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Feeding your dog with the best high-protein food will enable your dog to remain healthy as good nutrition helps with improving immunity. In addition, you can also expect your dog to grow and you’ll see it develop good skin and coat. Since there are several high-protein foods out there, we’ve selected the very best ones with decent protein composition of up to 30% so you can grab them from Amazon, Chewy, or on any other farm store nearby.

Every recipe produced by well-known brands we have selected on this 2022 list has high-quality ingredients and sources most of them here in America. To make it easy for you, we have spent a good amount of time searching and analyzing the best high-protein dog food available in the market today and have reviewed them below.

If you are in a hurry, our best high-protein dog food you can get right away is the CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food and I have reviewed it below.

Reviews of the Best High-Protein Dog Food 2022

1. CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food

Protein Percentage: 24%

Canidae All Life Stages is our overall best high-protein dog food we recommend in 2022. It is a dry food with a decent protein composition of 24% and is considered multi-functional pet food, perfect for all types of dogs. This high protein dry dog food is highly recommended by the vets as well.

Its recipe does not include any artificial additives such as corn and wheat at all. It also has greater amounts of perfect proteins such as turkey and lamb as well. Besides, your lovely pets could extend and consume all the minerals which they want from the food without any toxic substances. 

Last but not least, it is well-suited for the puppies or huge dogs. The price of this product is reasonable for you to purchase as well.


Protein Percentage: 30%

Another high-protein dog food that we recommend to you is Blue Buffalo which has 30% protein composition. This food brand is among the most trusted brands on the market. Moreover, the main ingredients are treated carefully by well-known producers. Therefore, this high calorie dog food is an outstanding food option for your lovely dogs. 

When it comes to the ingredients, the first one represented in their recipe is a deboned steak that is great as a protein source. Moreover, it includes chicken and other minerals, which is crucial for stronger muscles. Besides, this one utilizes grass, potatoes rather than soy or wheat. It can support some vital minerals like copper, vitamins, calcium as well. 

On top of it, this formula represents bits that consist of an accurate mixture of minerals and other vitamins at all, compared to low protein dog food.


Protein Percentage: 30%

Purina Pro is another high-protein dog food you can get for your dog. It is manufactured by Purina, a well-known pet food manufacturer that is trusted by thousands of pet owners. Because this product can meet the nutrient demands of their cute dogs for many years. On the other hand, the producers create a lot of various recipes for dogs, such as dimensions, and ages as well. This recipe is produced for dogs who live a sedentary life.

Unlike other dog food recipes, this one consists of stable protein and other minerals as well. The ratio of them is 25% of fatty acids and 30% of protein. Therefore, the high protein diet for dogs food can guarantee that your pets’ metabolisms can digest effectively, but keep the stronger muscle. 

As for the initial ingredient, it is a chicken and includes fish meal, which is a perfect origin of protein or other vital minerals. The other ones comprise brewer rice, oil, and other essential nutrients like acid, biotin, and so forth as well.


Protein Percentage: 26%

The next high protein dog food that you need to know is the Diamond. This version is created along with the leading quality protein that is derived from raised steak. In other words, it comprises the perfect fatty acids to assist the lean muscle to be fit and healthy at all. Besides, this formula consists of bevy foods such as coconut, pumpkins, and so forth. All of them can provide the right nutrients as well as a beneficial diet. Lastly, this premium dog food can make both you and your cute dogs satisfied since it can meet your pets’ nutrient demands a lot. 


Protein Percentage: 30%

The final version that you should care about is Purina One Smart Blend made up of 30% quality protein. This recipe is produced from a mixture of turkey or venison which are fabulous sources of protein and have tasty flavors. Moreover, the availability of minerals and essential acids can strengthen the greater immunity mechanism as well as your pet’s bones. Next, this can develop tummy health and make your lovely pets’ fur smoother. Last but not least, your puppies can absorb and consume the largest proportion of nutrients, thanks to the beneficial ingredients.

Buyer Guide

All the pet carers hope that their furry friends at home can be fed with the leading nutrients from the best high protein dog food. Therefore, they can feel satisfied and stay fit, as well. When it comes to your dogs, they usually need more nutrients, especially the greater amount of protein diet. The question for you is, Why is it more crucial for your pets? As a result, this part will cover all stuff related to this issue. Moreover, we make sure that you can get the right response for this question as well. Lastly, pet owners can make the right decision before purchasing these products 

1. Why is the protein crucial for your lovely dogs?

To guarantee your dogs are obtaining the great nutrients, it’s vital to give them a suitable daily diet that supports leading quality proteins. 

Next, protein is an essential nutrient which some pets need. During your furry friend needs other minerals such as fatty acids, carbohydrates, and so forth. The protein is the leading factor. On the other hand, their bodies require nutrients for making thrive. In the forest, dogs can search for their food as well. 

Apart from it, protein consists of organic substances and other minerals, which play a critical role in your pet’s life. As usual, dogs need the entire amount of 23 acids for their diet. Moreover, their digestive systems could not absorb them easily. Thus, it’s essential to give your furry friend the food, which includes a stable combination of leading quality proteins that are derived from meat.  

2. Some vital elements to take into consideration

At this moment, there is a wide range of dog food alternatives to select. In other words, most of them are not the same quality. Thus, while you are purchasing the greater protein recipe, please keep your eyes on some elements below. 

The amount of protein: A greater protein pet food could consist of around 35% protein for meeting your pets’ demands.

The origin of protein: You should check the labels carefully. Ensure that protein is included as the main ingredient and guarantee that it can arrive along with the leading quality origin like turkey, chicken, steak, and so forth. 

Extra components: Examine to ensure that the food consists of various vital minerals for assisting your pet’s health, such as carbohydrates, acids, and so on. 


Protein is the main ingredient for all your pets. Thus, giving your furry friends stuff that consists of greater amounts of leading quality protein can guarantee that their muscles are keeping healthy and stronger as well. Lastly, picking up the best high protein dog food is so tough for all pet owners at this time. Therefore, we believe that this article will help you choose the favorite ones who can make your pets enjoy a lot.           

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