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There are several cat food brands coming up every other month but the Soulistic Cat Food brand stands out. Since its founding in 2006, the Weruva company behind this cat food brand has maintained and improved its cat food quality standards. They are known for its meat-based, high-moisture food made from simple recipes and minimal ingredients. However, there are several Soulistic cat food brands out there and we have narrowed down to the very best Soulistic cat food for you to pick from

Besides, the purpose of Soulistic is to offer a wide range of excellent pet food for your kittens with high-class substances. And now, don’t wait anymore, let’s move to the reviews:

Reviews of Soulistic Cat Food

These versions are produced with white meat of fresh fish and a high amount of protein as well. The structure of this meat is derived mainly from shreds. Most of products will support along with metal alloy cans.  

Soulistic Luna Tuna 

The flavor of this version is filled with scents of tuna wild. This item is traditionally saturated in pumpkin soup. Moreover, four crucial elements dip into the water to treat, such as pumpkin, tuna, seed oil, and starch.


It is perfect for worse tummies. Because pumpkin is among those pet food therapies in our lives. Moreover, this version has acquired a significant range of great ideas for pet owners whose cats have sensitive or allergic stomach as well. The cats’ problems have been tackled when they consume this food.   

This soft cat food is very beneficial for your pet’s skin. On the other hand, it is an excellent one supported with pumpkin and lettuce that are useful for fur as well as skin. Moreover, this tuna is full of fatty substances along with berry and vitamin E. These two ingredients included in this kitty version. Clients realize their cat’s fur is smoother when feeding them with this food all the time.


It can cost you so much, compared to other versions.

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Moist & Tender Turkey  

Another version that we would like to refer to you is the Moist Turkey. It is created from deboned all-natural turkey as well as tuna. When it comes to the crucial ingredients, they are starch, tuna, broth, veggie oil, and so on. Besides, the fish is billed and captured as well. Similarly, this version does not have some addictives and toxic substances as well.


This cheap cat food provides an appropriate hydration. On the other hand, this offers your kitty with lots of dampness. Also, nearly 80% of its own ingredients is saturation. Moreover, it is a super excellent food for feeding your cat.

Delicious gravy. We believe that it is a tasty product which can make your kittens enjoy so much. Besides, most of the cat will enjoy licking gravy in this food. When it comes to the sauce, it is created with a tasty flavor of the broth. That’s so amazing for your pets.


You can take the most advantages of many slices of meat when needed. Some clients have remarked this version includes a little piece of meat. Many others claim that it has a lot of sauce as well.

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Good Karma Chicken

The item is a great chicken one with yummy gravy. The initial four elements are dipped into water for treating such as jojoba oil, starch, phosphate, and definitely chicken. The amount of its saturation is approximately 85%.


This version has intangible meat. This poultry dinner kitty food includes tons of actual chicken meat. As soon as disclosing this product, there isn’t any shred which is constructed from perfect meat. Last but not least, the high amount of protein in this version is very suitable for your kittens and becomes a great partner for them in the near future.

Sterile and high-quality elements. This version represents the amount of protein and does not include carbohydrates and other key materials at all. Moreover, this version has no broth, which discovered in the various hydrated kitten foods.  


There is a tiny amount of fiber, compared to the vegan cat food. Whenever it is advertised as fermented and grain kitten food, we believe that your kittens require a lot of fiber for their digestive health. These kitty foods are stained with water as well as starch. The starch is the main origin of hydrates. Besides, this version doesn’t support with some veggies, compared to other same versions.

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Pumpkin Puree 

This model is a fantastic one that is made mainly from the pumpkin. The item has water and pumpkin as well. However, it is not able to be easy than the others. The amount of saturation is around 90% so that your kittens will obtain a high quantity of hydration in this version. The sausage packing claims that this model is very suitable for your pets such as puppies and kittens.  


This version can assist your pet’s digestive health. This pure and straightforward puree aids in removing the constipation status from your lovely pets. Moreover, this model is recommended by doctors for pets who own a sensitive stomach. Next, it consists of essential minerals to support the immunization. A few customers discover that this version plays a critical role in your pet’s life as well.

It is flexible. This product will be awarded to your lovely pets like snacks or topper. Lastly, both puppies and kittens can make the best use of this version for improving their health.



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Pate Peaceful food

The last version that we would like to bring to you is Pate instinct cat food. This version enriches in the high amount of protein, such as Salmon, Lamb, and so forth. Moreover, this product comprises a lot of meat as well. At this moment, some manufacturers put some dry eggs to increase the flavor of protein. 


It is ideal for allergic stomach. Many pet’s parents realize that their cats who own painful and allergic stomachs can consume this product frequently. These ingredients in this one are supported with saturation and good for your pet’s digestion.  

There is no carrageenan in high protein cat food at all. Most clients who purchased this version will share that it has no more carrageenan. Because there is a wide range of pet food, comprise this substance as well. From the scientists, this additive is believed to result in irritation and inflammatory ailments for your lovely pets.


There are some alterations in this product. One particular client claims that some texture of this version could transform. We all believe that it is likely to get some distinctions of each batch since this food is made from mainly meat at all. At this time, we can not guarantee the lastest recipe of this version.

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FAQs on Soulistic Cat Food

Can be this pet food great?

These versions of soulistic cat food are produced from mainly natural components. Therefore, it is a healthful alternative for your kittens. Having its whole cuts of beef and lettuce along with pure chicken, it could be perfect for your lovely cats. Besides, there are no grains and additives. Last but not least, it consists of a high amount of leading quality meats.

Where are these versions produced?

This food has been manufactured in the Thai poultry center, which publishes people or pet food and earns high degree certificates from BRC.        

Who makes Soulistic cat food?

Weruva is the company/manufacturer behind the Soulistic cat food brands. It is known for wet food varieties for cats and has a significant market in the US which makes sense given that this family-owned company is based in the US. It has an exclusive distribution deal with Petco. It was started in 2006 by David and Stacie Forman and is known for meat-based, high-moisture food made with minimalist recipes that use few ingredients. You can read more about them on their website here.

Bottom Line

We believe that most of you are keener on the high-class materials of these cat food. The protein of this food is derived from meat and other poultry substances. Moreover, they are completely clear of preservatives and additives. Last but not least, choosing the soulistic cat food will make your pet’s life more safer and healthier.                  

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