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A Bulldog mix Beagle refers to a crossbreed between a Beagle and any bulldog variety including the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, or French Bulldog. This mix has two popular names, including the Beabull and the Frengle. We shall discuss this in detail below.

This mixed breed inherits some of the finest qualities that both the Bulldog and Beagle parents are admired for. It combines the easy-going attitude of the Bulldog parent and the affection of the Beagle parent resulting in a wonderful family pooch and companion. Due to the differences in personality in the Bulldog variety, you expect your mix to have some disparities as well.

So, you might be wondering: is the Bulldog Beagle mix an appropriate hybrid for me? In dog ownership, there are things to take into consideration other than the popularity and fine looks. You must understand how to care for them, their temperament, health issues, and more.

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about this wonderful Bulldog mix with Beagle. Whether you prefer the American, English, or the French bulldog variety crossed with a Beagle, you have come to the right place. We shall be looking at each of these individually so, continue reading…

What is a Bulldog Beagle mix called?

As mentioned briefly in the introduction section, the name given to a mix between a Bulldog and a Beagle depends on which bulldog parent is used in developing the mix.


This is the name commonly given to the cross between an English bulldog and a Beagle or the American bulldog and a Beagle.

A cute Beabull standing in the field
A cute Beabull standing in a field

On the one hand, the American Bulldog Beagle mix creates a dog that is playful and affectionate with a strong and independent nature. The English Bulldog Beagle mix, on the other hand, creates a loyal, curious, and affectionate hybrid.

Both mixes make excellent family dogs and companions


A Frengle is a name given to the cross between a French bulldog and a Beagle.

A black French bulldog Beagle mix (Frengle) with floppy ears looking on
A black French bulldog Beagle mix (Frengle) with floppy ears looking on

This hybrid inherits the best traits from both parents resulting in a charming, loving, and sweet-tempered pooch. The mix is highly adaptable to any kind of living with ample exercise and makes an incredible family dog and companion.

Beabull Puppies

A Bulldog Beagle mix puppy is so adorable and comes in solid colors, tri-colored, brindle, or even spotted. However, brown & white, gold, solid white, and tri-color are the most common. Some breeders have reported having very rare Beabull colors in their litter such as lilac or lilac merle.

When Beabull puppies are full grown, they are16 to 18 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh 40 to 55 lbs. As such, they are smaller than their purebred English Bulldog parent. Beabulls have a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.

The Beabull and Frengle designer dogs are not acknowledged as a breed by the AKC, but they are accepted by other kennel clubs and registries. These include the IDCR, DDKC, DRA, ACHC, and DBR.

Check out these pictures below of cute Beabull pups:

A Beabull Puppy standing outdoors in the yard
A Beabull Puppy standing outdoors in the yard
A brown & white Beabull standing outdoors
A brown & white Beabull standing outdoors
A white Beabull Puppy
A white Beabull Puppy

History of the Breed


The mix between the English Bulldog or American Bulldog and a Beagle might have existed naturally through mating or accidental breeding. There are no records on when they first came to occur. Intentional breeding of two purebreds, however, is not an old tradition and has been here for not more than two or three decades.

As such, Beabulls are expected to have been deliberately bred somewhere in North America in the last 20 to 30 years, or so.


Like Beabulls, the history of a Frengle is vague and no documentation exists as to when they started existing. However, breeders are thought to have purposely created this designer dog in the last 2 to 3 decades when mixes became popular.

We do not know exactly what motivated breeders into developing a hybrid between a Beagle and a Bulldog. Most crosses, however, are meant to create a great family dog or companion with the finest qualities of both parents while minimizing health problems.

To learn more about the Bulldog mix Beagle, let us take a brief dive into their parents.


The Bulldog – A descendant of the mastiff and pitbull dog breeds, the Bulldog is a medium-sized pooch that originated from the British Isles. As the name spells out, the breed was used in dog sports of bull-baiting and fighting with other dogs. Since they were created to be fearless and aggressive, this legacy has followed them to date, and they are banned in some countries.

An American Bulldog
An American Bulldog

Despite their bad past, today’s Bulldogs are quiet, outgoing, and patient with kids which makes them excellent family dogs.

Bulldogs tend to be stubborn and hence hard to train, but this handbook can help you train them effectively. They, however, retain their courage making them great watchdogs. There are 3 varieties including the English, American, and French bulldogs.

English Bulldogs were recognized by the AKC in 1886 followed by the French bulldog in 1898. The American Bulldog is not yet documented by the AKC as a breed of its own.

On average, bulldogs have a lifespan of between 8 and 14 years depending on the variety, with the American bulldog living up to 15 years. Unluckily, these dogs have very many health issues such as hip dysplasia, cherry eye, obesity, overheating, thyroid problems, skin problems, and more. You can read more on how to care for your bulldog.

The Beagle – A small scent hound, the Beagle originated from England, just like the bulldog, but was purposely developed for hunting rabbits. These dogs have a remarkable sense of smell that they retain to date even as companions and family dogs, so they might still have a high prey drive. The Beagle was acknowledged by the AKC in 1885.

A Beagle standing
A Beagle standing

Beagles are even-tempered, smart, good-natured, excitable, and strong-minded pooches that like affection.

When it comes to dog IQ, however, they rank among the last 7 of the most intelligent dog breeds for work and obedience intelligence. Beagles are restless and stubborn which makes training them a challenge. This AKC article will guide you on how to train your Beagle.

These cheerful pooches stand 13 to 16 inches tall with a weight of 20 to 22 lbs. and have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Beagles are generally healthy but susceptible to common health problems such as obesity, cherry eye, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, and allergies.


Telling what your Bulldog Beagle mix will look like is hard to predict due to the differences in the bulldog variety. Let us take a look at each specifically.

English Bulldog Beagle mix

The best way to tell what your Beabull will be like is waiting till your English Bulldog Beagle mix is full grown because it can resemble any parent or both as a pup.

That being said, most Beagle English Bulldog mixes have a standard height of 14 to 16 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh between 30 and 80 lbs. The mix sports the bulldog parent’s barrel-shaped physique that is sturdy and lean as well as the long muzzle and floppy ears of the Beagle parent.

Usually, Beabulls take after their Bulldog parent’s underbite and wrinkles, a squarer head, and powerful jaws. The face of a Bulldog mix Beagle may be flat, and the eyes will be large and round in shape which gives them a stunning look that is appealing to many.

Beabulls have a short, soft coat with a coarse top that comes in a range of stunning solid colors such as merle, brown, golden, brindle, and white, and can also be spotted.

Beagle English Bulldog Mix
Beagle English Bulldog Mix

American Bulldog Beagle mix

Like the Beabull cousin above, the American Bulldog Beagle mix can take after the looks of any parent or a unique blend of both. Waiting until your Beabull puppy is fully grown is the best way to tell their appearance.

Your mix, however, will stand approx. 12 to 16 inches tall at the shoulders and weigh between 30 and 50 lbs. Because both parents are not large breeds, you expect your American Beabull to be small in size with an athletic build. The tail and legs will be short.

Like its American bulldog parent, your Beabull will have a wrinkled face with an underbite. This pup inherits the Beagle parent’s long and floppy ears with a rather longer muzzle.

These Beabulls have a double coat that is short or medium in length like the Beagle parents’. Since both parents have a range of unique color codes, the same is expected of their mixed breed. Standard colors include brown, white, gold, brindle, or tri-colored, but can be any blend of these colors.

French Bulldog Beagle mix

A Frengle can look like any of its parents or sport a unique blend of both. Since the mix is a relatively new designer dog, only a few size standards are there. Therefore, expect your Frengle to stand between 8 and 15 inches tall at the shoulders with a weight of 18 to 30 lbs.

These pups have floppy ears and a muzzle that is somewhat long like their Beagle parent while adopting the wrinkled face and underbite features of the bulldog parent.

Mostly, Frengles will have a mix of both parent’s coats that is short to medium in length that sheds, so it is not ideal for people with fur allergies or sensitivities. Your mixed breed can have solid coat colors or a mixture of brown, cream, and brindle, and they can also be tri-colored or spotted.

Temperament and Characteristics

The temperament of the Bulldog mix Beagle, again, depends on the type of bulldog that was used to create the mixed breed. Here is a breakdown of all:

English Bulldog Beagle mix

This mix is becoming popular among dog lovers and owners because of its even temperament. These Beabulls are outgoing and will be good with strangers too which means you should look further if you need a guard dog. You can, however, train them to be guard dogs. The mix will be well-mannered if trained from puppyhood and is very patient and kind to children, even the youngest ones in the family.

Beabulls are loyal to their family and will do funny things to entertain you such as amusing howling tendencies. Bulldog mix Beagles are playful so they will love to play with you or engage in family activities. These pups are very affectionate which makes them prone to separation anxiety and this could make their powerful jaws very destructive when bored or lonely.

Due to their Beagle parent, Beabulls tend to have a high prey drive and may chase other small pets at home. therefore, it is preferable that you socialize them as puppies so they can know how to live with other small pets in the household. In addition, most owners of the English bulldog Beagle mix say their buddies tend to howl and bark and may be tricky for apartment dwellers.

American Bulldog Beagle mix

Like the Beagle parent, the American Bulldog Beagle mix is extremely social and loves being with the family all day. These pups are strongly devoted to their owners, so you expect them to be very obedient and loving. Beabulls are great and tolerant with kids and will never harm even those kids that are bothersome. This makes them wonderful addition to any family.

That being said, this mix has a strong and independent character that gets in the way of their training. The American Bulldog Beagle mix is good with other pets because they cherish such company. However, the hunting instincts of the Beagle parent may manifest most in some pups and they may have a high prey drive. As such, it is good to socialize them as early as possible.

An American Bulldog Beagle Mix
An American Bulldog Beagle Mix

French Bulldog Beagle mix

Owners of this wonderful Frenchie Beagle mix say their pooches are outgoing and playful. Due to their small size, they will enjoy cuddling in your lap for some fun time together. The Frengle is loyal to its family and will make friends even with people they have just met. However, they are excellent watchdogs that distinguish between a stranger and an intruder and will bark at them.

Like the Beabull, the Frengle tends to inherit the Beagle parent’s high pet drive instincts and might chase after small pets in the household. So, make sure they get socialized with other pets at an early age to help them live in harmony.

Ease of Training

Is the Bulldog mix Beagle easy to train?

English Bulldog Beagle mix

The Beagle English Bulldog mix enjoys being a part of the family activities as well as exciting tasks. Generally, this character makes them easy to train. One of the main challenges of this hybrid, however, is that inherits stubbornness that will make training sessions difficult. So, make sure that you begin obedience training when they are still puppies.

The best way to counter this stubborn streak in your English Bulldog Beagle mix is by using positive reinforcement techniques. For best results, keep the training sessions short and enjoyable in environments with fewer distractions due to their high prey drive. This mix requires a lot of patience and consistency when training. So, if you are a novice dog owner, seek pro help.

Most Beabull puppies take after their bulldog parent’s notorious play-biting, and you should discourage this behavior by showing them it is wrong. Socializing them from a young age also helps prevent possible aggression as they grow.

American Bulldog Beagle mix

While the American Bulldog Beagle mix is smart which makes taking and obeying commands easy and fast, this hybrid has a strong and independent personality. Typically, they will ignore your commands which can be frustrating. So, you have to train your Beabull obedience from a very young age if you want them to cooperate. And since they are so devoted to you, use this advantage to build a strong bond between you two. Training them will be easier.

Like with most dogs, the Beagle English Bulldog mix will respond best to verbal praises and treats for whatever they do right. Due to their high prey drive, train them from puppyhood how to live with other small pets at home without chasing them. Remember to also take them out to dog parks where they can make new friends and learn about new environments.

French Bulldog Beagle mix

The Frenchie Beagle mix is an intelligent pooch who is loyal to his owners, so training him can be quite easy. Like other Bulldog-Beagle mixes, however, Frengles may inherit the stubborn streak of the Beagle parent making obedience and potty training rather challenging. Thus, it is recommended that you start training them from puppyhood when they are easy to control. Socialize your Frengle early too.

Like the Beabull, the Frengle inherits the Beagle parent’s high pet drive instincts and may be sidetracked by scents easily. It is good to make sure that they are on a leash when you take them out for walks. While this prevents them from straying, you also need to train them against pulling the leash. This kind of discipline can only be introduced when they are puppies.

A cute French Bulldog Beagle Mix
A cute French Bulldog Beagle Mix


Exercise needs for the Bulldog mix Beagle depend on their energy levels.

English Bulldog Beagle mix

Beabulls have high energy, but their exercises are moderate depending on which parent they inherit from most. On average, your English Bulldog Beagle mix needs 45 to 60 minutes of exercise every day, but it can be less if the mix takes after the bulldog parent more. They will enjoy walking, but you should not let them off-leash due to their high prey drive.

Due to the brachycephalic syndrome inherited from the bulldog parent, they might have trouble breathing especially if they are exercising outdoors when it is hot. Watch out and cut the exercise when you notice they have trouble breathing.

American Bulldog Beagle mix

While they are energetic, Beabulls require moderate levels of activities, so they are best suited for people that are not super-active. However, make sure they exercise for at least 60 minutes per day with activities such as serious training, walks, or a trip to the dog park. While this helps keep them fit, it also prevents the risks of weight gain in your mix.

Being intelligent pooches, Beabulls like to keep their minds active and you could do this by playing games like fetch with them in the backyard. Like their Frengle cousins, Beabulls are predisposed to overheating due to the stubby nose. So, avoid exercise when it is hot outdoors or when you notice they are having trouble breathing properly.

French Bulldog Beagle mix

The Frenchie Beagle mix is known to have high energy levels which means the mix needs ample exercise to keep fit and healthy. So, make sure that your Frengle exercises for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day to help them burn off excess energy. This exercise should include a range of activities such as walks and a trip to the dog park for socialization.

Your Frengle needs mental stimulation to keep their mind busy so they will enjoy playing a game of fetch with you in the yard. This also creates a chance for you and your pooch to build a strong bond. Due to the Frenchie breathing problems, limit exercises outdoors especially in hot weather as they cannot withstand the heat.

Nutritional Requirements

Although every dog’s nutritional needs are different based on their age, weight, health, and activity level, all Bulldog-Beagle mixes have a big appetite! The question is how much should you feed them.

A Beagle English Bulldog Mix sleeping on the grass
A Beagle English Bulldog Mix sleeping on the grass

English Bulldog Beagle mix

Beabulls need to be fed at least 2 to 3 cups of high-quality kibble that is formulated for medium-sized dogs with moderate energy levels. This quantity should be split into 2 or 3 meals per day since they use their underbite to empty the feeding bowl pretty fast. Make sure you stick to the recommended feeding schedule to prevent your canine buddy from being overweight.

American Bulldog Beagle mix

Like the English Bulldog Beagle mix, these Beabulls (American variety) should consume between 2 and 3 cups of premium kibble per day. This food should be divided into small portions to prevent your Beabull from overeating which could lead to weight gain. Their ideal diet is the one formulated for medium size pooches with moderate levels of energy.

French Bulldog Beagle mix

Unlike Beabulls, Frengles should be fed a diet that is made for small dog breeds with high energy levels because they are smaller in size. They also tend to overeat which could lead to obesity, so make sure the meal is split into sizable portions and fed in intervals. To know how much your Frengle should eat each day, talk to your vet.

If you are not sure which diet is appropriate or how much food you should give your Bulldog mix Beagle, consult with your vet as they understand your dog’s requirements best.

Health Issues

While breeders of designer dogs aim at reducing the number of health problems parents suffer from, mixed breeds are still prone to some. So, let us look at each of the Bulldog-Beabull mixes:

A French Bulldog Mix Puppy
A French Bulldog Mix Puppy

English Bulldog Beagle mix

Serious health problems in English Bulldog Beagle mixes include hip dysplasia, disc disease, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and patellar luxation. Beabulls are also susceptible to minor health conditions such as ear infections, reverse sneezing, and skin infections.

American Bulldog Beagle mix

The American Bulldog mixed with the Beagle may be predisposed to health issues such as neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL), skin issues, kidney and thyroid disorders, ACL tears, and hip & elbow dysplasia, cherry eye, entropion/ectropion, and more.

French Bulldog Beagle mix

Some common health problems in Frengles are patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, allergies, epilepsy, intervertebral disc disease, and brachycephalic syndrome.

To ensure your Bulldog mix Beagle stays healthy and happy, prioritize good care and keep up with all regular checkups.

Life Expectancy

On average, the English Bulldog Beagle mix and the American Bulldog Beagle mix have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years.

The French Bulldog Beagle mix, on the other hand, has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

How to Care for them

When it comes to your canine friend, good care begins with feeding your Beagle mix Bulldog the appropriate diet, exercising them often, and maintaining the planned vet visits. If you do that and groom them properly, you will have a healthy pooch that lives a happy life.


As with other mixes, the grooming need of your Bulldog mix Beagle depends on the coat type they inherit from their parents. Let us look at each of them individually.

Beagle Bulldog Mix
Beagle Bulldog Mix

English Bulldog Beagle mix

Thanks to their short, straight, sleek, and shiny coat, the English Bulldog Beagle mix has relatively easy grooming requirements. You should brush their coat once or twice a week to get rid of the dead hair while giving them a stunning look. Unless they get very dirty to be ignored while exercising or playing, bathing them once every two months is enough. Since they shed, you will need to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner.

The Beabull’s face has skin folds that need to be wiped using a wet cloth weekly to prevent bacteria from accumulating which could lead to bad infections. If they have floppy ears, check them for debris and clean them as recommended by the vet. Clip their nails regularly and brush their teeth every day to promote good dental health.

American Bulldog Beagle mix

Beagle American Bulldog mix has a double coat that is short or medium in length and sheds fairly. As such, you need to buy a decent vacuum that will pick up your dog’s hair. Like their cousins above, they are rather easy to groom and need to be brushed at least once or twice a week. Beabulls will be fine with one bath every two months or just wiping them down with a damp cloth unless they are extremely dirty.

The skin folds on their faces will need to be cleaned with a damp cloth once a week to prevent dirt from building up as it would lead to nasty bacterial infections. If their ears are droopy, check and clean them regularly as recommended by the vet. Make sure to trim their nails regularly and brush their teeth every day to support optimal oral health.

French Bulldog Beagle mix

The short to medium coats of the Frengle comes either as smooth or wiry and are considered easy to groom. Their coat sheds moderately so, if you can brush them every day, it would be better to remove the dead hair and keep the coat shiny and attractive. Since they are shedders, consider buying a vacuum cleaner.

Check your Frengle’s floppy ears for pests and debris daily and clean them with the right products as per your vet’s guidelines. Pay attention to the skin folds on their faces by cleaning them often to remove any dirt that might accumulate. This helps prevent bacterial infections. Lastly, trim their nails before they get long and brush their teeth every day for good dental health.

Cost: How much do Beabulls cost?

You will find Beabull puppies for sale in many places, but we recommend buying from reputable and responsible breeders.

An English Bulldog Beagle mix pup costs anywhere between $600 and $1,000, while an American Bulldog Beagle mix puppy is between $500 and $1,200.

The French Bulldog Beagle mix puppy is the most affordable among the Beagle-Bulldog mix class with a price tag of between $200 and $700 for a puppy.

When you visit the breeder’s location, ask to see the parents of the Beabull or Frenchie you are buying. They should also provide you with the parent’s health records.

Where to Adopt

While Beabulls and Frengles are designer dogs, most of them can be found in local shelters and rescues. If you intend to adopt a Bulldog mix Beagle, consult with workers from your local shelter or contact any rescue organizations of the parents.


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