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Are you looking for the best shock collar for your affectionate, active canine friend – the American bulldog? As a pet, the American Bulldog is a fanciful choice. Yes, that canine with wrinkled forehead, bulging eyes, and a flat face, that one! Known for their sturdy and burly build, American Bulldogs are reputable for their agility. 

With ancestries from the Old English Bulldog, the American Bulldogs were bred to help in farming activities. Due to their agility, intelligence, and loyalty, the breed was used for hunting wild pigs and handling cattle. They also have featured in activities such as bull baiting where this temperament was eliminated slowly with careful breeding turning them into loving family pets.

Adopting a bulldog pup today comes with loads of responsibilities, including adequate time with your pooch as they hate being left alone for long. An American bulldog has high maintenance needs as well as essentials like a collar, harness, and a leash.

Why Use a Shock Collar?

Like any other dog breed, the American bulldog requires a lot of appropriate training to make them wonderful companions. They need to be taught what to and what not to do, as well as socializing from their pup stage especially with family, kids, and other dogs.

American bulldogs are known to be overly loyal to their families and can be violent to strangers, which is where a dog shock collar comes in. They also come in handy in pet containment and stopping unnecessary barking.

8 Best Shock Collar for American Bulldog:

Review of the 8 Best Shock Collar for American Bulldog

Unfortunately, the American Bulldog breed is known to have a higher risk for breathing problems. As such, choosing the best shock collar can be a tough and tricky task. Fortunately for you, we have conducted in-depth research on your behalf and brought you the 8 best shock collars for your American Bulldog buddy. Keep reading for more information.

We shall also include the pros and cons of each from product reviews by clients.

OneTigris Military Dog Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

Our Editor’s Choice for best shock collar for American bulldogs is the OneTigris Military Dog Collar. This collar features a thick nylon strap with an inner lining that is padded with a soft cushion for optimal comfort without irritation. For durability, it is made with a heavy metal D ring and a metallic buckle with five adjustable points for flexibility.

The best thing with OneTigris Military Dog Collar is that it comes with a hook and panel that you can put the pooch’s identity tag to keep him safe. This collar for American bulldogs is available in three sizes and fits medium to large neck-sized dogs. The collar length measures 14.6” – 17.7” for medium, 17.7” – 20.9” for large, and 20.9” – 24” for extra-large (XL).

This dog collar is suitable for everyday use and is ideal to use with OneTigris dog leash. A piece of advice, though – make sure that you pick the right size for your dog. You can even measure him directly if possible to avoid the hassle of returning and re-ordering. 


  • Padded inner lining for comfort
  • Made with durable materials
  • Five adjustable points
  • Hook & Panel for harnessing ID tag


  • Unavailable in smaller sizes

SportDOG YardTrainer 350 Training Dog Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

Our runner’s up for the best shock collar for American bulldogs is the YardTrainer 350 Training Dog Collar from SportDOG. This collar combines the simplicity of a basic shock collar training system with the flexibility and toughness of a more cutting-edge sporting-dog trainer.

This SD-350 collar gives you a range of 300 yards which means you can control your canine from a distance. It can be used for both training purposes and eliminating unsuitable behaviors. The collar comes with three modes (beep, nick, & static shock), with the shock option offering 8 adjustment levels. It offers a reasonable amount of handy features at an affordable price tag.

Both the collar receiver and remote transmitter feature proprietary DryTek technology for water resistance up to 25 feet, and come with rechargeable NiMH batteries. If you want to know whether the remote or receiver is running low on charge, just check the low-battery indicator. All SportDOG products can withstand all weathers and come with a detailed manual and basic training tips for a pro.


  • Three control modes
  • Attractive range 
  • User-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • All-weather
  • Comes with manual and training tips


  • Collar batteries drain too fast
  • Collar design needs improvement

PetSafe Premier Quick Snap Martingale Dog Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

Are you looking for a comfier and safer collar for your American bulldog? Our third-best collar, PetSafe Premier Dog Collar with Quick Snap Martingale, is what you are looking for! A great alternative to a choke collar, this martingale collar is safer and comfier and only tightens under pressure. As such, you get more control and there are minimal chances that your dog will back out of its collar and escape.

This dog collar is made from high quality durable nylon and is recommended by trainers and veterinarians as the paramount design for everyday use. The best thing with this dog collar from PetSafe is that you can also use it on your growing pup. Unlike some sub-standard collars, it does not cause bald and matting spots.

It is worth noting, however, that this collar is not suggested for tie-out use or even when engaging in group play sessions. It is waterproof, has one-year limited warranty, and has a 300 yards range.


  • Waterproof
  • Custom-fit for growing pups
  • Recommended by vets & trainers
  • Quick-snap buckle for easy control
  • Securely holds escapees snugly
  • Comfortable & durable


  • Unsuitable for tie-out use and group play

Red Dingo Reflective Ziggy Dog Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

Do you want to keep your canine buddy safe and secure even in the low-light places? Meet our fourth-best collar for American bulldogs, the Red Dingo Reflective Ziggy Dog Collar. It is a uniquely stylish dog collar with a zigzag pattern that features a unique reflective material. 

As the name suggests, this reflective collar keeps your pooch visible even in the rain or darkest places and comes in a variety of attractive colors. The collar is soft and abrasion-resistant and is built with premium nylon netting with firmly-sewn seams for a comfy safety and style.

The Red Dingo Reflective Ziggy Dog Collar features a trademarked bucklebone side-release clip and stainless-steel D ring leash attachment for easy collar release. It is also puppy-friendly with pliable material that prevents skin irritation. This material is machine-washable, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Reflective for enhanced visibility & safety
  • A D-ring for harnessing an ID tag
  • Side-release (trademarked) for collar on and off
  • Colors don’t run out even in water
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not quick safety release
  • Inner lining not padded
  • Weak clasp

Nite Beams LED Pet Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

Yet another glowing dog collar on the list, Nite Beams LED Pet Collar, is a perfect choice for your American bulldog. The collar is specifically designed to make your pooch visible at night or under the rain when vision gets a little trickier.

Are you planning to go out for outdoor activities where there is low light or will spend some days with your friends even at night camping? Our fifth-best dog collar is a perfect choice. It is made from a non-abrasive nylon material with glowing neon light for enhanced visibility of up to 1,400 feet. 

The best thing with this battery-operated collar is compatible with any weather from winter through summer. Just make sure that you measure your pooch’s neck size before you buy.


  • LED glow for enhanced visibility
  • Durable build (non-abrasive nylon)
  • Range of elegant color designs
  • All-weather material
  • High visibility of up to 1,400 feet away


  • Flimsy battery caddy
  • Poor battery life

Dogtime Round Soft Leather Dog Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

Are you looking for the best leather dog collar on the market? Our sixth-best collar for American bulldog from Dogline is a fantastic choice. This Round Soft Leather Dog Collar is made from high-grade materials for durability and functionality with scrupulous artistry.

Each of Dogtime’s dog collar features wax coated stitching for toughness and their collars are available in 8 sizes that are compatible with many dog breeds. Unlike other collars that are colored, Dogtime Round Soft Leather Dog Collar features real dyed leather.

This dog collar is made from robust nylon material which is encased in an external padded leather. Its design does not require rivets to avoid accidental hurts or snuggling your bulldog’s coat. The buckle on this dog collar is made from solid metal that features a protective covering. Is your pup stronger than most others or have a robust adult bulldog? You can never go wrong with this collar.


  • Durable genuine leather material
  • Standardized for safety
  • Rivet-free buckle & waxed stitching
  • Compatible with all-size dogs
  • Dyed leather for sturdiness
  • Soft & padded
  • Gentle on hair & skin


  • Metallic parts tend to rust after contact with water
  • Some clients report easy breakages

Link AKC GPS Activity & Monitor Dog Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

Do you need a smart collar with sophisticated GPS for monitoring your bulldog’s activities? Our seventh-best dog collar from Link AKC is what your American bulldog needs. Dogs are wandering creatures which means they can go further than you intended and tracking them might be hard. With this GPS Activity & Monitor Dog Collar, however, you can track using an Android or iOS app.

You can view Link AKC like a smartphone for your pooch and it needs service plan connectivity for data transmission. This collar comes with access to the pet Poison Helpline as well as a 24/7 animal Poison control center. Link AKC GPS tracking is powered by the AT&T cellular network service for fast tracking. Safety features in this collar include temperature alerts that are visible on the collar remote and the app includes all necessary vet records on your dog for easier ownership.

Other than looking stylish on your American bulldog, this collar is lightweight and IP67 waterproof, and curves naturally to fit your bulldog’s neck contours. You can track your dog up to 330 yards away and come with LED lighting for visibility during nighttime walks.


  • Temperature alerts
  • Vet records storage/adventure sharing
  • Tracks GPS location & activity level
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • LED lighting for night visual
  • Genuine leather


  • Not for dogs under 10 lbs.
  • Non-reflective fabric

Blueberry Pet Floral Prints Dog Collar

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as of August 29, 2023 1:33 pm

As the name suggests, our eighth-best collar for American Bulldog, Floral Prints Dog Collar from Blueberry Pet, comes in a range of attractive colors and design. This non-stretch collar is made from high-density polyester webbing with a comfortable neoprene bottom layer and eco friendly plastic-made buckles.

Like some collars on our list, Blueberry Pet has included a metallic D-ring that is coated with chrome for enhanced durability. As such, you can attach dog tags, charms, and pendants on the loop for identification purposes. Unlike many other products, you are advised to not attach a leash with this loop. 

To ensure you buy the right collar for your bulldog, Blueberry Pet provides a size chart with the recommended weight range info. Like many others, you get a range of 330 yards with this collar. It is worth mentioning that the neoprene layer on this dog collar makes it water-resistant.


  • Available in many beautiful colors
  • Comes with a D-ring
  • Waterproof
  • Robust build
  • Do not stretch
  • Comfy and secure


  • Collars remain smelly for an extended period
  • Some clients report quick fading
  • Unsuitable for tie-out

Buying Guide

With the massive number of dog shock collars available on the market, we all know how easy it is to get lost in the decision making process. A dog shock collar is an investment and the last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned dollars in the wrong product.

As such, you need to consider several factors in this buying guide before you buy a shock collar. Check out these 9 things to consider:

  • Stimulation Modes & Levels – A good shock collar should have at least two modes of stimulation (beep/sound & vibration) in addition to the shock mode. These secondary modes are helpful in training your bulldog without having to hurt it via static shock. As for levels, they vary with the highest being 1-100 so pick one that suits your canine pal.
  • Size – We all have seen how large Bulldogs can get. So, before spending that money on a shock collar, make sure it fits your doggie’s neck.
  • Weight – Dog shock manufacturers will tell you the best dog weight their collars should be used on. Before you buy, ensure that your bulldog meets the recommended weight to avoid stressing your pooch’s neck.
  • Range – From how many yards away can the shock collar be controlled? This matters most as dogs can wander away during walks, hunting, or any other activities. Pick a shock collar with a big coverage.
  • Durability & Materials – Typically, you get what your pay for. Go for a collar with robust construction materials if you want a device that will give you a service for a long time.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – Electronics tend to develop faults (however small) any time during use. As such, check whether the manufacturer offers warranty for services such as replacement or repair for broken devices.
  • Water Resistance – We all know how dogs love swimming or playing with water. So, go for a collar with a waterproof receiver to prevent accidental static shock. You also can get caught in the rain unawares during walks or outdoor activities. 
  • Battery – Just like with other gadgets in our homes, battery life is imperative. So, pick a shock collar with a quality battery life, particularly rechargeable ones.
  • Cost – I put price at the end not because it is not crucial, it is. We talked about the durability and build materials of a shock collar. While you should not strain with costs, especially if working on a tight budget, do not go for cheap either. Look for quality, fairly-priced collars.

It’s as easy as that, guys.

Types of Dog Collars for Bulldogs

Currently, there are three types of dog collars for bulldogs that you will find in the market that are often related to the primary market.

  • Training Collars

As the name suggests, these are the types of collars that you use to train your bulldog on the basic obedience skills. Sometimes, training collars are used to correct unnecessary behaviors that your pooch has. Time is one of the fundamental aspects of using this type of collar.

It requires the pet owner to spend quality time with their bulldog walking or playing and the family as well. Training collars are used in off-leash exercise and you can use its shock feature to minimize the time needed to see results.

While they have a typical range of approximately 500-feet to 1000-feet, some manufacturers extend the collar’s coverage.

  • Anti-Bark Collars

While they make affectionate family pets, Bulldogs can sometimes bark at strangers and other dogs, or when communicating naturally. This is where the anti-bark collars come in handy to control their barking. If you are in bed and hear your bulldog barking outside, I think it is better if you check our why it is barking, right?

Anyway, instead of shouting at your canine buddy for him to stop barking, it is better off harnessing an anti-bark collar on their thick necks to stop them from barking.

  • Invisible Fence Collars

With these types of dog collars, you set a certain perimeter that your bulldog is not supposed to go beyond. As the name puts it, you may not have a fence but the invincible fence collar sends a signal to the receiver on its neck once your pooch disobeys.

The first warning is a beep or sound which upgrades to vibration mode when your bulldog ignores and continues to walk past the predetermined area. If it decides to ignore the signal, the static shock mode is activated and it will definitely stop.

Invisible fence collars are costlier compared to other types of electronic collars as they require wire installation to the ground in your compound.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Shock Collars Really Hurt Dogs?

Yes, but only minimal physical harm that will barely last. All approved shock collars deliver safe static shock to just get your pooch’s undivided attention. But it is also worth noting that faulty shock collars can cause electrical burns and leave some holes on the effect parts. If you don’t want this happening to your canine friend, remove the shock collar when your pooch is not under supervision.

Do Dog Trainers Recommend Shock Collars?

A short answer to this question is yes, they do. This is because shock collars are an ideal method of correcting your dog’s unnecessary behavior like too much barking, needless violence, containment, and more.

What is the Best Dog Shock Training Collar?

While there are many dog shock training collars in the arena, the best dog shock training collar, in my opinion, should be the one that meets your training needs. If it has quality build, is safe on your dog and instills good behavior in your furry pal, you are good to go.

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