ensure you monitor their breathing patterns during training and exercise. The mix is intelligent so it will benefit from games that keep their minds stimulated.

Nutritional Requirements

Dietary requirements in dogs depend on their age, energy level, growth cycle, and weight among other factors. Most Bulldog Corgi mixes, however, are fairly weighty and will require eating a substantial amount of food.

English Bulldog Corgi mix, American Bulldog Corgi mix, French Bulldog Corgi mix

The best diet for your English Corgi is the one formulated for active dogs with moderate energy levels. Puppies should eat more canned food as it is protein-rich which is necessary for growth and high-quality kibble when they are fully grown.

To know the amount of food that you should pour into your Corgi Bulldog mix’s feeding bowl, you can discuss it with your vet since they understand your dog’s needs best. These pooches tend to overeat if left to free-feed so, split their daily meals into small portions.

Overfeeding could lead to weight gain which is bad for all dogs, including your Bulldog Corgi mix that is prone to joint problems.

Health Issues

Mixed breeds, like the Bulldog Corgi mix, are created with the intention of reducing the number of health issues that affect their purebred parents. Depending on the traits inherited, these hybrids are still predisposed to some health issues their parents suffer from. This is why you should take your pooch for regular vet checkups to give them a happy and likely longer lifespan.

English Bulldog Corgi mix

Common health issues in English Corgis include canine hip dysplasia, eye problems, reverse sneezing and cherry eye.

American Bulldog Corgi mix

American Corgis are prone to common health problems such as hip dysplasia, cardiac & respiratory disease, cherry eye, and a high risk of overheating.

French Bulldog Corgi mix

Common health issues in French Corgis include a high risk of intervertebral disc disease, cataracts, hip dysplasia, urolithiasis, and degenerative myelopathy.

Life Expectancy

An English Bulldog Corgi mix has a life expectancy of up to 12 years when in good health, especially if they do not suffer from back issues.

American bulldogs tend to live longer than English bulldogs and their mixes. That being said, an American Bulldog Corgi mix has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

A healthy French Bulldog Corgi mix has a lifespan of between 10 and 14 years.

How to Care for them

Proper care for all dogs starts with feeding them the recommended and most appropriate diet that meets their needs. Taking your Bulldog Corgi mix for regular vet visits enables you to care for them better while frequent and enough exercise helps keep your mix fit. If you combine that with proper grooming, you will have a healthy and happy doggie.


Just like with other mixes, the grooming needs of your Bulldog Corgi mix depend on which parent they inherit from most. That being said, both the English Bulldog and Corgi shed moderately which means most of their mixes will be the same.

English Bulldog Corgi mix

Whether your English Corgi sports a short, rough coat or a soft, medium-length coat, it will shed moderately. As such, they will need frequent brushing to remove the dead hair and reduce the amount of hair on your furniture. It could also help if you buy a quality vacuum cleaner that will pick up loose hairs during cleaning.

Baths should be occasional unless your Corgi English Bulldog mix gets too dirty while playing or training. Since this mix is prone to eye problems, make sure you wipe their eyes gently using a damp cloth to keep them clean and dry. Clipping their nails regularly before they outgrow and start scratching the floor is advisable. Take them to a pro groomer if you can’t do it right.

Dental health is significant for your English Corgi so you should brush their teeth at least thrice a week or every day, if possible.

American Bulldog Corgi mix

Like English Corgis, American Corgis either come with a short, rough coat or a soft, medium-length coat that sheds moderately. Grooming is much during the shedding season, but they will look fine if you brush them a few times a week. This helps get rid of the dead hair while lessening the hair that falls on your furniture and carpet. You need to buy a good quality vacuum cleaner to keep your house clean.

Like most dogs, your American Corgi does not need frequent baths unless necessary as this strips off the natural oils from their skin leading to dryness. Their eyes, however, need attention and you should clean around their eyes with a wet cloth to prevent infections. Make sure you trim their nails often or take them to a professional groomer before they grow too big.

Brushing your American Corgi’s teeth every day is also recommended as it gives them decent oral health. If it is impossible to brush their teeth daily, three times a week should be good.

French Bulldog Corgi mix

French Corgis have a short coat and thin to moderate undercoat that sheds minimally throughout the year. Brushing them once or twice a week does a great job of removing the loose hairs that might accumulate on your carpet and furniture. Make sure you also purchase a good vacuum that will pick up the fallen hairs.

Unless your French Corgi soils themselves excessively, bathing them once every couple of months is enough to keep them clean. Frenchies have facial folds that your cross may inherit, and they should be wiped clean using a damp cloth to prevent infections.

Clip your French Corgi’s nails every 6 to 8 weeks and brush their teeth every day to promote optimal dental health.


If you are looking for a Bulldog Corgi mix for sale, you should buy from an honest and trustworthy breeder. Typically, Bulldogs are considered some of the costliest dog breeds, and Welsh Corgis are not cheap too. Therefore, you should expect to spend anywhere between $800 and $1,300 for a well-bred Bulldog Corgi mix puppy.

When you visit the breeder, ask to see the health records of the parents of your mix as well as the breeding environment. That should give you a rough idea of what you expect from your pup.

Where to Adopt

Adopting a Bulldog Corgi mix is a great way of rescuing stray designer dogs that end up in shelters. Therefore, start by asking workers from your local shelter. Alternatively, you can contact the rescue centers of the Bulldog parent or the Pembroke Welsh Corgi parent.


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