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OurPets HQ is a site created by pet care experts who wanted to develop a site dedicated to publishing high-quality pet care guides and well-structured quality and objective reviews of pet food and pet accessories such as collars. We decided to merge our different individual sites and create

With additional members on our team, you can expect a more diverse set of guides and reviews covering pet food, pet breeds, pet accessories, and apparels such as collars and pet beds, among others.

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As pet parents ourselves with more than 50 years of combined experience with dogs and cats, we understand that there is a lot to learn and are open to getting feedback from any pet parents. Join our growing network here. 

To scale our reach and improve the quality of the articles we publish, we have partnered with pet breeders and certified dog trainers (CCPDT) to ensure that we get you the best guides and holistic reviews you can rely on. 

We rely on our own first-hand information and from our expert partners including breeders, trainers, vets, nutritionists, and pet parents to provide the best guides and reviews that you can’t find elsewhere on the internet.

Providing the Highest Quality Pet Reviews

Like most pet owners, it can be quite difficult to find objective reviews of some critical pet care items such as pet food. Nutritional details, ingredients, recalls and composition are lacking in most reviews.

We did a spot check of most dog and cat food reviews sometime during the COVID-19 lockdown and realized that more than 80% do not specify the nutrient composition or ingredients make-up on dry matter basis or with moisture content considered. For pet owners, this means that majority of online content is lacking significantly and do little to inform pet owners on which pet food has the right nutrients for their pets.

As pet owners and breeders with deep knowledge of the space, we came together to solve this big challenge.

We are still working to consolidate and update the contents on this site to reach the highest quality standards. We intend to update all content by June 2022 and we apologize for any errors. 

Pet Accessories & Safety

Our guides on pet accessories such as dog collars have safety specifications to enable pet owners to gauge which one is best for their pets. We provide a safety rating for each pet accessory to make sure your pet does not become victim of unsafe products.

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What differentiates Ourpets HQ reviews from others
At OurpetsHQ, we believe that reviews should be made by experts who know and understand pets. That’s why our reviews are written by experienced pet parents with insights from veterinarians, and certified nutritional experts. We want to make sure that our readers have the best possible information when it comes to making decisions about their pets. If you are a pet owners, certified pet nutrition expert, pet breeder or a vet, you are free to join our network where we share first-hand information on how to best improve the quality of care of different pets.
Which pets does OurPets HQ cover on the site?
We cover a wide range of pet care guides. We started off with just dogs and cats and have started writing about exotic pets – mostly reptiles such as Bearded Dragons. In this new pet category of reptiles, we are starting off with the main Bearded Dragon care guide and subsequent articles will have details on the diet, health & wellness and will have a number of articles answering specific questions. Check back soon to check on new guides on bearded dragons!