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In this post, we are going to guide you as you choose the best cage for a Syrian hamster. We have done extensive research on hamster cages in order to settle on safe, large enough, and easy to clean cages that you can choose from. The Syrian hamster is among the most popular small pets and it is possible to keep it in a cage that is clutter-free and low-maintenance.

Below is a cute image of a Syrian hamster, also called, the Golden hamster

Image of a Syrian hamster
Image of a Syrian hamster

What makes a fantastic cage for a Syrian hamster? A very spacious and well-ventilated environment will make a great cage for a hamster but there is more to consider.

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Cage for Syrian Hamster

Other main factors you should consider as you read our reviews below are:

  1. Style of the cage – You’ll choose from a wire cage, plastic modular cage, or aquarium cage. Understand the advantages and disadvantages, ease of cleaning, ventilation, and security of each style.
  2. Ease of cleaning the cage: I recommend the wire cage with the plastic bottom as it is very easy to clean.
  3. Ventilation: A wire cage is also the best option when it comes to ventilation
  4. Size: Go for spacious cages of at least 24 inches by 12 inches and at least 12 inches tall.
  5. Cage Security: Consider cages with small spaces between bars of no more than 1/2 inch apart.

Top 5 Best Hamster Cages For Syrian In 2022 Reviews

1. Living World Deluxe Habitat


  • Balcony and accessibility
  • Upper framework Made from the cable with vinyl foundation
  • Incorporates accessories like Drinking Water tank
  • Dimensions: 46x22x24

This cage would be that the pinnacle of all hamsters alive. It supplies your Syrian hamster with the best possible environment thanks to its sleek design that comes with a luxurious balcony. This helps it get familiar with its surroundings.

It also has a decent-size space of dimensions 46 8/9 L x 22 4/5 W x 24 H. This crate is the dimensions to get a hamster cage, which means that your furry friend will probably possess a great deal of space to operate about and find some good physical work out.

The base is yet another great feature to like about this hamster cage. It is made of vinyl, Which is easy to wash. You may even adore the simple fact any accessories have been comprised, like the tank that is suitable.

The balcony helps create a homelier environment while giving more space for your Golden hamster to roam about.

One disadvantage of this cage is the strength of the materials used to build it. Usage that is demanding could make this to deteriorate over the years, although it won’t crack immediately.


  • Natural surroundings
  • Enormous dimensions
  • Strong Foundation
  • Simple to the washcloth
  • Accessories Involved


  • Lacks sturdiness

2. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage


· A lot of ComponentsCapabilities· A lot of Components

· Number of programs

· Cable mesh cage

· Reliable bottom

· Dimensions: 31.5x20x20

Certainly, one of those matters which You will adore about it hamster cage may be that it has a horizontal foundation.

That can be Essential as your Hamster’s toes may get hurt by strolling onto a wire base term. The constant tension can induce swelling and even an infection.

Your Hamster will get a Whenever it’s inside this Cage Lot of work out. That really is only because the tunnels are all intended to provide your Hamster a little good work out.

Still another Reason This crate Has been rated so tremendously may be that it has much equipment. It follows this Cage would be your deal that is entire, and also, your Hamster will delight in surviving init.

But This Comprehensive package Doesn’t appear cheap. This really can be actually really just a cage that would make it unsuitable for that budget-conscious customer.


· Horizontal foundation ideal for averting bumblefoot

· Tunnels Result in excellent Training

· Numerous accessories create this type of varied habitat to the Hamster

· Lots of venting

· Chew-proof cable mesh cage


· Quite high priced

3. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home


· 0.375 In. cable spacing

· Extra-deep foundation

· Dimensions: 32.5x19x17.5

· Two big entrance doors

That is a cage. Its measurements will inform you it really is more than many different goods well.

The Quantity of Area Applies to the ThicknessThickness of this crate. The base helps you wash up them over a standard foundation and amass info. Additionally, it provides your Hamster some much-needed area.

This Cage includes just 2 Doors, which are excellent for cleaning up the Cage and getting within. The cable spacing is thin As the doorways are excessively so high.

This Usually Means that Are closed your Hamster won’t ever be in a position to flee. But an issue is caused by this design. This usually means that venting isn’t like it ought to be inside this Cage.


· Deep foundation hastens droppings

· Well over the minimal distance prerequisites

· Open entry issues Make It Simpler wash

· Cable spacing makes escape hopeless


· Inadequate venting

4. Lixit Animal Care Savic Mickey 2 Mice and Swarf Hamster Cage


· Extra-large layout

· Created for Simple meeting

· Vinyl construct

· Dimensions: 20×31.5×1-5

That really can be really a pleasant cage To get people who desire something about funds. It is a very superior cage.

The plastic utilized from the cage Design aids in making cleaning a brief and easy job. Installation takes time, which will be able to assist you in building that crate.

The crate is this really, although broad Pertains into the pub spacing that is not good since it makes it possible for your Hamster to flee.

Still Yet another difficulty You Could Have Is the fact it has been constructed. Now you need to be mindful whilst utilizing it may possibly split.


· Comparatively spacious layout

· Simple to install

· Simple to wash

· Affordable cost


· Perhaps Maybe not quite lasting

· Bar spacing could enable hamsters to escape

5. Ferplast Hamster Cage


· Two flooring

· Cable internet insure

· High underside

· Dimensions: 23.6×14.4×11.8

This crate is currently comparatively Broad, fulfilling with the minimal size dependence on hamster cages generally.

What is more, a Cable mesh that’s chew-proof and sized to forbid the Hamster out of squeezing throughout and speeding? However, also, the cable mesh is dispersed to allow ventilation.

This venting aids The temperature of Cage to stay trendy and fine, supplying your Hamster a cozy atmosphere. One other amazing attribute is that your underside, which could accumulate droppings and create the Cage easier to wash.

These items come To create this Cage to the dog. There certainly really are a number of things you have to consider. First, the floor includes an entry-stage that over the pit on the ground floor.

This Is Sometimes harmful because Your Hamster might collapse as a result of. The drinking water jar doesn’t operate. Take a peek at our topwater fountains such as Hamsters.


· Deep underside makes this item Much Easier to wash

· Cable mesh permits great venting

· Permanent, weigh evidence layout

· Perfect cable spacing to Reduce Hamster from penetrating


· Slightly toxic Accessibility to Lessen flooring

· Water jar does not do the job well

Best Syrian Hamster Cage Buying Guide:

What to look for the best Syrian Hamster Cage?

Cage Measurement:

An essential thing that you Have to consider when it relates to getting a cage would be your dimensions. Pros have the opinion which you are in necessitate of no less than just one-foot area for a Syrian hamster.

You May increase the distance .5 cubic ft to get the other Hamster. Space might change based on your hamsters connect to each other.

Possessing cage dimensions that are Acceptable to get Your hamsters has its own benefits.

· Your hamsters have distance.

· They can provide some distance.

· A crate may guarantee there is not any build-up of ammonia, plus hamsters keep wholesome and healthy.

· Space could maintain them, in addition, to guarantee they usually do not wind up over the crate that is sucking on since they all do have this particular custom.

Crucial: We have upgraded The listing of cages since it’d take erroneous sized cages from the checklist since modest cages significantly much less than 450 sq inches to Syrian hamsters are detrimental.

Below is a movie that is great, which Will clarify you concerning cage measurement that is erroneous.

Basic Security

A crate may Appear secure Pet; however, in fact, maybe it does possibly perhaps well not be. Hamsters are pets that are naughty. They are able to escape from holes that are tiny. They take on it as a way to escape out and also are also able to locate a weak place.

The most Rule of Thumb is the Pub spacing ought to be greater than 1/2 inches to get hamsters. Child hamsters can escape distances bigger.

To prevent the hassle, then get You to get a cage. Check the distance between the pubs out. Check always regions, doors, windows, and the nooks at which the pubs aren’t directly.

The pubs Ought to Be powerful That Hamster isn’t able to weigh on them. For newborn hamsters, you’re able to get a crate.

In Order to Be Sure your own Hamster doesn’t escape and have lost from your home, it is possible to set the Cage at a vacant tub or even a bin.

The foundation of this Cage

A crate using a flooring Net or wires might appear an appealing option since it helps the stool and retains your Hamster and interiors of this crate fresh. It isn’t just a fantastic choice.

The flooring that is wired may make your Furry friend visit across the areas between your cables plus so they are able to harm bones. It will be quite a deterrent to getting the Hamster to perform inside the crate.

If You Previously possess a crate together with A wired foundation, we suggest that you just simply pay up this with cardboard or vinyl sheet. A crate with all the base could continue to keep our Hamster secure.


There extends a High-Quality Superior crate quite a distance Manner alongside you. With maintenance, you need to take advantage of this situation for the pets.

Possibly you Select a vinyl or Steel cage, so guarantee the cloth is stable and powerful. There will be A metal cage that was fantastic coated using PVC. The conclusion of this crate ought to be able and strong to resist washing.

It Ought Not to crack Immediately the Following washing. Make certain the Cage you’re currently going for needs to have a number of straps that are plastic since they have been very likely to crack or carried out from your hamsters.

Producing a crate Or bins will be a fantastic choice. They can be lasting. Should they have been retained tidy?

Entry All Regions of the Cage

One Other Important Point to Consider, although purchasing a cage to get the Hamster is its own availability for you along with your dog.

Be sure that the Sections of The Cage may be accessible, and to be able to make it to the corners of this crate. Also, you also would not need to twist your wrist.

Figurines and the crate doors should Be big enough to their own hands to maneuver. They ought to shut in a method that is protected.

You May assess the potency of The doorway by tapping on at on guts of this entranceway securely. In case the doorway opens upward, there’s really just a risk your Hamster may open up the doorway.

Form of this Cage

Give Exclusive focus on this Contour of one’s own crate. A crate having distance is helpful for the Hamster.

They can be great in scaling Fall right down in regions that are perpendicular. Since they enjoy conducting across in the place of scaling upward, and down Even a cage having the area to ramble is appropriate to those.

Lookout for Terrible Places

Terrible places will be the very best thing at a crate. During the time you’re looking to get a cage, then be certain the feeble spots exactly wherever by your Hamster could weigh over on-off the crate are far not as. Lumps and edges will be the locations that are insecure.

Your Hamster begins to Chew on these regions, invest in a little cash. You may need to wind up substituting them.

Supplying your hamster lots By being a chewer of Room them may prevent.

In case your Hamster nevertheless becomes more a Chewer, you’ll need to change out your Cage using Cage or an aquarium made from metal.

Other Features to Look for in Special Situations

A circumstance could need Some particular capabilities. We’ve recognized one of the most special requirements that the hamster proprietors can deal with. The following will be the conditions and how they can be dealt with by you.

Cage Territorial Hamster

A Good Deal of hamsters and Namely Campbell hamsters are notorious for displaying Cage demanding behavior. These hamsters will sting your palms.

The Reason for This is that They don’t enjoy their spaces to become more invaded. You may manage this specific particular issue by letting them walk into virtually anything rather than catching them on.

As a Way to Maintain a healthful and Partnership by means of your own Pet, you may keep them at a crate using Space that is large.

Cages with doorways that are little and Pipes are bad for these hamsters. You may deal by storing your hamsters within an aquarium or even some bin crate.

Could Hamsters Are Living Together at the Exact Same Cage

A set plus some set of hamsters May become together well the Majority of the days. However, there are scenarios where they could occur face to face with each other.

Likelihood of the struggle Growth at a crate that is designed. It’s possible for you to prevent conflicts among hamsters by decreasing the bottlenecks and also by diminishing regions at which a best hamster cages for syrian could possibly become trapped inside.

This also Provides an Opportunity Hamsters at a cage to choose a struggle.

Aquarium cages, bin cages, and Tube cages are intended, which each Hamster has a couple.

The Essence of Syrian hamsters Is solitary plus also they would love to keep within their own Cage. You could be questioning if such hamsters can remain in outlets they can not stay in your dwelling.

They might Look “fine” from your furry outlets, the truth is, they aren’t. The critters are miserable in these scenarios and generally wind up killing or beating each other.

These accounts, which the hamsters’ struggle, injure each other seriously and becoming sad. Consequently, in the event that you intend to stay Syrian hamsters in 1 cage, then it’s a significant NO out of both sides.

Dwarf hamsters are somewhat smaller compared to Syrian kinds in order that they require a separate cage out of the aforementioned ones, so assess these dwarf hamster cages.

Bedding and Carpet Issues

You will find opportunities your Hamster will toss the bedding from this Cage. You want to get a crate having a pan if you’re confronting this issue.

The Majority of the cages have pan ThicknessThickness from 1 3 in.. Bin-type cages and aquariums are more preferable in such an instance since they offer no place in order for this to become pumped out and maintain the bedding set up.

Cages for Elderly Hamsters

Even Greater and hamsters Come Across They could strive although It’s hard to scale to heights of this crate. In addition, it’s probable they could slip hurt by on their own and also while attempting to make the journey at high degrees.

You Want to Supply a house to them With lots of places or choose out tubes or ramps out of their Cage that is present. Create by giving them both a pleasant and simple to browse habitat, their era simple.

Ultimate ideas

It seems Just like that. This particular competition is won by Dwelling World De Luxe Habitat. It is the hamster cage in the marketplace. It has some stiff contest.

The Kaytee CritterTrail is Heading to provide your Hamster a great deal of pleasure and maintain it worked out. Every hamster habitat within this particular list will probably present your Hamster a dwelling that is amazing.

A few are far Far Better than many other people, But the entrances with this particular list conquer tens of thousands of cages to become In the top ten years. It will be well worth the cash that you Are currently paying to this!

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