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Typically, our canine buddies have do not get to pick what they want to eat. Eventually, what goes in must come out. If your dog is pooping excessively, you might not want to talk about it but it feels frustrating. While the food you are feeding them is the major cause for too much poop, other factors such as stress and kidney or liver problems.

That is why we have prepared this guide to help you through while trying to answer your frequently asked questions to your satisfaction. Our review consists of 7 carefully-picked formulas that help reduce the amount of waste your canine friend produces. Keep reading for more info.

7 Best Dog Foods for less Poop

Here is a list of our 7 best dog foods for less poop:

  1. Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free, Salmon & Whitefish Recipe
  2. TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, Turkey
  3. Pet Plate, Chompin’ Chicken Recipe
  4. Nature’s Recipe Easy to Digest – Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe
  5. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Super Beef Dinner Patties
  6. Natural Ultramix Grain-Free & Poultry-Free Salmon Recipe
  7. The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain, Dehydrated Chicken Recipe

For prices, check links on Amazon and Chewy on each hyperlinked dog food above.

Review of the Best Dog Food for less Poop

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free, Salmon & Whitefish Recipe

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free, Salmon & Whitefish Recipe

Do you wish to feed your canine friend with nutritious natural dog food? You should try Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Salmon & Whitefish Recipe. This dog food is manufactured in the US using the best natural ingredients, with salmon and whitefish protein blend as the first constituent.

Other ingredients in this dog recipe include apples and sweet potatoes for palatability, as well as flaxseeds that are rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin. This dry dog food is grain-free, making it a good choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. To help support less shedding and digestibility, Whole Earth Farms has added nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.


  • Grain-free for pooches with allergies
  • Crafted in the US
  • High-quality protein source
  • High-grade ingredients

TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, Turkey

TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, Turkey

If you want to feed your dog with real meat, no grains, fillers, or gluten, then TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood with Turkey flavor is a fantastic choice. Manufactured in the US, this Superfood for dogs is a mixture of fresh nutritious Turkey, organ meats, and bone.

This dog food is a nutritional powerhouse that can be served as a nutritive treat, a whole and balanced diet, or with kibble. It also includes ingredients such as turkey liver & heart, mixed tocopherols, and bone on top of real turkey meat which is rich in high-quality protein. Being free-dried, this dog feed is easy to digest and includes omega-3 and 6 for a healthy, shiny coat and skin.


  • Improved digestion with fish oils
  • No by-products
  • Suitable for all dog sizes
  • Tasty & healthy


  • Unfit for dogs with obesity due to high protein content

Pet Plate, Chompin’ Chicken Recipe

Pet Plate, Chompin’ Chicken Recipe for less poop

Pet Plate’s Chompin’ Chicken recipe is vet-approved dog food that contains real chicken as the first ingredient. The best thing about this dog food is that it does not rely on branded packaging and smoked ingredients. As such, it is a perfect choice for canines with sensitive stomachs and swollen waists.

This dog food is freshly-cooked and prepared to meet AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile’s set nutritional levels for all dog life stages. The sweet potatoes and chicken recipe are useful in increasing your canine’s muscles and has butternut squash, salmon, and safflower for neural health. Other ingredients include amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for digestive health and a healthy coat.


  • Dry food with great taste 
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Effective digestion with salmon
  • Boosts gut health considerably


  • Unfit for picky eaters

Nature’s Recipe Easy-to-Digest Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe

Nature’s Recipe Easy-to-Digest Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe for less poop

As the name suggests, this easily digestible dog food that contains quality chicken meal as the first ingredient to support lean muscle build. For healthy digestion, this dog food includes prebiotics and a mix of natural fibers. As you can see, the brand values nutrition.

This easy-to-digest chicken meal, rice & barley recipe is low-residue nutrition also has potatoes and fish meal in its ingredients. Its highly-digestible nature makes it a perfect choice for a dog that poops much. It also includes nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are gently brewed with barley and rice whole grains.


  • Easily digestible for less poop
  • High-quality protein source
  • Nutritious & tasty
  • Supports muscle building


  • Grains might be unfit for dogs with sensitivities & allergies

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Super Beef Dinner Patties

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Super Beef Dinner Patties for less poop

Do you want to feed your canine buddy with dog food whose ingredients are bought from reputable and trustworthy ranchers and farmers? Stella & Chewy’s has got you covered! The Freeze-Dried Raw Super Beef Dinner Patties raw diet formulas offers your dog with what nature intended it to consume.

Stella & Chewy’s offers limited ingredient recipes that are simple and pure with single-source animal protein (85% meat, organs and bones) which is awesome for canines with sensitivities. The meat, organs, and ground bones in this Freeze-Dried Raw Super Beef Dinner Patties support lean sturdy muscles and boost your dog’s stamina. Manufactured in the US, this minimally processed dog food includes omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and minimal oils for a healthy coat and skin.


  • Usable as dried kibble or patties
  • Easy to digest for less poop
  • Grain-free for allergic pooches
  • Maintains a fresh breath


  • Pricey
  • Small sizes that hinder correct serving

Natural Ultramix Grain-Free & Poultry Free Salmon Recipe

If you want to nourish your canine buddy with a natural way to offer whole and vital nutrition, then look no further! Natural Ultramix Grain-Free & Poultry-Free recipe with real salmon as the first ingredient is a fantastic option.

This dog food features high-protein kibble blended with real pieces of veggies and fruits that you can see in each bowl. Manufactured in the US, this dog food contains natural fiber that helps support a smooth digestion, as well as antioxidants to protect your canine from damage caused by free radicals. This keeps your pet healthy. It also includes omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Other ingredients include salmon and herring meal, dried peas, menhaden fish meal, and more.


  • Highly nutritious
  • Quality ingredients
  • East digestion for less poop
  • Suitable for all breeds


The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain, Dehydrated Chicken Recipe

Are you working on a budget but still want to feed your canine friend with quality dog food? The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain, Dehydrated Chicken Recipe is what you are looking for. This dog food formula is perfect for a range of dogs including puppies, picky eaters, and pregnant dogs as well.

With organic whole barley grain and free-range chicken whole grain, this chicken recipe is the tastiest food your dog will ever eat. This dehydrated dog food recipe from Honest Kitchen meets all AAFCO standards and is balanced for canine life stages and breeds. Manufactured in the US, the food constitutes high proteins and fat which makes it ideal for pups and active adult canines.


  • Easy to digest for less poop
  • No byproducts or fillers
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Grain-free


  • Unsuitable for pooches with past health conditions 

Less Poop Guide for Dogs

Grain-Free Dog Food more Poop

Grain-free dog food recipes that are properly formulated are a great choice for your canine friend. Why? They omit ingredients with the potential to cause bowel movement issues. While that is true, however, some dogs tend to poop more when feeding on grain-free dog food.

What we can tell you is that there are many factors that cause your canine friend to poop more regardless of the diet. The formulation and proportion of dog food ingredients is what matters. Check out these reasons below for more information.

4 Reasons your Dog Poop so much

Has your dog been pooping so much recently? Here are four reasons why:

  1. Stress or Depression – If your canine buddy is suffering from anxiety or undergoing stress, pooping much is the first sign. As such, you need to consult your vet.
  2. Hasty Diet Change – Changing your dog’s diet should be a gradual process, at least 5 to 7 days of mixing the old and new foods until it familiarizes with the new diet.
  3. Bacteria – Perhaps one of the most common causes of irritable stomach and intestinal disorders in dogs is the bacteria that carry hookworms and whip-worms. One gram of dog poop carries up to twenty-three million fecal coliform bacteria.
  4. Too much or not the right food – Overeating causes bloating, hence gases backlog during digestion causing false bowel movements, diarrhea, and too much poop. Again, if you are feeding your dog with the wrong food, health issues such as skin conditions and malnutrition can cause excessive pooping.

These are just but a few, others include strange environments, sneaking food when you are not looking, colitis or inflammation, and intestinal cancer. I know this sounds funny, but if your kids or neighbors are playing excessive music, it makes your dog have bowel movements that lead to excessive poops.

How to make Dog Poop less with food

If you want to dog to poop less, you must consider feeding it with high-quality dog food. Raw diet is especially better as it comes with more nutrients and proteins compared to dry dog food (kibble). Most kibbles may contain fillers which are a direct cause of more poops.

Consider the features discussed below.

Important things to consider when getting dog food for less poop

When you are buying dog food, remember to look at these features:

  • High Protein Content – This should be the first ingredient you look for in high-quality dog food. Some experts recommend raw dog foods with pure protein as the best option. Yet, some canines will thrive in foods with several sources of protein such as lean meat from chicken, fish, and bison. 
  • Digestibility – How easy it is for your canine friend to digest depends on the types of ingredients used, constituent’s interaction, as well as the overall recipe’s components quantity. Check the manufacturer’s percent form for digestibility and opt for 80% plus rating.
  • Quantity – How much your dog eats is directly proportional to the amount of poop you will be cleaning up on your lawn. You must feed your canine pal with enough nutritional content to support their size and lifestyle. Always check the manufacturer’s feeding guidelines.
  • Fats Quantity – We have seen that fat is crucial for your canine’s immune system, food taste, and energy. Pick recipes with less than 15% fat content as more than that will damage your canine’s digestive system and cause oily stools or diarrhea.
  • Fiber Content – It goes without saying: fiber content leads to fewer poops. Sourced from several plants, fiber boosts the digestive system and helps absorb vital nutrients. If you are feeding your dog with dry food, make sure it is low in fiber content.

Best food for solid poops

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Dog Food is our choice for the best food for solid poops on the list. This dog food is grain-free which means easier digestion and does not include poultry which is good news for dogs that allergic to poultry.

For solid poops, the manufacturer uses high-quality ingredients that are useful in supporting easier digestion. Other ingredients include fruits like dried blueberries, veggies, and sweet potatoes that are crucial in gut health.

How to eliminate dog poop odor

While your canine friend is a part of your lively family, it is true to say that they can make the house and lawn smelly with your poop. If you are here, it means that you are looking for a method to eliminate dog poop odor. The best thing is, you have come to right place.

If it’s in your yard, follow these steps:

  1. First off, ensure you dispose of your dog’s poop by throwing it away, flushing it, or burying it. You must pick it up all completely because leaving bits of poops means leaving the odor behind.
  2. Second, neutralize remaining dog poop odors in your lawn by spraying your canine’s urine spots with lime. Alternatively, you can rinse the spots with water. If you decide on commercial cleaning products, ensure you buy the ones meant to get rid of dog poop odor.
  3. Third, if the stench emanates from hard surfaces like cement, the area should be washed with bleach. Ensure your pet does not come into contact with these bleach agents by rinsing and drying the place carefully. Also remember to protect yourself and do not spray it on the green parts.

If it’s inside your house, follow these steps:

  1. Sweep and mop all the hard floors.
  2. Vacuum all your home carpets thoroughly and steam-clean them.
  3. Wash all the linens (pillow cases & couch cushion covers).
  4. Clean your pet’s bed.
  5. Air your home & change the air filters.
  6. Buy and utilize an air purifier.
  7. Use a black light to locate, identify, and treat other hidden odor sources. 
  8. If there are stubborn stains on the wall (lower part), use an odor-sealing paint.
  9. Perfume your house with odor-neutralizing sprays.

3 Ingredients to avoid

While choosing the best dog food (even if it is not for less poop), make sure you avoid these three ingredients completely:

  1. Unknown meats/Byproducts – If the dog food contains meat from unknown sources, jump to the next shelf, and the next. Protein should be the first ingredient in a healthy dog food recipe, but from known sources such as salmon oil, beef, and chicken.
  2. Synthetic Additives – Artificial flavors and colors are only found in low-quality foods and offers zero benefits to your canine friend at all. So, do not go for the most attractive dog food, it might even lead to allergic reactions.
  3. Irritants – Irritants such as dairy adds no value to your dog, so avoid them completely. In fact, they affect your puppy’s health tremendously.

What is Low-Residue Diet?

A low-residue diet refers to dog food that has been crafted to supply tour pet with the vital and necessary active ingredients plus more. As such, dog food manufacturers will omit food fillers and swap them with nutritious ingredients critical for growth.

This means that you feed your canine buddy with nutritionally-rich foods for improved digestion and less dog waste.


Dog pooping more with new food

Dog foods that are high in fiber include more dense residues that pass via the bowels and are converted into poop. If the new food you introduced your canine to is high in fiber compared to the previous one, perhaps it is the reason why since more fiber means more poop.

Also, we mentioned earlier that introducing new food to your dog, it should be a gradual procedure. If you did it in haste, it would result in more poops.

Does canned dog food cause loose stools?

Maybe! On its own, the dog food might not be a direct diarrhea cause unless the food it consumed is on recall. However, other factors such as a sensitive stomach, food allergies, or food brand changes might result in loose stools.

How often should a dog poop?

Whether it is once or four times a day, how often your dog poops should be consistent. This frequency can, however, be affected by several factors. Typically, your canine pal’s poop size should be approximately similar to the amount of food they eat.

Does grain-free dog food produce less waste?

The simple answer to your question is yes! A dog’s poop health, cycle, and quantity are determined by the diet. When you feed your canine friend with grain-free dog food, it produces less waste, and so do low residue or low fiber dog foods.

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