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Though lovely and considered some of the most honest pets to own, dogs are carnivorous and not well adapted to process complex carbohydrates. Your dog can, however, easily process basic carbs as it does proteins and we have spent a good amount of time comparing and reviewing the best low carb dog foods you can pick anytime or season, spring to winter. We have picked only those dog food brands with reduced or no carbohydrates, making them very suitable for your dog with problems digesting carbs.

A low-Carb dog diet inhibits the growth of cancer cells and is great if you want your dog to live longer and there are several other benefits detailed at the bottom of this post. From our recent research, we sought to find the best low carbohydrates diets for dogs to assist you in navigating the increasingly sizable market of the best low carb dog foods.   

What are low-carb dog foods?

Low-carb dog foods are those with fewer carbohydrates content and high in protein and moderate in fat contents. Typically, dogs hardly ate carbs as part of their diet in the wild until their taming where it is supposed that they ate what their human buddies ate or their leftovers. And just like with humans who consume foods with lots of carbs in them get fat and lazy, the case is not different for dogs.

What proportions make low-carb dog foods?

Your dog should eat fewer carbs than proteins and fats combined. Most dog food brands have up to 76% carbs in them which is inappropriate according to dog’s nutritional needs. As such, the proportions for low-carb dog foods should be less than 30% which mimics their ancestral diet.

Role of Carbs in a dog’s diet

Dogs are mostly carnivores, yes, but they are able to survive on other sources of nutrition, and carbs is one of them. As stated above, dogs taming by humans early in society enabled them to eat from human tables to subsist among people. And while all dogs can process some amount of carbs, factors such as age, size, breed, intolerances, and genetics affect their digestibility.

Simple carbs in dog foods is easily broken down into calories which provide more energy. Make sure your dog eat complex carbs that are easy to digest because they are broken down slowly providing more energy.

Benefits of low-carb dog diets

Although not necessary, carbs consumption in dogs comes with some benefits and all nutritious dog foods contain some carbs amount in them. So, here are some benefits of low-carb dog diets:

  • It mimics their ancestral diet
  • Makes dogs more lean and increase muscle mass
  • Ideal for dogs with grain intolerances and sensitivity to carbs
  • Helps lessen epic dog obesity problems
  • Removes fillers in dog foods

Obesity in dogs is becoming a growing problem and feeding them low-carb diets can be a good solution. That way, you can protect your canine friend from obesity-related issues such as kidney problems, heart disease, and diabetes among others.

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The 6 Best Low Carb Dog Food Reviews 2022

1. Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food

The overall best low-carb dog food available today in the market is the Nulo Adult Grain Free dog food.

Carbohydrates Percentage Composition: 0%, totally grain-free or zero carbs in this dog food brand

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The first product and the first best low-carb dog food that you can get for your German Shepherd in 2021 is this Nulo Adult Grain-Free dog food. The item reflects this since it’s derived from no artificial materials. Knowing that dogs have a particular amount of low carb it can digest, this brand is made using digestible meats, which are sourced from poultry meat.

This method is enriched in a variety of minerals to support your pets. This is a fresh version that’s meant to maintain your dog joyfully, and active. The vitality stems from the protein. Created using a Pro-Biotic, here is a beautiful meal for the pet’s digestive wellness.

The healthy ingredients ensure that your pet will support for the stronger skin of your pets. The essential amount of minerals also can strengthen the mentality. 

Many buyers who learned from some previous experience will say that the effort care for their puppies is ended. They have been few and far between, although many pets have a terrible responsibility for the specific food.


It has grain-free sterile food.

The BC30 pro-biotic is good for bowel

Some minerals like Omega are suitable for fur, skin.


Many dogs interact slowly. 

2. Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food 

Carbohydrates Percentage Composition: Less than 5% starch (85% less carbohydrate than other leading “grain-free” brands )

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When users are interested in finding a low protein, it is maybe the final hunting journey. Ketona features your high protein low-fat dog food, which owns fewer carbs than additional brands that are grain-free.

That is just another case where we can chat about what exactly is and what’s not in some stuff. The version is produced from sugar-free and starch levels. Every one of the protein has been increased by ranchers from the USA so that you do not need to care about them.

There protein than the brands, to start. This item is supported with this much protein, so you could assist the energetic muscles on your lovely pets. There are some issues related to puppies, so if you’re thinking about shifting your dog. You should keep in touch with the vet by using adverse reactions to the food. For the large part, however, buyers love it, along with their dogs perform! We believe that it is the most effective low carb dog food for the cost. 


There are fewer 85% carbohydrates, compared to other competitors.

It accounts for a lot of protein

This version can attract your pet’s temptation.


Some dogs do not have a good response.

3. Dr. Harvey’s Superfood Dogfood – Premium Choice  

Carbs Diet Composition: 100% carbs-free

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The preparation is a bit easy. In this case, we highly recommend that you should let it take a relax from five to ten minutes, add hot water into your mixture that is premade. The next thing to do is put some protein. 

This combination itself is filled with great materials for your dog’s health. This is a perfect food, which contains grain-free as well as low protein. There are no artificial additives, or toxic ones as well. The fundamental method is produced from various veggies and fruits.

This is an excellent food for controlling diabetes for your pets. It can be good for puppies that have some problems related to stomachs. The version is a low protein for a diet that is the optimal plan.

There are other benefits When most clients claim about the consequence of this food on their lovely puppies. People who possess dogs test positive for cancer symptoms after changing into this food. 


  • This product has a lot of advantages
  • It is suitable for your pet’s daily diet
  • It is advantageous to puppies as well.  


  • Some dogs are not keener on it. 

4. Solid Gold Protein Dry Dog Food 

Carbs Percentage Composition: Zero carbohydrates ingredient in the brand, grain and gluten-free dry dog food

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It can not make you worry about the size or their age. This is just fantastic stuff for your lovely pets when they have a lot of energy.  

Solid Gold has produced with the gluten-free method, which is full of low carb, that is intended to stimulate muscle development. This beef used is a perfect version and global accreditation. Probiotics and prebiotics mix with excellent jolt along with bowel health, while they promote proper digestion and also a high metabolic process.

Many clients claim that their puppies love this high protein low carb dog food. Eaters appear to slurp up it. It is not the ideal food for some allergic pets as well.  You can also check out our reviews of the best high-protein dog food.


Straightforward method is full of low carb. 

Prebiotics and probiotics are great substances for the pet’s health.


It is detrimental to puppies along with an allergic tummy. 

5. Wellness Core Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

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This can be a perfect food intended to control the pet’s weight. There are no additives in the food. Therefore, you will not need to be worried about any wheat and soy. 

The preparation is straightforward. You begin with some stuff, insert a topper as well. Once dinner time happens, we believe that your lovely pets will enjoy it so much!

When that is placed in their diet, while a few dogs gain weight, this appears to be considered as a weight control food at this time. There is some stuff currently being delivered moldy, so you may like to open the package or assess carefully when giving it to your pets.


This version owns no filler

It has no grain.


Perhaps it is not just an excellent version. 

It can lead to delayed shipment.

6. Nulo Small Breed Grain Free Dog Food

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Our list is started by nulo, compared to this brand above. It is the second version as it’s size special, even this one is the exact caliber stuff that you could count on from this brand.

When it comes to all our high pick, this really can be just a low protein food, which takes up 85% Nominal protein as a portion of this recipe. They are more convenient to chew and develop with decent immunization. Another substance like carnitine promotes a weight for the dog, whereas some essential acids support the great metabolism. In addition to this, this dog food without chicken can be created out of a ProBiotic for guaranteeing that your puppy is at tip-top form. 

Buyers that provide their dogs with this report it is often loved by them, while a few condemn that some kibble are huge.


It has a grain-free

There are BC30 Pro-Biotics.


Some tiny pets can not utilize this kibble at all. 

7.     Orijen Six Fish

Carbs percentage composition: 0%

As the name sounds, Orijen Six Fish comprises of 6 types of fishes, including Redfish, Silver Hake, New England Mackerel, Herring, Flounder, and Monkfish. The best thing about these kinds of fish is that they are all wild-caught to improve the level of quality. As such, you doggie friend gets all the protein counts he needs from this nutrients packed dog food to keep him healthy and happy.

What I also liked about this dog food is that it is available for all life stages and has zero carbs content. In addition, Orijen Six Fish is palatable making your dog crave for more.


  • Nutrient-rich
  • High-protein low-carb diet
  • Palatable


  • High price tag

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8. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

Carbs percentage composition: Hidden but my calculation suggests 35%

With chicken and chicken meal as the first two ingredients, this dry dog food from Blue Buffalo is rich in protein content which is ideal for building lean, strong muscle muscles. And although it contains 35% carbs content (calculated from the percentages list) which is 5% higher than the required, the number is lower than that found in many dog food brands.

If you have a pooch that is sensitive to grains, this formula is particularly good because it is grain-free. It also contains balanced fats and calories as well as superfood ingredients to promote energy, immune system, and keeping your pooch healthy and happy.


  • Affordable pricing
  • High protein
  • Low carbs
  • Promotes overall body health


  • Hidden carbs info
  • Brand recalls

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9.     Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food

Carbs percentage composition:

Are you looking for the best low carb dog food for puppies and adult dogs? Earthborn Holistic got you covered with their Great Plains Feast grain-free natural dry dog food. The recipe contains red bison meat as the first ingredient and source of proteins to grow and maintain muscle mass.

This recipe provides a dense foundation for general health and contains L-carnitine which helps break down fat into energy to suit your active pooch. This, in turn, helps maintain a healthy weight and uses veggies as the source of carbs. In addition, the recipe contains omega-3 & 6 fatty acids that help promote a healthy skin and lustrous coat. It is grain and gluten-free.


  • Packed with nutrients
  • Support overall body health
  • High protein source
  • Low carbs


  • For adults only

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10.     The Honest Kitchen Chicken Recipe

Carbs percentage composition:

Are you looking for the most natural way to feed your dog using a diet low in carbs content? The Honest Kitchen Chicken Recipe is an ideal choice. This formula uses fresh dehydrated meat from chicken as the source of protein for amino acids to support lean, strong muscles.

Made with organic products and high-quality ingredients, this high-protein dog food contains low carbs content that are easily digestible. It is also grain-free in case your pooch is allergic to grains, which is rare but possible. If you want to feed your dog human-grade rich in vitamins and minerals, and omegas to support health skin and lustrous coat, this diet is perfect.


  • Human-grade & protein-rich
  • Low carbs
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Affordable


  • Some dogs prefer grain-inclusive diets

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Low-Carb Dog Food

The perfect meat

You are going to ensure that you can obtain the best for the friend, As there is a diet usually protein-heavy. You could learn how they’re raised and what farms that the meat will come from. Proteins are great for your lovely pets, compared to different breeds.

When veggies and vegetable fruits are excellent, you would like to find out. Besides, you want to prevent fillers such as wheat, corn.       


Here are some advantages which your lovely pets could obtain mostly from the diet that is low carb and comprises all of the terrific minerals and vitamins. Omega 6 and 3 essential acids are terrific for your pet’s coating and skin, whereas BC30 and L-carnitine pro-biotics can be important for the bowel. 

Should you use low carb? 

The key explanation is to see the burden of your furry friend. A tiny mystery of this low carb dry dog food market is your lovely pets could use the amount of carbs. On the other hand, they are convenient to utilize so that some producers prefer to stock up their stuff as well. 

A great daily meal has a lot of advantages. Muscle mass development can occur in your dog’s skin and mentality. 

Pay more visits to your vet!   

You need to bring your pet to the clinical center and advise you to discuss it with your veterinarian if it is not an urgent situation. It will not exchange the wisdom of a vet personally or delighted to get this to guide for you.

Benefits of Low-Carb Dog Food

Low-carb dog foods cancer

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, studies have shown that tumors use carbs to promote the growth of cancer cells. As such, high-carb dog foods will help feed the malignant tumor while starving the dog which worsens the dog’s health, especially with cancer and during cancer treatment. That is why low-carb dog foods are a perfect choice for dogs.

Therefore, dog foods low in carbs and high in fat content cannot boost cancer cells growth since the cells are unable to use fat as a source of energy.

Low-carb dog food recipe

Are you looking for the best low-carb dog food recipes? Our dogs become part of our families and even better, an important part of our lives. And since they rely on us, we must give them everything which includes nutritious diets to keep them healthy and happy.

Despite the controversy about homemade dog foods, I like feeding that to my dogs. Check out my favorite low-carb dog food recipe from Lydia’s Homemade Low Carb Dog Food here:


  • 3 lbs. ground beef
  • 2 lbs. ground turkey
  • 1 lb. pork
  • 1 cup beef bone broth
  • ½ lbs. beef liver
  • ½ lbs. approx. ¼ head cabbage
  • 5 eggs
  • 2 cans salmon
  • 15 oz pumpkin
  • 20 oz bag of frozen green beans
  • 12 oz bag of frozen kale
  • 1 cup whole milk yoghurt
  • 4 oz blueberries
  • 8 oz cheddar cheese


  • Chop the green veggies finely
  • Puree veggies, bone broth, eggs, egg shells, liver & coconut oil in food processor
  • Put in large bowl & add ground turkey, ground beef, cheddar, salmon, pumpkin & blueberries to the vegetables mixture
  • Cut pork into small pieces and add to the bowl

Yogurt and other vet-recommended food supplements & enzymes should be added to the dog food’s bowl before you serve.

Low-carb dog food for diabetic dogs

Dogs are able to produce all the glucose their body requires without dietary carbs, but that does not mean that carbs should be entirely eliminated from your diabetic doggie’s diet. Researchers are still searching for the best diet for canines with diabetes. Most vets, however, have been reporting great results when treating diabetic dogs with low-carb dog foods which make it an ideal diet.

But just in case you are curious about your diabetic doggie, Orijen Six Fish Grain-Free Adult Dog Food above, for instance, is one of the best low-carb dog food brands for diabetic dogs I recommend. Other vets will also tell you to feed your diabetic dog a diet high in fiber but low in fat content.

Low-carb dog food yeast

According to PetMed, carbohydrates in dog foods do not cause skin yeast infection in your pooch. Yeast infection, an inflammatory skin condition in dogs, occurs often, especially between pads, skin folds, ears, and hot, humid parts of their body. Yeast is attracted to carbohydrates, yes, but this is not how the body works and low-carb dog foods do not mean more yeast infections. As such, there is no relationship between yeast infections in your dog and carbs at all. If you are looking the best dog food for yeast infections, click here.

Where to buy in Australia, Canada, UK, US

Personally, I love buying all dog foods in Chewy or Amazon which are all accessible whether you are in the UK, the US, or Australia. Alternatively, you can locate a pet food store near you or other online platforms such as Walmart. If you live in Australia, you can try one of the largest stores – Vegan Dog Food.

Top brands or manufacturers of best low-carb dog food

There are many brands producing dog foods and labeling it low-carb dog food. And while some of these manufacturers are honest, most of them use the word for marketing purposes. To be sure, I always advise pet parents to read the label carefully and scan the ingredients list.

Here are some of the top brands of the best low-carb dog foods:

  • Purina Pro Plan
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diets
  • Orijen
  • EVO
  • Stella & Chewy’s
  • The Honest Kitchen
  • K9 Natural
  • Wellness



With the best low carb dog foods, your puppy will soon be considered a system very quickly. These articles are supposed to assist users in browsing the massive pet’s food planet to generate life better than it’s ever before. You could be fond of some rated selection from the brand of Nulo that will be wholly packed with suitable materials. Naturally, you can’t fail to provide the Ketona, that comes with a wholesome wallop.           

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