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No other dog breed has a personality that is difficult to describe as the Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are not as big, about 5-pounds in weight which is almost half or a third the weight of other breeds such as the Husky or German Shepherd. Despite their small size, Chihuahuas need high-quality food. They essentially go for quality and not quantity. In this post, we’ve carefully reviewed the best dog food for Chihuahuas with consideration of the nutritional needs of Chihuahuas in 2022.

These small dogs are usually extraordinary and unique in regards to the activities and food they prefer. For example, they prefer unique toys to play with and are suitable for pet owners who can endure having the dog in their laps for a long time. As a Chihuahua owner, you need to select accessories and food types that your lovely pet will find beneficial and most importantly, improve their health.

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Read below to find out our top picks of the best dog food for Chihuahua.                         

I. The Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas Reviews

1. Instinct Raw 

If you’re on the lookout for a portion of stronger pet food using good materials and nutrients for your furry friend, then you have only found it. Intuition’s Raw Boost dog method is the nutrient of ingredients. 

This excellent food is available in about three tiny breeds, such as duck, chicken, plus beef. They need something to strain poultry taste with kibbles for the one’s teeth that are missing and people teacup Chi’s.

As the type of food is specifically created for tiny ones, and you realize it consists of a suitable amount of nutritions and minerals to maintain your dog to be healthy and happy. However, to support the dog food for Chihuahua may be the superb snacks that are raw that are nutrient-dense.

These delicate morsels are created with some chickens which enrich in some nutrients to your lovely dog’s program. This implies your cute pet could exchange some substances such as the nutrients and protein from dry kibble that is too processed.


  • Quality ingredients
  • High-protein
  • Raw snacks.


  • It is expensive.
  • There are proteins which are derived from legumes

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2. Wellness Core Small Breed

Secondly, on our listing of their best food items for your lovely dogs, is Wellness breed formulation. This recipe contains some protein which ranges from the volume of elements.

The initial three ingredients within the diet include turkey dinner fish, poultry, and some other dinners. Besides, the high-class meats add up to the proportion of 40% protein.

This Chihuahua dog food contains Omegas for coating and good metabolism, plus added salmon oil. In case your Chi is suffering from discharging the epidermis, this is a remarkable option.

The truth is that it is among many optimal dog foods to get Chihuahua’s differently or with skin, allergies. It comprises simple to consume plant elements such as onions and legumes. 



Quality animal ingredients

Allergy-friendly ingredients


This best food for a chihuahua is pricey.

Some protein from legumes

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3. Solid Gold      

If your cute pet enjoys experiencing some meals, you may choose to assist some salty food diet plan. For many pups, allow me to raise your awareness about some dog foods such as Chihuahuas, Solid Gold strain canned diet.

Each flavor consists of a variety of elements like whitefish, chicken, lamb. This contains a great number of superior meat components, which puts into nutrient account to continue to maintain Chi to be healthful.

These legumes mean there’s not any great deal of space for some primary substances for preparing the food in carbs compared to the kibble diet.

Much like other diets, this specific one reduces the high amount of calorie from the dry food, alter it into a wonderful selection to get Chihuahua’s who often obtain weight readily. In case you prefer to provide a puppy who suffers from low glucose in the blood, it’s preferable to take the most advantage of a portion of food like two choices and our range one.  


This good dog food for chihuahua has the amount of large protein.

Very palatable

Low carbohydrate



Quality varies with flavor

Not as dense

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4. Merrick Lil

Does your lovely dog newly combined the grey stuff at all? When it happens, you might have noticed they can not withstand their diet precisely.

Elderly dogs generally get a challenging period call for a lot more fiber to stay routine, and they incline to want some nutrients. When it seems like your own aging Chihuahua, Merrick’s senior dog diet can be a great option.

With fewer along with lesser than the ordinary amount of pet diet calories for a day, then this is only one of many optimal pet foods for your lovely pets at this moment. Plus, it accomplishes those levels that are lower without worrying too much about the quality.


Senior-specific nourishment

This product is among the best dog foods for chihuahuas owns high protein.

Added probiotics and glucosamine


Higher in plant ingredients

Some protein out of berries & legumes

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5. Blue Buffalo 

Then our selection is precisely what the vet ordered if you are on the lookout for a portion of perfect tiny pet food that won’t spend more money. Blue Buffalo’s smaller dog method comprises natural ingredients that will assist your Chi flourish, som other expenses you may become driving.

The version goes along with three different flavors: chicken, fish, or lamb. Most of them comprise approximately 25% protein, so setting this daily diet lowest in our listing.

Besides, the foodstuff will still comprise caliber pet materials such as chicken, fish, and beef, while both components in every single method.

On the contrary to our options, this particular food is a grain one. Some of your dogs can treat with this particular food since it comprises quality grains such as starch, oatmeal, and rice.



First two ingredients would be meat


Decrease in protein

High in plant ingredients

High in grains

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Buyer/Purchasing Guide for Dog Food for Chihuahuas

The best way to pick up the appropriate stuff for your lovely pet

We believe that the puppy or dog with a far higher metabolic process compared to a laboratory or mastiff of Chihuahua puppy food. In this case, it’s crucial to select an item that’s nutrient and calorie-dense.

Fortunately, lots of brands make diet plans, particularly. These specialty diets contain greater than ordinary calories each cup to assist fight problems.

As soon as your lovely pet suffers from weight loss reduction, you could discover some routine diet program within weight control formulations. All these diets tend to be calorie-dense, although still packed with nourishment to continue supporting for friend trim and wholesome.

However, it is critical to keep in mind some lovely dogs or puppies’ profit weight since they’re overeating in some quantity. Like dog foods, start looking for formulas that can be high in animal ingredients such as chicken, which preventing the foods that include in corn, meat foods, also colorants, and additives.


When reviewing the greatest small dog particular stuff, we will select the Instinct’s to enhance smaller breed recipe while the best dog food for Chihuahua for the caliber content.

Thanks to 40% amount of protein, kibbles that are calorie-dense, and added snacks that package an additional some minerals and nutrition, your lovely pet is guaranteed to thrive with these top-quality meals. And, together with four flavors that are packed with fresh meats, the cute dog or puppy is keener on consuming this diet regime program plan. 

We’ve contained some foods to better meet people’s demands within our listing as well if you should be on the lookout for something more tailored for your lovely pets.        

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