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This article will primarily focus on the oldest material used to make dog collars; leather and I have reviewed the 7 best-rolled leather dog collars you can find in the market today.

If you’re in a hurry,Auburn Leathercrafters is our top pick and the overall best rolled leather dog collar that emerged top from all the brands we analyzed and reviewed. This brand is super comfortable, yet extremely strong and water-resistant.

What is a Leather Dog Collar

Rolled leather dog collars are also referred to as round leather collars. They are preferred because they do not hook up dog fur/ hair and are therefore perfect for dogs with long hair. Most materials used to make modern dog collars hook up the long hair of your dog, and as he moves and plays the hairs are pricked out of his body, which as we all know, is painful. To save your dog the trouble, invest in a rolled leather dog collar and your dog will be back in his playful mood in no time.

It is quite hectic to find the right rolled leather dog collar with the sheer volume and variety available in the online market. Fortunately for you, we carried out all the research for you and have created an in-depth review of the various types of rolled leather dog collars, the important features to consider when selecting a rolled leather dog collar, and detailed our top seven leather dog collars. You are welcome!

Types of Leather Dog Collars

Different brands across the divide create and design different types of rolled leather collars for dogs of every breed and size. While there is not much difference in all the types of rolled leather collars, we can categorize them into two main types;

Rolled Leather Collars with Nameplate

Collars that offer a nameplate allow you to inscribe your dog’s name or a tag on it just to freshen up his look when you take him out for a stroll. It also allows you to add a phone number or address on it in case you lost track of your dog and cannot find them. It is always best to buy a collar that allows you to find your dog, especially if you live close to a town or in a densely populated neighborhood where finding a lost dog would be hectic. 

Personalized Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Modern collars are designed with your dog’s name, address, phone number, etc. printed on them. This allows the design to be very minimalistic and light for the dog, while still allowing you to easily find your dog in case of loss.

Reviews of the 7 Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars 2020

Auburn Leathercrafters –Rolled Leather Dog Collar

When it comes to round leather dog collars, this dog collar brings the ultimate leather quality for the comfort of your furry friend. Needless to say, it is not only highly fashionable but also available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. That way, whether your dog is a Toy or Medium size breed, this rolled leather dog collar has you covered.

This rolled leather dog collar features hand-polished edges throughout its length for the style and comfort of your furry friend. Because of its rolled interior edges, the collar is a favorite among Dachshund dog owners. Dog breeds with long fur such as the Spaniel or Border Collie, as well as those with short fur or soft coat such as the Greyhound, also have a lot to benefit from this round leather dog collar. It is also a great option if your dog is sick or just finished a surgery operation

Auburn rolled leather dog collars come in a wide range of colors and sizes (ranging from 10” to 22”). With this range in sizes, it is quite easy to find the appropriate size and style for your furry friend.


  • Made from American leather
  • Hand-made and polished
  • Fits neck sizes ranging: 10” to 22”
  • Made of pure leather and guarantees incredible durability even for the larger dogs
  • The manufacturer guarantees Quality in the warranty
  • Weighs just about 0.35lbs


  • Very well rounded and polished
  • Easy to adjust and high-quality buckle
  • Does not tangle or mat the dog’s fur
  • Beautiful and excellent stitching
  • Great for small and medium-sized dog breeds


  • The neck size is limited to small and medium-sized dog breeds

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Hamilton Rolled Leather Dog Collar –Best Leather Collar

Made from some of the best vegetable-tanned hides in the world, the Hamilton rolled leather dog collar is handcrafted to perfection. The threads used to make this dog collar are extremely strong and water-resistant to keep the collar dry and smooth and your dog comfortable when wearing the collar. This collar is bound to keep your dog as playful as ever since it is designed to avoid interrupting your dog’s active lifestyle. That means no tangling or matting the dog’s fur and excellently smooth to keep his skin unbothered.

What’s more, this rolled leather dog collar’s hardware is made of lead to discourage any skin allergic reactions caused by other metals such as iron and steel. That way, you can rest assured that the dog collar will not hurt your dog, even when tagged on by other dogs.


  • In width, this rolled leather dog collar features sizes ranging from 3/8, ½, ¾, to one inch. In length, the shortest one measures 14 inches while the longest one measures 26 inches
  • The Hamilton rolled leather collars feature the popular classic American look
  • Made out of authentic leather, the Hamilton rolled leather dog collar is incredibly durable and can last years if good care is taken when storing it and handling it 


  • Weather-proof and very durable
  • Features the popular classic American look
  • Great for highly active dogs
  • Features high-quality leather and lead hardware for the welfare of your furry pet 


  • Features a limited color selection
  • Has no comfort backing features

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Wintchuk Dog Head Collar with Padded Leather

This Wintchuk rolled leather dog collar is made from genuine high-quality leather. If quality and durability are your top concerns, then this one is the collar for your dog. You will not be replacing this one any time soon, even if your dog is big and strong or very active. Moreover, its leather straps are properly padded to ensure the comfort of your dog even when the collar is pulled against the neck skin. In addition, it does not matt or tangle the dog’s hair/fur and therefore allows your dog to continue with his active lifestyle.

The thread used to stitch this dog collar’s leather is thick and waxed to hold the collar together excellently as well as prevent it from shrinking during cleaning. Particularly, I am impressed with the hardware design for this rolled leather dog collar; with a nickel-plated pin buckle and heavy-duty D-ring, you will not have to worry about the collar breaking when tagged on strongly during play. Due to these features, this is one of the sturdiest and strongest rolled leather dog collars in this review.

This rolled leather collar is best for training as well as daily routines owing to its sturdy build. However, the collar is only available in one size, which means that you will have to measure your dog’s neck size before making an order to avoid misfits. 


  • Made from high-quality, strong, and aesthetically alluring leather
  • Features an overall length of 16 inches
  • Features a width of ½ inch
  • Features five adjustment holes on its length
  • Incredibly stylish and fashionable


  • Stylish and very appealing dog collar
  • Made from durable, high-quality leather
  • Features five adjustment holes
  • Very comfortable for dogs with long hair/ fur
  • Features a heavy-duty D-ring with a tag for easy identification of your dog


  • Only available in one size

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Petsafe Gentle Leader Chic Head Collar –Best Leather Collar

If one of your top concerns about rolled leather dog collars is whether or not it tangles or mats your dog’s long hair or affects his sensitive skin, then this T Oak-tanned leather dog collar is the best choice for you. On top of not matting or tangling your dog’s hair, this rolled leather dog collar is made from a vegetable-tanned high-quality leather collar, which does not irritate the dog’s skin, allowing them to continue their active lifestyle.

It is designed such that an outer leather coating is sturdily wrapped around a solid leather core, producing a state-of-the-art rounded leather design that retains shape even after long hours of being tagged on. This one is designed to last years, becoming suppler and softer as it continues to serve you and your furry friend.


  • It is vegetable tanned, reassuring you of your dog’s comfort
  • It does not mat dog hair
  • Best for dog breeds with long hair and sensitive skin
  • Strong but soft
  • Features a 24-inch length and a 1-inch width


  • Suitable for dogs with light/ sensitive skin
  • It is easy to put on and off the dog
  • The color does not change when wet
  • It is thin and smooth, yet strong and sturdy
  • Fits perfectly on neck sizes ranging from 10 to 20 inches


  • Does not feature separate hooks for tags and leash

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BRONZEDOG –Rolled Leather Dog Collar

If you have been purchasing rolled leather dog collars, you have likely heard of BronzeDog. The manufacturer is popular for making some of the highest-quality dog collars in the market. This rolled leather dog collar is made of crazy horse leather, which offers excellent quality horse leather. Moreover, the leather is properly waxed to give out a luxurious look and enhance its weather-resistance capabilities to last long.

This BronzeDog rolled leather dog collar comes with a golden buckle and sturdy D-ring. It also comes in five different colors for those of us that would love our furry friends looking their best. This rolled leather dog color comes highly recommended for its water-resistant capabilities. Moreover, you will only need to dry clean it and you are good to go.


  • Features a heavy-duty D-ring and metal buckle that will not get damaged any time soon
  • Made from high-quality crazy horse leather
  • Offers a range of length sizes from 11’’ to 14’’ and a width of 1/3 inch
  • Weighs 30 grams
  • Comes in five colors: Dark Blue, Burgundy, Light Brown, Mustard, and Dark Brown
  • It is highly recommended for dog breeds with long hair


  • The color covers nearly all the essential dog neck sizes
  • It is ergonomically designed and well-made hence comfortable for your dog
  • Features smooth edges
  • Decent quality hardware
  • Excellent product for the cost


  • The collar cannot sustain any water

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Dogline Leather Collar –Rolled leather Collar

Dogline manufactures rolled leather collars from soft premium European leather and uses matching color waxed thread. All the collars from Dogline are handmade. They also feature a unique design and are available in a large variety of colors including pink. So if like me, you prefer buying rolled leather collars that have some style, then this one is the collar for your furry friend. It also works for all dog breeds including German shepherds.

The leather used to make this rolled leather collar is dyed and not painted, so you will not have to worry about the color fading or coming off when washing. The collar’s size is only determined by the distance from the first to the last hole. It is therefore essential to take the measurements of your dog’s neck before proceeding to purchase the collar to avoid size issues afterward.

The Dogline collars are incredibly soft but also impressively durable. The collars are extremely resistant to wear and tear, with the European technology incorporating a nylon cord wrapped inside the leather. While most of us will rush to view the images, they do no justice in this case. You will have to feel the texture and sturdiness of this rolled leather dog collar to really see how much quality is put into it.


  • Dyed leather
  • Features a rivetless design with seven sizes and 12 different colors
  • Soft and properly padded for comfort
  • Strong and impressively durable
  • Does not mat or tangle long dog hair


  • Soft yet very sturdy and long-lasting
  • Does not mat hair or negatively affect the dog’s skin around the neck
  • The nylon cord inside the leather makes it extremely sturdy
  • Very soft leather


  • Some dogs are not covered by the range of sizes
  • It is not suited for aggressively active dogs

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CollarDirect Leather Dog Collar

For those dog owners looking for the very highest quality of rolled leather dog collars, CollarDirect has got you covered with this one. This leather collar is perfect for dogs with furry coats as well as those with short hair and sensitive skin. It is made from genuine leather and is homemade to feature one of the most stylish yet high-quality makes of dog collars.

The leather is properly tanned into a soft and strong fabric that is not only durable but amazingly soft on your dog’s skin. The leather does not mat or tangle your dog’s fur, making it perfect for dogs with long fur or sensitive skin. The collars come highly recommended for all dog breeds and sizes from tiny dogs through medium-sized to large dog breeds.

The CollarDirect rolled leather dog collars come in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your dog’s coat color. It is however recommended that you check your dog’s neck size with a measuring tape to choose the right size for them.


  • The sizes available are designed to fit dogs with necks in the circumference range of 12’’ to 14’’
  • The collar weighs approximately 27 grams
  • The full length of the collar is 17”, and the width is ½ inch
  • Its round shape prevents the tangling of your dog’s fur and damaging of the skin around the neck
  • It is homemade with high-quality leather dog collars
  • Uses the highest quality hardware and genuine leather


  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin dogs
  • Features beautiful finishing touches
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Great for all dog sizes
  • The leather is very soft


  • Less affordable than other collars on the list

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Buying Guide for Rolled Leather Dog Collars


In the pet world, the rolled leather dog collar has grown over the years to become one of the most functional accessories. With popularity across the world, rolled leather dog collars have diverse benefits to the dog and, of course, to the owner. Below are some of the benefits of this specialty accessory.

  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin

Since rolled leather dog collars are made of natural material, dogs with sensitive skin have no allergic reactions towards them. Moreover, they are round-shaped, and cannot, therefore, hurt the dog’s skin even when tugged on when playing. 

  • Durable

In my experience, leather shoes, belts, and other accessories that are designed to resist pressure outlast those made from other materials. If durability is one of your top concerns, then a rolled leather collar is what you need. Needless to say, rolled leather dog collars have excellent moisture handling capabilities, and can last years before they even get discolored.

  • Perfect for dogs with long hair/fur

If your dog is one of the furry breeds or just has a thick coat, the clear choice for you is a rolled leather collar. The collars do not tangle with your dog’s hair, which allows the dog to be playful without worrying about hairs around his neck being pricked out during the action. 

  • Available in a range of colors and designs

In the modern world, your dog has got to have some style. The next time you take the dog out for a walk, try out a different colored collar. Rolled leather dog collars allow you to choose from a wide range of colors, and depending on the color of your dog’s hair and your preferences, you could buy one that is bound to impress anyone that sees your dog wearing it.

Important features to consider

There are a few important features you should consider before moving to purchase a rolled leather collar for your dog, The following list details some of the most essential things to remember and actively look to spot when purchasing a rolled leather dog collar for your canine friend. That way, you are sure to get the value you pay for and not the all-so-common rip-off in modern accessories. 

  • The D-ring

The D-ring is one of the most essential parts of a rolled leather collar since without it the dog collar would not be functional. Without the D-ring, you cannot attach a leash or a tag, and to attach both, you will need two D-rings. Depending on your preferences, it is, therefore, essential to keep the quality of the D-ring in mind when considering buying a rolled leather dog collar for your best friend. 

  • Durability

Dogs are naturally playful animals, and their collars are under consistent wear-and-tear each and every day. It is essential to purchasing a rolled leather dog collar that can withstand this tension, especially if you own the bigger dog breeds that are more powerful and likely to tear off the leash if they pull on it.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Very few dog owners take this factor into consideration when buying rolled leather dog collars for their dogs. It is important to get a dog collar that is not only easy to clean but also does not get ruined when it comes into contact with water or detergent. Some rolled leather dog collars require a proper leather cleaning agent. Make sure you know all about the cleaning of your dog’s collar before moving to invest in it. 

  • Soft Texture

There are hordes of leather dog collars in the market, but most of them are not made out of genuine leather. Leather is quite expensive compared to other materials, so most manufacturers will reduce the cost of their production by using cheaper materials that look like leather. It is however pretty easy to tell the difference; genuine leather is soft to the touch. Just feel the collar against your fingers and if it is hard and rigid, it is definitely not leather. Remember that your dog’s skin depends on the authenticity if the dog collar you get them. Otherwise, your dog may show allergic reactions to other materials used to make the collar or feel uncomfortable wearing it.

  • Size Range

It is important in dog collars to consider the size range as in most wearable accessories. Without taking into consideration the right size for your dog’s collar, it might end up to large and slip off while you and your furry friend are taking a walk, or too tight and hurt your dog. 

Before selecting the rolled leather dog collar you want for your dog, measure the size of their neck and compare it with every product you select. You should also check the size chart offered by the collar manufacturer since different manufacturers use different measurements.

  • Style

In the modern age, style and fashion do matter even when it comes to dog collars. Rolled leather dog collars are way more fashionable and stylish than nylon ones. If the looks and style of your furry friend matter a lot, it is essential to invest your money in a rolled leather dog collar that complements your dog’s fur/coat color.

  • Engraved Plate

Rolled leather dog collars with engraved plates are more expensive than those that come without. However, the extra bucks will allow your dog to be easily identifiable. If your dog is playful and often finds itself in a strange neighborhood, you’d want to invest in a rolled leather dog collar with an engraved plate.

  • Colors Available

The best-rolled leather dog collars ought to have a vast range of colors. As you may have already realized, some manufacturers offer their rolled leather dog collars in more than a dozen different colors. Depending on your preferences, style, and the dog’s fur color, you have a huge selection to choose from.  

  • Comfort

We all want the best for our furry friends. That includes buying them a rolled leather dog collar that allows them to engage in daily activities comfortably. It is essential to buy padded and soft collars since they offer the dog more comfort as they do not irritate the dog’s skin or tangle and damage their fur.

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