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In this post, we researched tens of dog breeds in order to narrow down a list of 20 big fluffy dog breeds. If you want to adopt one, any of the fluffy furry friends below would not disappoint.

Personally, as a great lover of dogs, hugs and fluffy slippers (not necessarily in that order) are the biggest sources of joy, contentment, and, well, big fluffy hugs. Their big sizes and oversized coats make this dog breeds the perfect companion for walks, snuggles, or simply for a therapeutic finger-burying in their coats. Don’t believe me? Just try giving a large fluffy dog a hug and run your fingers through its coat whenever you feel sad and blue and tell me how you feel afterward (NB: make sure you do this to either your dog or a dog that is used to you, otherwise you may feel like you have received more than a good nibbling afterward). We recently reviewed the best dog food for large breeds.

However, before settling for one of these pets, you should make sure that your home has enough space to host them and you have ample time for regular grooming. Big fluffy dogs require a ton of special attention. Plus, their diet should be special too. If you aren’t sure of where to start, especially with their feeding, our How to Choose Healthy Dog Food article will provide the best foundation for you.

As a result of our love for big fluffy dogs, we have dug deep and come up with a list of 20 big fluffy dog breed that you will certainly love to have. The bigger the better. Plus they come with a big heart and cavalier attitude to match their sizes too. 

Our overall best big fluffy dog breed as per our listing below is the Great Pyrenees. These dogs are perfect for homestead settings since they are patent and docile. These attributes are priceless especially if you have kids that will more often than not try to drag your dog around by their tails or apply massive amounts of makeup on them. They won’t react aggressively. And, as an added bonus, the Pyrenees Mountain Dog is also a quite intelligent animal. Roll these wonderful attributes together and you get a ball of flesh, fluffy fur, and dashing manner that will make you smile.

Let’s get started describing each of the 20 top breeds you can adopt in 2022.

Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Our first and best big and fluffy dog breed is the Pyrenees Mountain Dog aka The Great Pyrenees. This dog’s original breeding was meant for guarding livestock but their purpose has since evolved into being home companions.

The most lovable and unforgettable thing about the Great Pyrenees is their big, lovely coats that make them so beautiful. Plus, not only do they have an aesthetic upper hand, they are very gentle and docile, have unmatched levels of patience and their intelligence is also unrivaled. Couple this with the fact that they have very good hearing and can hear their owner from quite a distance away and you get a dog that is perfect as a companion as well as a guard too.

These dogs usually weigh more than 100 pounds and they originate from an area between Spain and France called the Pyrenees Mountain range. They have an impressive history too with roots that date back to as far as 3000BC.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Our second best big and fluffy dog is the Bernese Mountain Dog, which is a dog breed that is renowned for being fiercely loyal, very affectionate and surprisingly powerful. Just like most mountain dog breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dog also has a thick coat that is super-fluffy to protect them against the cold weather present in high mountain altitudes. They were bred in the past for versatility i.e pulling carts, guarding sheep etc. but they have since made their way into most homestead as loved pets since they are quite snuggly and good with children.

Their required grooming, however, is quite intensive since these dogs shed their fluffy coats all year round with autumn and spring being the seasons that they do the most shedding.

Chow Chow

If you’d rather have a dog breed that doesn’t shed much and is low maintenance, our third best big, fluffy dog breed, Chow Chow, may just be the best choice for you. This beautiful Chinese dog breed is big and fluffy in spite of their not needing much shedding. Grooming, however, is vital a couple of times a week if you want to keep these cuddly bundles of fur beautiful and free from tangles.

These dogs were bred in China to provide a solution for multiple purposes. They have an impressive ancestry since ancient China and they can hunt, guard or herd if need be.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the third most famous dog breed in the world and, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most loyal and affectionate breeds. These huge fluffy dogs are commonly referred to as giant lap dogs by most owners due to their loving and cuddly nature and a 50-70lbs size to match their big hearts. Other than them being affectionate, they are also fiercely loyal and smart.

Golden Retrievers are known to be notorious shedders and require regular grooming but this should be a problem at all since the whole package is worth the trouble.

However, this dog breed has a sad disposition towards getting cancer and at the moment, they lifespan is short and getting shorter according to AKC.


The Samoyed cannot be categorized among the bigger dog breeds since most weigh between 50-60 pounds with an average height of about 24” at the shoulder but they have one of the loveliest fluffy coats in the fluffy dog kingdom. Their fluffy double coat is solid white, elegant and quite high maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the Samoyed requires to be brushed once or twice a week and when they start shedding, their brushing escalates to a mandatory daily affair.

Apart from these lovely creatures being incredibly fluffy, they are also friendly and playful. And, if you need them to do any task, they are surprisingly hardworking and obedient. They, however, are quite adventurous and hate spending their day alone so they are best for families with kids around.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute has origins in the Alaskan wilderness where temperatures are more than just a little freezing and they are quite fluffy for survival in the cold weather. They, however, have a coat that is quite short but this doesn’t make them any less fun. They are known to be energetic and very playful. As a result of their inexhaustible energy reserves, it may be quite hard to get a hug or a cuddle from them. Their energy may be from them having been bred to be powerful dogs that can work incessantly so if you want a cuddly one at the end of the day, just make sure you’ve worked them throughout the day otherwise it would be like trying to get a jumpy tornado to settle down for a cup of tea.

The Alaskan Malamute is also renowned for its loyalty and as a result is a good companion as well as a protector. If you have a setting with energetic children, this may be the best option for you.


Newfoundland are the ultimate goliaths of big fluffy dog breeds. They aren’t just big, they are massive weighing more than 150 pounds. Their sizes are sometimes intimidating to most people but once you get to know what sweet giants these creatures are, you can do nothing other than love them. Picture this, they are often considered as the best nanny dogs due their loyal, patient and good-natured manner especially around kids who can sometimes be quite a nuisance to pets. Their intelligence and ease of understanding and executing commands are other additional traits that make the Newfoundland rank among the best fluffy dog breeds.

This dog breed has a few problems you may have to watch out for. First, they shed huge clumps of hair so you will have to purchase a vacuum as soon as you get a Newfoundland. They are also known to pack weight easily so a special diet is paramount. You can get tips on the 9 best low fat dog foods in 2022 to help keep off the unnecessary weight gain in your Newfoundland.

Tibetan Mastiff

If you perfect fluffy dog needs to exceed at least 150 pounds with a height of up to 26” at the shoulders then the Tibetan Mastiff might be the perfect choice for you. With such a huge frame and fluffy coat, this mastiff has more often than not proven to be an intimidating giant for most would-be dog owners. However, these dogs that tend to resemble something between an overgrown and tame lion and a cuddly bear have always proven to be tender and affectionate. But this reaction only applies to people they are familiar with. Strangers more often than not get a rough welcome.

Everything being said and done, the Tibetan Mastiff is definitely not an alien dog breed to most people. They are, however, quite expensive, not suited for hot weather and they require quite rigorous training as compared to most dog breeds.

Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres is one of the best guard dogs to date. They not only provide a perfect guard for your livestock but they are also popular for being strong willed and loyal. This breed of fluffy dogs that originate from France will go to unimaginable extents to ensure you get the devotion you deserve. Their personality is also something that will greatly astound you.

One of the most lovable things about this French dog breed is they don’t shed their fur much. These 100 pounds+ fierce protectors and guard dogs are therefore perfect companions that only need frequent brushing, a loving owner and regular exercise to bring the best out of them.


If you need a social fluffy dog that is also extra gentle and has boundless reserves of confidence then say hello to our tenth breed, the Eurasier. This fluffy dog isn’t necessarily that big since it only weighs between 40 and 70 pounds. Their coats also come in different colors, are thick and medium length to provide you, as a future owner, with a fluffy breed with a lot of options to choose from.

One of the most lovable aspects of the Eurasier is their disposition towards people and their never-failing love and loyalty towards members of their family.

Rough Collie

The Rough Collie has garnered much of its infamy from the last Lassie movie and Queen Victoria’s unmistakable disposition towards this dog breed. The Rough Collie, in spite of its name, has a smooth coat and lots of high-spirited energy that is usually spent playing about with children. These big dogs usually weigh between 50-75 pounds with an elegance and majesty that is enviable.

However you should note that the fluffy quality only applies to the Rough Collies. Smooth Collies usually lack the full coat but their character and personality is not lessened by this. 


‘Leos’ classify among fluffy dog breeds that are literal giants with weights of upwards of 170 pounds. These German giants have a fierce look from their lion-like mane in spite of them having a cheerful, calm and friendly personality. The Leonberger was originally bred for companionship and has lived to this expectation without disappointment.

This dog breed comes with an ultra-dense coat designed to help them survive in the harsh winters that dominate Germany. Due to this survival trait, the Leonberger has a coat that is lush and soft but they are prone to shedding heavily in seasons. If you are a dog lover that desires a fluffy pet that isn’t overly energetic or aggressive, the Leonberger is definitely an option you will hug and fall in love with instantly without any ounce of effort.

Old English Sheepdog

Intelligence in a dog is a trait most would be dog owners look for. The Old English Sheepdog has therefore been one of the most preferred breeds worldwide with this trait and an added calm and adaptable demeanor.

This dog breed also has a distinct facial fluff on their whole face that makes their coat unique and adorable. And, although this breed cannot be considered as being particularly overly energetic, they have a zest for life and an athletic disposition that makes them perfect for either a family setting or a single owner who just needs an inseparable companion.

You should note that the Old English Sheepdog suffers from separation anxiety whenever they are left alone at home so it would be best to own one if you are prepared to spend most of your time with it or around familiar family members.


Kuvasz, with dense hair that occasionally reaches 6 inches, cannot be considered as fluffy as some of the big and fluffy breeds we have on this list. However, this breed that originated from Hungary is somewhat and has hardworking and devout tendencies that can only make other dog breeds loll in envy.

This dog breed was originally bred for herding and adding prestige to fortunate kings but they have since been used as protective and intelligent pets by most families.

However, without proper socialization and obedience training, the Kuvasz may prove to be quite stubborn and dangerous to amateur dog owners.

Bearded Collie

This Scottish breed was originally meant for herding cattle and sheep.  They aren’t that big at an average of 50 pounds and a shoulder height of about 22 inches but their adaptive long coats makes them not only fluffy but great workers in cold or inclement outdoors weather. However, due to their breeding purpose as outdoor workers, the Bearded Collie requires lots of exercise in settings that don’t involve them doing anything much other than providing a charming, lively and intelligent companionship.

However, you should note that this dog breed is not only affectionate but has a strong will that is almost unbreakable.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Optimism in a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is an innate disposition that will make you love this dog breed indiscriminately. In fact, this dog breed is so optimistic that a mistakably (or intentional) well-placed kick will most likely be interpreted as a loving pat more often than not; very few things can make them blue.

This dog breed is usually considered as medium size but some males can go as far as 6o pounds depending on their genetics and parenting. 

If you’d rather have a fluffy dog breed to make your day a little brighter even in the gloomiest settings, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is bound to do that trick well enough.

Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is the world’s second smartest breed that never misses on a list of fluffy dog breeds. This breed’s adorability emanates from the fluff present on their head, chest, tails and legs. They are often quite active dogs with a dignity and intelligence that qualifies them as one of man’s most  preferred pet of choice.

However, the Standard Poodle is also prone to being a bit prissy and dainty with a smudge of pure self-importance somewhere in between.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds come in bedazzling coats of more than 14 colors with extra fluff that makes them very adorable. They are also very smart and diligent, and their energetic nature makes them the perfect pet for anyone that needs a dog open to invigorating physical activities. That is if you are also open to entertaining excessive shedding since they shed a lot. 

Giant Schnauzer

Vigilance in a Giant Schnauzer is a default setting. This fluffy dog breed weighs an average of 80 pounds and comes with loyalty and obedience you will love.

This dog breed was designed for providing an unrivaled work ethic so no matter what roles and jobs you will assign to them, the Giant Schnauzer will thrive all the same. This coupled with a high IQ and bold personality makes this breed more than you could possibly ask for.

Elo Dog (Eloschaboro)

The Elo dog was developed in Germany and is a dog breed that is relatively new and quite unknown.  These dogs weigh between 45 and 75 pounds and they are quite fluffy owing to their original combination of the Old English Sheepdog, Chow Chow and the Eurasier. They are known to be quite cheerful and friendly therefore making them a perfect pet in a family setting. They are also extremely active and therefore suitable for owners with energetic kids or lots of time to play fetch. 

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