Best Dog Food for Firm Stools

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It can be frustrating when your dog has diarrhea, and even more so when you can’t seem to fix the problem. If your dog is having trouble with firm stools, one potential culprit maybe their food. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best dog foods for firm stools and discuss what to look for when choosing food for your pup. So, if your furry friend is struggling with constipation, keep reading!

Firstly, it’s important to understand the difference between hard and soft stools. Stools that are hard are usually considered normal for dogs, whereas stools that are loose or very watery can indicate an underlying medical problem. Softer poos may be caused by dietary factors, such as high fiber intake which is great if you’re looking to bulk out your dog’s poos. However, if the diet is too rich it can cause diarrhea. Constipation, on the other hand, is usually caused by dehydration or poor diet choices.

Best Dog Food for Firm Stool Reviews 2022

It’s always best to consult with your vet before changing your dog’s diet, but below are some recommendations for great foods that will help ensure firm stools.

1. Acana Singles Lamb and Apple Food Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Our overall best dog food for firm stool is Acana Singles Lamb and Apple Food which is excellent if you are looking to try grain-free food. Single-source protein means that your dog will get all the nutrients they need without added fillers or additives, which can often cause diarrhea in dogs. The fruits and vegetables provide the fiber to help firm up stools while keeping them soft.

2. Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for a complete and well-balanced meal, then Nature’s Variety Instinct might be the best dog food for firm stool in your pup.

The Limited Ingredient formula means that all the ingredients will be easily digestible while also being packed with vitamins and minerals. The duck is a great choice too because it doesn’t cause any additional strain on the digestive system.

3. Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Coastal Catch Adult Dog Food

The unique thing about Earthborn’s food is that it contains balanced amounts of both carbohydrates and fat, which is great for dogs suffering from diarrhoea. The protein and fibre work together to help firm up the stool and keep your dog’s digestive system under control while also providing all of the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs.

4. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food

Canned dog foods are generally easier for dogs to digest than dry, so try feeding Taste of the Wild High Prairie if your pup is having issues with hard stools. The protein and fibre work together to firm up stool while also providing all of the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs. There are no fillers or additives in this formula either, so it’s a great choice if you are looking to keep things natural.

5. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Food:

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Food is crafted with beet pulp, a nourishing prebiotic fiber that helps support optimal nutrient absorption. Highly digestible, this food helps keep your dog healthy and happy.

This recipe features real chicken first, and contains prebiotic fiber to support a balanced microbiome for healthy digestion. It also delivers a generous source of vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Food is a premium, natural pet food that contains added vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support your dog’s healthy skin and coat. Recommended by veterinarians, this food is crafted with only the finest ingredients and is perfect for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs or skin.

6. Solid Gold Leaping Waters Grain-Free Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

The Perfect Grain-Free Food for Sensitive Stomachs.

In recent years, we’ve learned that dogs with sensitive stomachs can benefit from a grain-free diet. 3Solid Gold Leaping Waters is formulated to support the dog’s digestive system without grains or gluten and contains all-natural superfood ingredients like flaxseed and blueberries. Omega-3 and -6 promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat while glucosamine promotes joint health.”

Leaping Waters is made in America from select ingredients from around the world.

This food features probiotic support to help keep your pup’s gut health in check. Plus, it is made with all-natural ingredients and is free from grains, gluten, and dairy. Your dog will love the taste of this food, and you’ll love knowing that they are getting the best possible nutrition. Order now and see the difference that 3Solid Gold can make in your dog’s life!

7.Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition:

Royal Canin Adult dog food is a specific blend of nutrients that helps to regulate intestinal transit and support overall digestive health. The kibble is also fortified with key nutrients to support the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

Best Dog food to firm up stool guide

Your Dog’s Diet and Their Digestive System

Diet plays an important role in controlling your dog’s digestive system and helping them defecate a firm stool. Keep in mind that a diet high in fiber can lead to diarrhea unless your dog’s body is used to it.

Below is a list of the main food types and the effects they have on your pup’s poos:

  • Fiber: Helps control constipation by adding bulk to the stools, but can lead to diarrhoea if supplied in excess.
  • Protein: Protein is the nutrient most likely to cause constipation due to its ability to absorb large amounts of water. This can be prevented by drinking plenty of fluids with the meal. However, protein also encourages stool firmness because it is a “muscle building” nutrient.
  • Carbohydrates: If your dog is eating too many carbohydrates, they may be more likely to have diarrhoea because of the speed at which they are digested. A natural source of carbohydrate can help firm up stools, however, so it is often a case of balancing the diet out properly. This type of food is also great for a diabetic dog.
  • Fat: Fatty acids are important to the health of your pet, but it can cause diarrhea in excess amounts. Too much fat causes stools to be soft and greasy. If you think this might be what’s going on with your pup, consider trying a food that has reduced fat levels.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus: Calcium and phosphorus play a role in blood clotting and other important body functions, but can also cause constipation. You should consult your vet before changing your dog’s diet to include more calcium or other minerals.
  • Fluids: Water is necessary for flushing waste out of the body and regulating the process of digestion. If your dog is not drinking enough water, they may have a difficult time processing food and producing firm stools.

Canned vs Dry Dog Food for Diarrhoea

Dry foods are generally harder for dogs to digest than canned foods. This means that if your pup struggles with hard poos, they may have an easier time when eating canned foods. Make sure you consider this when choosing a food for them and experiment with different types until you find a solution that works.

How to firm up dog poop?

Purchasing this brand of food will help firm up the stools.It is not an instant result ,it takes time for dog’s stool to get back to normal .If your dog has loose stool,bloated stomach or other symptoms then it might be an underlying health issue that you should consult a vet about.

How to firm up dog poop without a high-fiber diet?

You should consult your vet before changing your dog’s diet to include more calcium or other minerals.If you want to check whether any food is going to help firm up the stools,you can make a mixture of water and 1/2 teaspoon of cornstarch,mix well until there are no lumps and see whether your dog’s stool is firmed up.

High Fibre Diet for Dogs with Diarrhoea?

There are some high-fiber diets that contain ingredients like flaxseed,oat bran, psyllium seed husks etc that can help firm up the stools.But you have to be careful about the amount of fibre that you are feeding your dog,too much fiber can lead to constipation.

If your dog has diarrhoea then it might be a good idea to feed them canned food for dogs with sensitive stomachs or chicken and potato dry food that is easy on the tummy .Also avoid including milk products ,highly seasoned food,fibrous vegetables or fruit in your dog’s diet.

Do dogs get diarrhoea after eating poultry?

Dogs can have loose stool when they eat a lot of poultry but it does not mean that they will be having diarrhea. It is normal for dogs to pass mucus, watery stool etc without developing diarrhoea.

If your dog is having runny stools more than twice a week then it might be worth consulting a vet just to be safe,it might have an underlying health issue.

How long can dogs survive with loose stool?

Loose stool in dogs can cause a lot of discomfort and stress for both the dog and its owner. Diarrhea in dogs is more serious than passing stool with mucus because it can lead to dehydration and even death if not treated properly.

So you should seek vet advice as early as possible because diarrhea in dogs does not usually go away after a day or two. Even if your dog seems perfectly healthy,it is best to monitor them closely.

What is the best dog food for firm stools?

The quality of your dog’s diet will play an important roll in keeping their stools well formed and healthy.A limited ingredient formula will help keep things simple while providing a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. Look for canned food with quality ingredients like real chicken and avoid including fillers.

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