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The Bulldog Aussie mix refers to a crossbreed between an Australian Shepherd and any of the 3 types of bulldogs, including the American bulldog, English bulldog, or the French bulldog.

This cross inherits some of the best traits from both parents making it highly intelligent, loyal, and very friendly. A Bulldog Aussie mix is strong and large in size with a coat that is typically short and dense that sheds moderately. The hybrid can be high energy so it is best suited for active families that will meet its exercise needs.

While the English bulldogs and American bulldogs mixed with Australian Shepherds are popular, crosses between a French bulldog and Aussie Shepherd are rare. Unlike the first two mixes which are large and stocky in size and shape, the Frenchie Aussie mix is smaller. We have covered this in our appearance section.

Do you think this mix is the right choice for you and your family?

In this article, we shall be looking at the temperament of the Bulldog Aussie mix with a focus on their temperament, health issues, training, exercise, appearance, nutrition needs, and grooming. We have also included the price of owning these wonderful mixes. Continue reading.

What is a Bulldog Aussie mix called?

The name given to a Bulldog Australian Shepherd mix depends on the type of bulldog that was used to cross. It can either be an American Bull-Aussie (American Bulldog x Australian Shepherd), English Bull-Aussie (English Bulldog x Australian Shepherd), or a Frenchie-Aussie (French Bulldog x Australian Shepherd).

Because they are not purebreds like their parents, Bulldog Aussie mixes are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a breed. However, they can be registered with the ACHC and the DRA.

History of the Breed

As with most hybrids, there is no specific date as to when the Bulldog Aussie mix was first bred. That is because most mixed breeds initially existed from accidental breeding, and they ended up in shelters and rescues. The intentional crossing of two purebreds, however, is not that old as it has been around for 2 to 3 decades now.

With the increased demand for designer dogs, breeders continue to cross different dog breeds with the Poodle being the most popular. Bulldog mixes are also growing in popularity.


The Bulldog – A descendant of the mastiff and pit bull dog breeds, the Bulldog is a medium-sized pooch that originated from the British Isles. As the name spells out, the breed was used in dog sports of bull-baiting and fighting with other dogs. Since they were created to be fearless and aggressive, this legacy has followed them to date, and they are banned in some countries.

A Bulldog Dog standing
A Bulldog Dog standing

Despite their bad past, today’s Bulldogs are quiet, outgoing, and patient with kids which makes them excellent family dogs. Bulldogs tend to be stubborn but retain their courage making them great watchdogs. There are 3 varieties including the English, American, and French bulldogs. English Bulldogs were recognized by the AKC in 1886 followed by the French bulldog in 1898.

On average, bulldogs live between 8 and 14 years depending on the variety, with the American bulldog living up to 15 years. Unfortunately, these pooches have very many health issues such as hip dysplasia, cherry eye, obesity, overheating, thyroid problems, skin problems, and more. You can read more on how to care for your bulldog.

The Australian Shepherd – Despite its name, the Aussie is a dog breed in the herding category that was developed in the 19th century in California, U.S. The breed is said to have been created using a range of herding breeds such as collies among others. While they were originally bred to herd large flocks of sheep, they found their way into homes and are now great companion dogs.

A stunning Australian Shepherd dog with a ball in the jungle
A stunning Australian Shepherd dog with a ball in the jungle

Australian Shepherds are smart, energetic, sweet-natured, and very affectionate to their families and still retain the protective nature of herding dogs. This makes them excellent guard dogs. This breed has superb dog IQ that places it in the 42nd place among the most intelligent pooches. Aussie Shepherds are easy to train in work and obedience. The AKC recognized Australian Shepherds as a breed in 1979.

Well-liked for their great personality and character, Aussie Shepherds stand 20 to 23 inches tall with a weight of 35 to 70 lbs. and a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years. Common health issues in Aussies include epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and dermatitis.


As with most mixed breeds, what your Bull-Aussie dog will look like depends on the type of bulldog used to cross with the Australian Shepherd. Is it the American bulldog, English bulldog, or the French bulldog? Their appearances will vary significantly despite sharing similar ancestries.

Let us take a look at each individually…

English Bulldog Aussie mix

The English Bulldog Aussie mix or the English Bull Aussie is a hybrid between the English Bulldog and an Australian Shepherd.

An English Bull-Aussie puppy
An English Bull-Aussie puppy

It is not easy to tell what your English Bulldog Australian Shepherd mix will look like. The best thing is to wait until they are fully grown to see clearly. They can favor one parent more or inherit the unique characteristics of both parents. Typically, this medium-sized mixed breed will be large and strong, standing 17 to 20 inches in height with a weight of 50 to 78 lbs.

This cross comes with short, dense hair that will mostly have the colors of the Australian Shepherd parent. The coat sheds moderately and comes in colors such as brindle, cream, white, blue, brown, and black.

American Bulldog Aussie mix

Also known as the American Bull Aussie, this pooch is developed by crossing an American bulldog with an Australian Shepherd. This mixed breed carries the features of both parents resulting in a large-sized pooch that is stout with defined muscles.

American Bull-Aussie puppy
American Bull-Aussie puppy

Sometimes called an Ambull, this mix stands 16 to 23 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs between 50 lbs. and 70 lbs. Its head can be broad with a medium-sized black nose and the fur on his chest and neck might be longer than the rest of the body. Expect to see brown or blue eyes. They are extremely adorable!

The American Bull-Aussie has a straight coat texture that is medium in length and dense making it easier to maintain. Their coat colors range from cream, white, black, and brindle.

French Bulldog Aussie mix

While the first two hybrids Bull-Aussies are common, the French Bulldog Aussie mix is one of the rare crosses. This mix between a Frenchie and an Australian Shepherd, also known as the French Bull-Aussie or Aussie-Frenchie is smaller in size compared to the first two.

A cute French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix puppy
A cute French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix puppy

A French-Aussie will have a compact build and stand 14 to 17 inches in height with a weight of between 35 and 45 lbs. Their ears will fold forward and possibly stand upright with a bat-like shape. The cross’ eyes can come in solid colors such as blue, green, or brown, and they may be bi-colored as well. These pooches are very attractive!

Possible coat colors for the Aussie-Frenchie include cream, brindle, white & black, black & tan, tri-color, solid black, and blue or red merle.

Temperament and Characteristics

English Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy
English Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy

As with resemblance, it might be hard to predict what kind of temperament your Bulldog Aussie mix will have. The American, English, and French bulldog parents have different traits and so the best thing would be to look at each separately.

English Bulldog Aussie mix

This mix between an Australian Shepherd and an English Bulldog is very intelligent and eager to learn new tricks. While this makes training easier for both of you, they might show a stubborn streak making them tricky to train. For this reason, they are best suited for experienced dog owners who know how to handle such pooches, not novices.

The English Bull-Aussie is loving and will love taking part in family activities like going with you for walks. These pups are social and will be happy to spend time with kids, but you should supervise their interaction because these pups are large.

American Bulldog Aussie mix

The American Bull-Aussie is playful, affectionate, and calm and will love spending quality time with your kids. Due to their Australian Shepherd parent’s instincts, these pups are very protective of their families. However, they hardly bark even when strangers approach which means they cannot be good watchdogs. But if you are looking for a companion that will keep you happy and engaged, the American Bulldog Aussie mix is a great candidate.

This cross is good to other dogs at home and is not aggressive despite being protective. It is recommended that you socialize them early.

French Bulldog Aussie mix

This mix is known to be very friendly with no signs of aggression whatsoever. With proper training, this crossbreed will adapt well to kids and adults. The French Bull Aussie adores human companions which means they will not like to be left alone at home. Unfortunately, this affection makes them prone to separation anxiety which might turn out messy.

Their good nature makes them excellent choices for most people, especially those that work from work or senior retirees. Like their Australian Shepherd parent, this Bull-Aussie is protective of its family. Unlike the English Bull-Aussie, however, the French Bull-Aussie makes a great watchdog.

Ease of Training

Australian Bulldog looking at the owner curiously
Australian Bulldog looking at the owner curiously

English Bulldog Aussie mix

While the English Bull Aussie is smart, they tend to have a stubborn nature that can interfere with training. For this reason, this mix is best for people who have owned dogs before and know how to train them. The mix can be very frustrating to novice owners as it requires a lot of patience and consistency, the kind of qualities most first-time dog owners lack.

Their training, however, can be made easy with positive reinforcement and keeping the training sessions short and enjoyable. Using verbal praise and treats makes them more obliging as well. You should avoid being harsh as your Bull-Aussie can shy away or become more stubborn.

Like all pooches, start their socialization early so your English Bulldog and Australian Shepherd mix can get used to meeting new people and dogs often.

American Bulldog Aussie mix

Like the English Bull Aussie above, the American Bull Aussie is very smart which means they will receive commands fast thus making them fairly easy to train. Since the American bulldog parent tends to be independent, training your mix requires a lot of patience and consistency.

For the best results, we recommend using the positive reinforcement technique as it will make them more cooperative. Because they are affectionate, use this to your advantage by improving the bond as it will prompt them to respond better to your training.

Socialization is better if introduced early so your mix can meet new faces and dogs. So, you should take them to the dog park often.

French Bulldog Aussie mix

Thanks to the Australian Shepherd parent, the Aussie-Frenchie is highly intelligent therefore easy to train. Like the English Bull-Aussie, this Bull-Aussie also has a stubborn streak that it inherits from the Frenchie parent. Luckily, positive reinforcement has proven to be productive and will result in a well-behaved mix.

While both parents are friendly, it is best if you begin socializing with them early. Take them with you on walks, to the dog park, and other activities too. This will help them relate and behave well around people and other pets.


The exercise requirements for the Bulldog Aussie mix also vary.

A cute French Bulldog Mix Puppy in the yard
A cute French Bulldog Mix Puppy in the yard

English Bulldog Aussie mix

The English Bull-Aussie may have moderate to high energy levels but is most active during their puppy stage. This mix will enjoy ample playtime with family and taking long walks and might be fun jogging, climbing, and hiking if the Australian Shepherd parent dominates.

This Bulldog Aussie mix is suitable for homes with a huge and fenced yard that provides ample space for them to burn off extra energy. The English Bull-Aussie mix should exercise for at least 45 minutes a day and walk 9 miles a week.

American Bulldog Aussie mix

Unlike the English Bull-Aussie, the American Bull-Aussie is very active and energetic. This mix requires plenty of mental and physical exercise to burn off excess energy while keeping them fit. As such, make sure they exercise between 45 and 60 minutes every day with activities like playing, hiking, walking, and running.

Be sure to invest in toys and games that your American Bull-Aussie can play to keep their minds active and prevent boredom.

French Bulldog Aussie mix

An Aussie-Frenchie inherits energetic traits from both parents which means that they will be very active. As such, they need 45 to 65 minutes of adequate exercise each day to keep fit and burn the excess energy. A French Bulldog mini Aussie mix needs an active family.

This mixed breed, however, should not be exercised under hot conditions for long periods as they are prone to overheating. Their short legs and muzzles are a disadvantage especially if they take after the Frenchie parent more. If they are like the Aussie parent, they are likely to sustain more exercise.

Nutritional Requirements

Dietary needs in dogs depend on a lot of factors, including the activity level, age, weight, size, and health. So, what are the nutritional requirements of the Bulldog Aussie mix?

English Bulldog Aussie mix

English Bull-Aussies have moderate to high levels of energy which means they should consume premium kibble made for dogs with that energy level. Make sure that the dog food is made using high-quality ingredients that support your mix’s overall health.

As a rule of the thumb, you should not free-feed your English Bulldog Aussie mix as they could gain excess weight. These pups should consume 3 cups of food every day split into smaller portions.

You can either use the feeding instructions provided by the dog food manufacturer at the back of the packaging bag. Also, you can consult your vet on how much your English Bull-Aussie should eat per day.

American Bulldog Aussie mix

The American Bull-Aussie is a high-energy hybrid that needs to be fed high-quality kibble that is formulated for large active breeds. The diet should provide the required nutrition that includes high protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to match their energy requirements.

You should not let your English Bulldog Aussie mix feed freely as it could lead to weight gain. They should be fed 3 cups of dry kibble each day divided into small servings.

To know the amount of food you should feed your American Bulldog Aussie mix, talk to your vet. You can also check the recommended feeding guidelines from the manufacturer on the package.

French Bulldog Aussie mix

the Aussie-Frenchie has high energy levels like both parents so they will need to be fed a diet that is formulated for small dogs with high energy levels. This food should be divided into small portions and made with high-quality ingredients that promote optimal health.

This Bull-Aussie needs to eat between 2.5 and 3 cups of high-quality dog food per day served in small portions.

We recommend that you talk with your vet about the most appropriate diet for your French Bulldog Aussie mix. Since this mix is prone to weight gain, avoid free-feeding them or throwing too many treats when training them.

American Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix
American Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix

Health Issues

Although there are health conditions that are common to bulldogs, there are some that are specific to a certain type so Aussie mixes with Bulldogs will have different issues. Let us take a look at each.

English Bulldog Aussie mix

The English Bull-Aussie is a healthier hybrid than both parents but is predisposed to some health conditions that affect them both. These include hip dysplasia, several eye disorders, sensitivity to certain drugs, as well as epilepsy.

American Bulldog Aussie mix

Some common health issues in American Bull-Aussies include hip dysplasia, cherry eye, entropion, hypothyroidism, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

French Bulldog Aussie mix

Aussie-Frenchies are healthier than their parents but still susceptible to health conditions such as cataracts, sensitivity to Ivermectin, and skin allergies.

To ensure that your Bulldog Aussie mix lives healthier, happier, and maybe longer, make sure that you do not skip the scheduled vet visits.

Life Expectancy

The English Bulldog Australian Shepherd mix has a life expectancy of around 12 years compared to the American Bulldog Australian Shepherd which lives between 13 and 16 years. The French Bulldog Australian Shepherd mix has a lifespan of 11 to 13 years.

How to Care for them

Caring for your Bulldog Aussie mix starts with feeding them the appropriate diet that meets their specific needs, exercising them often, taking them to the vet for regular checkups, and grooming them well.


Due to the difference in the Bulldog Aussie mixes, their grooming needs can vary significantly depending on the type of coat they inherit. Here is how to groom each of the above mixes:

English Bulldog Aussie mix

The English Bull-Aussie is a low shedder which means they have very low maintenance. They are okay being brushed once a week to remove the dead hair and keep their coats shiny. This mix should be bathed once a month or only when needed with special attention on skin folds, in any.

Clip the nails often or take them to a pro groomer and brush their teeth every day to promote optimal dental health.

American Bulldog Aussie mix

American Bull-Aussie mixes sport a short, dense coat that sheds moderately. You should brush them at least once a week to help distribute oils all their skin and hair and keep them neat. It is recommended that you use a brush mitt.

Make sure that their nails are clipped, and their teeth brushed every day to maintain proper dental health.

French Bulldog Aussie mix

The Aussie-Frenchie tends to shed than the other two bulldogs which means they have high grooming maintenances. Their coats should be brushed at least once a week to remove the dead hair and distribute oils all over their skin and body. Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner as well.

Bathing your French Bulldog Aussie mix should be done occasionally and wipe their folds on their faces using a wet paper towel. Their nails should be clipped each 4 to 6 weeks. and make sure that you brush their teeth every day.


If you are looking for an Australian Shepherd American Bulldog mix for sale, expect to spend anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000.

An English Bulldog Australian Shepherd mix costs between $800 and $1,000.

For a French Bulldog Australian Shepherd mix, you should expect to spend between $800 and $2,500 for a puppy.

These prices are influenced by factors such as the breeder’s reputation as well as their location and the pedigree of the parents.

Where to Adopt

Adopting a Bulldog Aussie mix is an excellent way to save a pup’s life. If you opt this method, you can check with your local shelter or contact the rescue groups of the French Bulldog, American Bulldog, English Bulldogs, and the Australian Shepherd.


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